Cost To Build A 20×40 Pavilion: Create An Outdoor Restroom

A large tent is very much necessary for a cycle stand, recreational activities and many things.

The average cost of a 20x40 pavilion is around $25,000 to $30,000. The actual cost will vary on account of using various types of resources. However, you must choose a suitable land to make the pavilion there, and preparing the land can cost you at least $1,000. 

Usually, a large size kiosk is built in open places like; park, field and garden to spend leisure time together. Besides, people also construct large and small size summerhouses according to their needs. The persons of the USA also construct small size pavilions like 10 x 20 in their outdoor place of home.

Therefore, they increase the size of the ground, or open place has lots of space.

20x40 pavilion cost

Cost of 20x40 pavilion materials

At present, the carpenters offer their services with many types of raw materials. The average cost of materials ranges from $19,000 to $22,000. This cost will significantly increase if a person uses supreme quality raw materials like Tuscany. On the other hand, if normal ingredients are used the cost will be within the above range.

Nowadays, the craftsmen of a large or small size pavilion are very much good at making their products any kinds of resources. The cost materials will show specifically as we are discussing with a specific size.

Normally, persons of the USA consider three to four different types of raw materials in terms of constructing a pavilion. In the following points, we are discussing all sorts of materials costs with their price.

Pine wood:

Constructor gets this resource most of the time while making a summerhouse. Generally, the total cost of wood for a 20x40 pavilion will be around $19,000 to $21,000. Though the price is not cheap, people have some doubts about the color and capacity.

The cost will decrease or increase significantly due to the size of the kiosk. Besides, sometimes people add the cost of painting with it for a gorgeous view. This raw material is mostly used in the park or garden for the public.

Cedar wood:

The quality of cedar is far better than pine wood. So the cost will be $25,000 to $26,000 for making an 800 square foot pavilion. People select this material for its natural design and durability.

In addition, people feel good spending their spare time under a cedar wood roof. People also try to design the level of the surroundings by considering the color of cedar wood. That aids the pavilion to provide a great look.


Per square foot of aluminum ranges from $15 to $30. The total cost of construction material will be around $12,000 to $24,000. Presently there are too many types of aluminum available in the market. That is why the price difference is huge.

Though the cost of aluminum is lower than wood, it brings great value to the customer. The thing is, people need to spend an additional amount of money for constructing and painting it. Apart from these, all the factors are fine.


The total cost under this segment is the lowest one if we compare the price with other sources of raw materials. The average cost will vary from $10,000 to $25,000 for building a 20x40 pavilion in any free space.

At present, the manufacturer companies of PVC produce their products with lots of variety. That is why there are too many options are available for the buyers.

However, people must consider the quality of the pavilion as well. So they should select high quality vinyl or PVC, and that will provide a great life to the users.

Preparing land for the pavilion 

As we are discussing a large size pavilion and the situation of land is crucial. Without having good land, one cannot build a big size kiosk easily. The average cost of repairing land varies from $1,000 to $4,500.

Therefore the cost will rise significantly if anyone tries to implement a composite pavilion in their outdoor area. On the other hand, for making a small and simple design tent the cost will below.

Moreover, individuals also need to employ their money on landscaping. The estimated cost of landscaping for a big size pavilion is about $2,000 to $5,500. This is so vital otherwise the task will not finish.

Brick: A compulsory element for the project 

Brick is an important element for absorbing the heat in the large size pavilion. It also gives strength to the foundation. The total price of brick varies from $2,000 to $4,000.Generally, bricks are not necessary for a very small size kiosk.

However, bricks must be used for large size summer houses like 20x40 feet. Otherwise, this will not provide enough value in the long run. People must focus on the ground level construction so that pavilion gets enough strength.

Attach a custom roof 

It is the beauty of the pavilion. For attaching a custom roof one need to spend $1,000 to $3,000. 

However, if people want to design their rooftop with the traditional option, the cost will be $500 to $1,000.

It is evident that an American person tries to build their pavilion by considering the optimum quality.

Besides, this circumstance is very much applicable for short size pavilions. Therefore this is not always possible to attach a customized roof to a big size pavilion.

Additional expenditure 

One can include a lot of special features according to their wish. But in this segment, we will emphasise the core things which are very much necessary for a pavilion. Basically, people can include or construct any items according to their wishes.

In the following table, we illustrate some of the best facilities along with their prices.

Name of the facilities


Electric wire and outlets

$200 to $500

Outdoor TV

$800 to $2,000

Surrounding deck

$5,000 to $10,000

Flooring cost

$3,000 to $6,500

Outdoor bar

$4,000 to $20,000

The average cost of other sizes pavilion

All we all are different so our choices will not same. People all over the USA not only build 20x40 but also construct various sizes. That is why individuals need to be aware of other sizes costs as well.

In the following table, we mention the prices for different sizes. The below prices are calculated based on average so that people can assume the price so easily. Yes, there are some factors like; construction materials and other vital things that can influence the price.




$8,000 to $10,000


$9,000 to $11,000


$14,000 to $16,000


$15,000 to $17,000


$20,000 to $22,000


$27,000 to $29,000

The total will rise based on size and its construction design, quality and materials.

Cost Analysis

A pavilion can bring benefits in many ways. People have the option of constructing many different sizes pavilions in their outdoor places.

As we already know that the average cost varies on account of many variable things and the cost of a 20x40 pavilion is about $25,000 to $30,000.

However, this cost will rise significantly if people want to build it with extraordinary construction quality and material. Besides, the overall cost will also rise because of including additional features.

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