How much does an apple pencil cost?

The first version of the apple pencil was introduced in 2015, and the second generation this launched at the end of 2018. The price of an apple pencil is about $80 to $130. People buy it for use on the iPad.

Users can write, draw and tap the latest version of the iPad by using a pencil of it. The design and outlook of this small device are slim and thin like the original pencil. Most of the buyers of these products are students, musicians and children. Moreover, they can make the best use of it with some paid software.

Therefore, individuals also find the alternative product of this item in the present market. In this article, we are going to discuss the subjects which are related to the price of this. So, without a further I do, let's jump into the discussion.

apple pencil cost

The official price of the apple pencil

People all over the world are always preferred to buy any apple items from their original store. Most of the buyers do it because of getting an authentic product. The price for the first apple pencil is $99 and for the second version of this one need to pay $129.

There have some basic differences between the two models of this. The designer of apple brings some changes of this in its outlook. They also change the outlook of this and some exciting features are added with the 2nd version of this product, like; wireless charging.

Retail price of apple pencil

As we all know, the market price of technological products has started to decrease over time. That happens because of introducing new products as well as updated products introduced in the market. At present, apple pencils' price ranges between $80 to $120.

Therefore buyers will not get the same price at different platforms of buying and selling. Al the tech businesses of the world try to offer the best price to sell their product very quickly. To understand this subject in detail, we draw a table of the retail price for different stores which is given below.

Name of the selling platforms

Apple pencil (Series 1)

Apple pencil (Series 2)


$85 to $89

$120 to $122

Best buy

$90 to $99

$125 to $129


$70 to $80

$103 to $110

These are the most common and popular e-commerce companies for selling products online. If we compare the above table price with the official price, this difference is huge. That is why people are looking forward to buying this at these kinds of stores.

Therefore, they sell authentic products not only for Apple but also for other companies. However, sometimes people find them out of stock. Walmart has a reputation for offering products at very low prices. The price of the pencils at their store is the lowest.

Furthermore, there are also has other unofficial stores which also offers this product at a low price. That is why buyers need to check all the sites of selling and check for a discount for getting the product at the best price.

Refurbished price of apple pencil

In general, people don't have enough willingness to buy the refurbished product of apple pencils. The cost of buying an original refurbished pencil is $10 to $20 less than the actual price. That is why people are not more curious about it. Additionally, they get the authentic product at the unofficial and local market at this price.

Cost of alternative products of apple pencil

One can use other brands of pencils on the iPad as an alternative to apple. Their services of them are almost the same as Apple. People purchase them because of having comprehensive design, outlook, and overall quality. The cost of buying other brand pencils is about $50 to $100.

With the blessing of recent technological advancements, people will get many secondary options in the market. However, they must check the performance and other essential features before buying. Otherwise, this will be impossible to make a profitable deal.

In the next table, we illustrate some best alternative products of apple pencils.

Name of the Brand


Logitech Crayon

$60 to $70

Adonit Note Stylus

$40 to $50

Adonit Note+

$60 to $65

These two brands products of the pencil are most appropriate for ipad users. They can use the above mentioned brand pencil without facing any kind of difficulty. Moreover, their performance of them is also satisfactory.

Therefore the best product on the above list is Adonit Note+ which cost is about $60 to $65. The user interface of this item is so good. Additionally, people don't face any kind of odd experience while using this item for writing or drawing on the iPad.

However, buyers will get them at a very low price if we compare this with the cost of 2nd generation of apple pencils. Logitech Crayon whose price is about $60 to $70 can be used on the ipad very comprehensively. Users can connect this so easily with the operating system. Moreover, the overall performance of this is also good.

Cost of inexpensive products of apple pencil

Users of apple have the chance to buy the additional accessories at the lowest possible price. Though their performance is not high as the original one, people can do their task through using it. The price of a cheap note pencil is about $10 to $40.

People actually buy these types of products for saving money. In addition to that, they don't expect better performance from them. However, some items of this category are the price of worth.

In the next table, we narrate the product name along with their price.

Name of the Brand


Stylus Pen High Sensitivity Fine Point

$8 to $10

Generic Pencil

$18 to $20  

Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection

$24 to $26

Generic Pencil Stylus

$18 to $20

Jamjake Stylus Pen

$27 to $35

Apart from these items, individuals will find other kinds of products in the market. But all of them are not capable enough to provide sufficient performance to the users. But we can recommend you Jamjake Stylus Pen whose price is only $27 to $35. The users of this item don't have any complaints about this product. Additionally, the overall outlook of this product is also good.

Therefore, other items on the above table can provide minimum value to the users. Though buyers cannot use them for a long time, they can offer great service to the users.

Price of apple pencil with iPad

Ipad users are the buyers of the pencil. That assists them to make every task on the screen of the iPad very comprehensively. Furthermore, an individual who is an artist can make their drawings so easily with a pencil. The cost of an iPad with a pencil is about $450 to $1200.

This also brings benefits for education, music and so on. Sometimes teachers, as well as the students, participate in the class by iPad. In this circumstance the pencil allows them to take notes and do other essential things very easily.

In others words, this device of apple brings advantages to people in many ways. That is why we illustrate the price of different models iPad by adding the pencil cost.

Name of the Model

Price with pencil

iPad Mini

$500 to $550

iPad Air

$600 to $650  

iPad (7th generation)

$450 to $500

iPad (6th generation)

$350 to $400  

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

$1200 to $1300

iPad Pro 11-inch

$900 to $1000

In the above table, we mention the current prices of the ipad products. The cost of the apple pencil is added based on average. Nevertheless, the price range of the table might be increase or decrease in the future. Hopefully, this price table will help the people in many ways.

Price of paid drawing software

There is some specialized software that is very famous for sketching, drawings, and doing other complex tasks. Unfortunately, all the best software is not free. People need to buy them to enjoy the full version. In general, a paid drawing software price is about $5 to $10.

The price of this is so low if we compare it with other software categories. Though their price is less, it allows the users to have a great experience by doing drawing and many other related things. Moreover, it also helps beginners learn about editing and other Photoshop work.

In the next table, we illustrate their prices of them.

Name of the Software



$9 to $10 


$4 to $5 


$9 to $10 

Linea Sketch

$4 to $5

These are the most famous software for editing. But the iPad users have the chance to use some free software as well. A pigment is a free tool that is very much famous for tons of colors. It permits the apple pencil to draw or write anything on the iPad by using many colors.

Moreover, individuals can use the basic version of some software. Adobe Fresco is one of them. Users can make design, edit, draw and make many things on the iPad by using the basic features of this. However, people need to subscribe to the premium package for enjoying more features. The cost of this will be around $10.

Price of apple pencil on Black Friday

Black Friday deals are the most profitable for buyers. Many people are waiting to purchase the product at a discount price this day. At the time of this deal, the price of the apple pencil 2nd generation was about $99. In the future, the cost may be reduced more.

Basically, this depends on the demand as well as the organization. Moreover, this is not a very expensive product at all. That is why the amount of discount is not very high.

Difference between apple pencil original and second generation

 The first dissimilarity of these two models is price. Therefore, one cannot use any model as an alternative option. So buyers need to purchase a suitable version of the product according to their iPad model.

Therefore, the first item of this has a regular port on its back, and users can charge it by this. On the other hand, the 2nd generation of this pencil doesn't have any charger. It is magnetic, and users can charge this wirelessly. Moreover, the structure of this is flat, whereas the first one is round. These are the basic differences between them.

Moreover, there are also have some other differences in the operating software. People must read their eligibility criteria of them before buying.

Cost Analysis

Though this product of apple doesn't get enough popularity among apple users, this can bring benefits in a multidimensional way. That also helps the young and mature people to learn about the basics of arts and drawing. The official cost of this is a little bit higher than the market price. People need to spend around $80 to $120 for buying this now.

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