How much does an Apple TV cost ? Tv plus apps cost

If you are a fan of Apple products and also want to spend dollars for viewing your favorite streaming shows with a realistic picture and sound quality, you should make your mind for buying an Apple TV.

You can buy an Apple TV by spending around $140 to $230. The cost depends on the model and version of the TV you are looking to purchase.

How much does an Apple TV cost

Reasons behind buying an Apple TV

Let be very clear first. If you don't have any issue regarding the money and want to enjoy original content except for the conventional online streaming videos, an Apple TV would be worth buying.

  • Ad-free streaming: Apple TV is a streaming media, which comes to you fully ad-free. Although you have to spend a bit more than other streaming media, it is guaranteed to have interruption-less, ad-free service here.
  • High-quality resolution: Apple 4K TV provides you the highest quality resolution with ultra-HD, HDR view on the big screen. This provides you feel and create a great family time.
  • Dolby support: It also provides excellent sound quality as the 4K TV comes with Dolby support.
  • Controlling the TV with Siri: The TV is equipped with a remote called Siri, which allows you to conveniently control the TV.
  • Offers to the game: Not only streaming or watching programs but also a good bit of gaming is possible through Apple TV.

Cost of Apple TV

Apple TV cost



Apple HD


Apple 4K


How much do you need to spend when you are thinking of buying an Apple TV? Well, the cost depends on the model and variant you are buying. Taking these two things in mind, the average cost of Apple TV stands from $140 to $230.

  • Model: Apple has so far launched two different models of TVs for live streaming programs for the devotees of the Apple brand. The first model is the Apple HD TV and the second one is Apple 4K TV. As the name indicates, both these TVs don’t offer the same sort of picture quality. You are going to get a better picture quality in the 4K TV as it can stream live videos in ultra-HD 4K resolution.
  • However, you can only watch videos on 1080p HD resolution in the first model. Like the features, there’s a difference between the costs of these two models. You can buy the HD resolution one by spending from $140 to $160. On the other hand, you have to spend more for buying the 4K resolution one. Spending something between $170 to $230 is perfect for buying Apple 4K TV. 
  • Variant: As you are now well aware that, there are two models of TVs launched by Apple. However, the later model that is the 4K version was launched in two different variants. The smaller variant comes with 32 GB memory storage capacity and the larger variant comes with 64 GB memory storage capacity.
  • Meanwhile, the HD model has only one variant that comes with a 32 GB memory storage capacity. Well, due to two variants there are two different types of cost in the ultra HD TV. You can buy the 32 GB variant by spending around $170 to $185 and the 64 GB variant by spending around $190 to $230.

Which one is worth buying: Apple HD or Apple 4K

Well before giving any decision on this, I would love you guys to select which one of these two devices is perfect for you to buy. This is why; I’m here to distinguish the differences between these two devices in different fields so that you can decide on your own.

  • Resolution: The main difference you are going to notice in these two devices is the on-screen resolution. The 4K version supports HDR picture quality and you will watch everything in 4K or 2160p resolution. However, the HD TV will only provide you HD view, not ultra-HD like the 4K in 1080p resolution as it only supports SDR picture quality. This noteworthy difference makes the 4K version a lot better than the HD version.
  • Chip: Apple has used an upgraded chip in the 4K device, which is Apple 10x fusion. On the other hand, the HD TV has an old chip Apple A8 inside. The upgraded chip performs two times better than the older chip. Except for live streaming, you can also play games through this upgraded chip and it will perform four times better than an HD TV.
  • Variants: The HD TV comes in only one variant with 32 GB memory storage capacity. However, the 4K TV has two different variants of 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • Bluetooth version: The HD TV works with Bluetooth version 4.0, whereas the 4K TV works with an upgraded Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • Sound quality: You will get a lot better sound quality in the 4K model than the HD model as it comes with the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, which you won’t find in the older version.
  • Price: The last but the least difference is the price. Although the 4K resolution has better features than the HD TV, the price is not so far. You can buy the 32 GB variant of 4K TV by adding more $20 to $30 with the HD TV price.

So what have you decided? Whatever your decision is, I’m going to suggest you buy the 4K TV.

A few suggestions

1. Apple TV 4K (64GB, Latest Model)

You are going to get extremely realistic picture quality with a 4K dynamic range and excellent sound quality with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 feature in this 4K resolution of Apple TV. It comes with an A10X fusion chip to provide ultra-fast graphics and performance. You can also view photos and videos from your iPad and iPhone on this TV. With this TV, you can stream Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, ESPN and many other apps from the Apple app store.

2. Apple TV (32GB, 4th generation)

You can watch high-quality videos in 1080p resolution in this 4th generation TV from Apple. It comes with Dolby digital plus 7.1 surround feature for excellent sound quality. The manufacturer has used the A8 chip in her. If you want, you can watch photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on the big screen. You can use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, iTunes, EPSN and many other apps from the app store.

3. Apple TV Siri Remote

You can correctly control your Apple 4K TV or 4th generation Apple TV with this Siri remote. The remote works using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. You can easily and quickly interact with the Apple TV with the touch surface of the remote. You can also use Siri to find what you want to watch with your voice. 

Knowing about apple TV plus

Don’t mix Apple TV and Apple TV plus, because these two are not the same. Apple TV is a streaming media player, whereas Apple TV plus is Apple’s streaming subscription service. Apple TV plus was launched on November 1, 2019, and it shows original contents on a monthly subscription. It was launched in over 100 countries and regions.

Meanwhile, Apple TV plus service is not for the androids or windows users. You can only access this monthly subscription service through an Apple TV. However, with the latest software update, you can also access the services through iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

If you are not a fan of watching original content and more likely to remain buys watching your favorite movie stars, Apple TV plus subscription won’t be worth it for you. Although the contents of Apple TV plus couldn’t attract the watchers much, still some better shows are streaming on like The morning show, See, Dickinson, Servant, Truth to be told, Little America, Helpsters, etc. 

Apple TV plus monthly subscription cost

You can enjoy Apple original shows by a monthly subscription of $5 on Apple TV plus and you will also get a seven-day free trial. However, you can save a few dollars in the long term by subscribing to Apple TV plus for a year by spending $50. Another interesting thing about this service is that people buying any Apple multimedia devices after the launch of Apple TV plus will qualify for a free subscription for one year.

The popularity of Apple TV plus

Since the launch of Apple TV plus, it has strong competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Now, Hulu, etc. So of course it is a tough task to gain popularity so quickly. But still, Apple TV plus is doing well by showing the original contents in excellent HDR picture quality. 

Concluding words

Again, I have to say that if you don’t have any money issue and you are amongst the devotee of Apple products, you should go for buying an Apple TV. Though it is a bit expensive, you will get a Clear view with mind-blowing sound quality.

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