How much is a bathtub? Everything cost about bathtub

A bathtub is going to be no cheaper at all. If you are thinking about buying a new tub then it cost you around 300 dollars to 4000 dollars.

Depending on the types and quality of the bathtub, the total price range can be varied. Throughout this whole article, we will talk about different types and price ranges of t bathtubs. Stay tuned for a better view.

Types of bathtubs 

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How much is a bathtub

Types of bathtubs

Many kinds of bathtubs are available that you may choose from according to the need of yours. Down below are some of the types that you would find in the market…

  • Steel:  The most common type of bathtub that you may find in the market is from the category of steel. These types of bathtubs are considered more durable and stronger. One of the major benefits of this type of baths is that they come with budget-friendly attire but with perfect quality. The average price range for a steel bathtub would be from 300 dollars to 2000 dollars.
  • Acrylic: These types of bathtubs are a great opponent of steel made bathtubs when it is about the price range. They are more convenient and lighter than any other kind of bathtub. Besides, the availability of many different shapes makes this kind of bathtub a pretty common choice for. If you are thinking about buying a new acrylic bathtub then the price range would be from 450 dollars to 1000 dollars.
  • Porcelain: You might have heard about the name of porcelain because they are pretty common. The extra brightness and durable material of porcelain make this type of bathtub more preferable to most of the consumers. If you are thinking about buying a new porcelain bathtub, then the price range would be from 400 dollars to 2000 dollars.
  • Copper: Copper made bathtubs are not for everyone. They are considered as a luxury item. They enhance the beauty of your bathroom and give it an aesthetic look that you would love to take a bath . To buy a new copper made bathtub, the price range would be from 1500 dollars to 5000 dollars.
  • Iron:  As the name suggests, iron made bathtubs are quite efficient and durable. The major benefit of iron made bathtubs is that they are budget-friendly and at the same time they can give you service for a long time. The price range for an iron bathtub would be from 450-2000 dollars.
  • Inflatable: The final type of bathtub that you would find in the market befalls in the category of the inflatable. They are pretty cheap and they are mostly beneficial for your children to have a quality time in the bathroom. The average price range of an inflatable bathtub would be from 20 dollars to 100 dollars.

Some great bathtub recommendation

In this particular section, we are going to suggest the four great bathtubs that you actually can choose in case you are thinking about buying one.

  • The first recommendation from our site is the American Standard Cambridge Integral Apron. The durable material with a lightweight construction is going to save your budget and produce greater efficiency. Besides, the excellent heat retention quality is going to keep your bath water warm for a long time. If you have a mid-range budget, then this one should be on your wish list.
  • The second recommendation from our site is the Sinkology Freestanding Clawfoot Tub with Overflow.The antique copper construction will make your bathtub more luxurious and authentic to look at. Besides, the uncompromised quality should be the worth of your total budget to have a great experience.
  • The third tub that you may choose to buy in case you have a low budget is Sibosen Inflatable Portable Bathtub for Adults. The inflatable design and eco-friendly construction make this one a worth choice that you can make.
  • The final recommendation from our site is the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub. This one is the cheapest among all, and it can be a great option if you have children in your house. They would love this one with the yellow duck design. The white-hot safety disk makes this one more comfortable and playable to every child.

How much does it cost to install a new bathtub?

In many cases, the installation cost may surpass the actual price of the bathtub itself. But, once you complete the installation, it’s all yours. You are completely set t enjoy fresh bathing with warm water. To install a new bathtub (not inflatable), you may have to spend an amount of around 500 dollars to 1500 dollars.

You may reduce the price to a great extent if you are thinking about installing it on your own self. But, there is always a risk of damage. We suggest you do it only when you have the perfect experience.

Bath tub cost analysis

What is the standard size of a bathtub?

If you are looking for the standard measurement of a bathtub, then the measurement you should keep in mind is that the length of a perfect tub should be around 60 inches, whereas the tub's width should be around 30-32 inches.

Bathtub repair cost

For many instances, you might have to think about repairing a tub. If you are currently in that kind of situation, we would like to mention that the average price range you may have to spend to repair an old bathtub would be around 100 to 300 dollars.

Final words

To many of you, a bathtub is a must-have item, whereas to many others a bathtub can be a luxury item. Many things are there that you should be looking at before confirming the purchase. The types and quality greatly affect the average price range of the tub. If you want a quality tub, you have to increase the budget, whereas, for an average quality tub, the price range would be average.

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