How Much Is An AC Fan Motor : Total Cost Guidelines

Typically, an AC fan motor costs around $80 to $200. The quality is of the motor is a key factor here. However, while replacing the motor one needs to spend more than three times the motor cost. Thus the cost can go up to $700 as well.

Before purchasing any AC motor one should ensure it performs efficiently to blow out the hot air. And if the motor isn’t working properly, you must purchase a new one as soon as possible and replace it with the older one.

AC Fan Motor cost

What is the role of an AC fan motor?

An AC motor is a mandatory part of the AC unit, and without it, your AC simply stops working after a certain period. The motor, which turns the fan on included with the AC unit and helps it to blow the hot air out of the house, is called an AC fan motor.

It is an inevitable part of the AC to keep the room cool and comfortable removing the hot air. It has only a few functionalities, but the most crucial ones for sure.

  1. The motor used in the AC turns on the fan to keep the air moving.
  2. Through the movement of the fan, it takes possession of the heat inside the room and transforms this into hot air. Ultimately, the fan removes the hot air out of the room.
  3. Besides removing hot air, it’s necessary to bring fresh and cool air inside the house as well. And the AC fan motor allows this functionality to provide maximum coolness inside the house.

How much does it cost to replace an AC fan motor?

When the AC fan motor is malfunctioning, it is an ideal time to replace the older one with a well-functioning new one. Typically, an AC fan motor's repair cost ranges from $300 to $700, with the labor cost included. The malfunctioned AC fan motor can also result in damage to the compressor.

If anyhow the compressor gets damaged, you will have to spend 3-4 times more money compared to the BROAD-OCEAN Condenser Fan Motor replacement. However, there are some noticeable factors one needs to know before replacing the motor. There are AC fan motor, related parts, warranty, and also the labor cost.

AC fan motor cost

Fan motor cost

Parts cost

Labor cost

Overall cost

$80 to $200

$20 to $50

$150 to $300

$300 to $700

AC Fan Motor cost chart

AC fan motor cost: While replacing an AC fan motor, buying a compatible and well-working motor like Rheem Condenser Fan Motor 1/5 HP is a tough task. However, the cost of a fan motor ranges somewhere from $80 to $200, and it depends mainly on the quality of the product.

It’s the main part of the replacement and you shouldn’t compromise the quality of the motor. Purchasing a motor without ensuring the quality will result in another replacement after a certain period for sure.

Parts cost: Some other minor materials you need for the replacement process like AC run capacitors, electrical relays, etc. It is required when you replace an older fan motor with Regal Beloit Carrier Condenser Motor. The parts cost typically ranges from $20 to $50.

Warranty: When you replace the AC fan motor under warranty service, it is obvious that the cost has already decreased a lot. Most manufacturer of fan motor offers coverage of the replacement cost from 5 to 10 years. But you have to bear the labor cost on yourself.

To get the warranty service, you must register with the manufacturer while installing the AC. Without registration, you won’t become a valid buyer for the warranty service. Some manufacturing companies also demand having regular maintenance of the AC to acquire the warranty service.

The laborers who installed the AC fan motor or replaced the motor also give a warranty on their work. And it could also cut off your costs to a great extent.

Labor cost: While replacing an AC fan motor, it is the labor cost that one has to spend much. Depending on the company or contractor you hire for the job the amount of the cost will vary. The labor cost for replacing an AC fan motor ranges from $150 to $300.

There are two types of charges a company applies on the labor, hourly and fixed. One has to pay a certain amount of money depending on the hours spent on the replacement. However, fixed ones are more preferable as they charge the same amount considering the working hours.

Meanwhile, if you have experience of replacing AC fan motor or got some guts to do such works, you can replace on yourself. It will save the labor cost as well.

Overall cost: The overall cost to replace an AC fan motor typically ranges from $300 to $700 including the labor cost. However, you can cut the cost by doing the job on your own and also by having a service warranty.

AC fan motor repair cost

It is better to replace a malfunctioning AC fan motor than to repair it. The problem will only get repaired somehow by the technicians, but the permanent solution is only going to come when you replace the older motor with a new one. However, the repair cost also ranges somewhere from $60 to $250.

While repairing it, you can also find an advantage if you have got a warranty service. And only trust the technicians from the manufacturer you bought the AC.

How to know if the AC fan motor is bad

Some common signs indicate the AC fan motor is bad and it is the right time to replace it. If you make a delay to do so, you may damage the compressor as well and it could later cost you around $1,500 to $2,500 for the replacement.

AC stops suddenly: One needs to replace the AC fan motor immediately if the AC stops suddenly and continues doing the same thing several times. It happens due to an electrical problem.

Making unusual sounds: If any dirt or debris is stuck in the fan, it will make rattling, scarping, or banging-like sounds. However, the technician needs to get sure after checking. Again, if there is a metal to metal or screeching sound, it means the fan bearings are failing.

The motor is working, but not the fan: If the motor gets burned, the fan won’t start even though the motor is working. In this circumstance, the only solution is to replace it.

The fan doesn’t turn off: Even after turning off the AC, the fan blades keep moving slowly.

The fan doesn’t turn on: If the fan doesn’t turn on after turning on the AC, it is another sign of a bad AC fan motor.

How long does AC fan motors last

The lifetime of an AC motor depends on the proper service maintenance of it and it can let the AC fan motor last for 12 years easily. The user should clean the motor after a certain period. This will reduce the need for frequent replacement or repairing.

Moreover, the annual maintenance service from the manufacturing company also enhances the lifetime of the motor. However, without maintenance service, it won’t even last more than 3 years. 

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How to avoid an AC fan motor breakdown

If you can avoid the breakdown of your AC fan motor, the fan motor will last longer. And to avoid the breakdown, there are some certain things on could do.

  1. Have a regular checking of the fan motor, whether it has any debris or not. If you notice any debris, make it clean without making any delay.
  2. If there is any minor problem, try fixing this as soon as possible to prevent any major problems. The major problem might lead you to repair or replacement of the motor.
  3. Add some lubrication to the fan motor to increase the functionality and lifetime.
  4. Finally, annual service maintenance will avoid breakdown and ensure a long-lasting service from the fan motor.

Final verdict

If you don’t know how much you need to spend to replace an AC fan motor, you will end up spending much than what you might have estimated. And don’t forget to have some annual service maintenance for the longevity of the AC motor.

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