Bitcoins lowest price with price history

After the financial collapse in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first recognized digital currency in the world.

The starting price of this was $0 in the year 2009 which is also considered the lowest price in history.

However, the growth of Bitcoin has happened rapidly over 12 to 13 years. At present, the current price of a single Bitcoin is about $42000 to $47000. On the other hand, the value of this saw rise and fall over the years due to many economic and social situations.

Nevertheless, by reading this article people will know about the minimum price for each year. Moreover, one can also know about this digital currency's lowest price for comparing with this. Additionally, we also talk about the highest prices so that readers can understand its value completely.

Bitcoins lowest price with price history

Bitcoin lowest price ever

At the beginning phase of its journey, there was no actual value of it. In other words, the starting of this digital currency was begun with $0. This is very natural for cryptocurrency. Therefore, all the electric money has experienced it.

In general, the value of the cryptocurrency has started to increase while it is registered for transactions. In this phase, they become the media of payment as well. After starting the trading of Bitcoin in the middle phase of 2010 the price of this started to increase. The lowest price of this was $.09 in July 2010 while starting the transactions.

Bitcoin lowest price per year

The value of the digital currency industry is huge in terms of money. So many new ventures are added with it and some are making their preparations to initiate trading. At present, the value of the whole industry is about $2 trillion. Day by day, the value of this has been increasing rapidly.

Therefore, the value of Bitcoin was not same in the recent years. If we talk about the particular situation, the price of this fell below $40000 because of the signing of a sweeping executive order on cryptocurrency in March 2020. There are many events like this which become the reasons for price down. Moreover, most of them are belongs to political and people's buying patterns.

In the following three tables, we illustrate the lowest price of it in the history of Bitcoin. We spilt all years in three segments because of making things easier for the users. Hopefully, that will help people to know about the real scenario of this digital currency.

Lowest price for the years 2009-2015




$0 (All months)


$.06 (September)


$.30 (January)




$13.3 (January)


$325 (November)


$223 (June)

In the above table, we mentioned the lowest price of Bitcoin for the years 2009 to 2015. If we look at the chart, it is evident that the market price was none for the year 2010. Basically, the price of digital currency is always nothing at the launching year.

However, after trading, the value of it started to increase in the next year, but it becomes very low in September. The rising trend was pretty much normal for the years 2012 and 2013. Moreover, at the start of the year 2014, the price of it increases substantially and it also shows good progress over the year.

But in November it experienced the lowest price. Furthermore, from the beginning of 2015, the value of this again started to decline and it becomes $223 in June. This is all about the lowest price history for the years 2009 to 2015.

Lowest price for the year 2016-2020




$371 (February)




$4156 ( December)


$3468 (February)


$6671( April)

From the above chart, it can be seen that the overall value of Bitcoin has risen from the years 2016 to 2020. The year 2019 has experienced a downfall which was $3468 in the month of February. Moreover, the price of this digital currency again started to maintain its legacy after the year 2015, and the highest value of this year was at the last month which was $753.

One can count 2017 as the dream year for Bitcoin owners. The price saw a great rise from the starting month which was $987 and it is the lowest figure. Therefore, this price trend this year hit $10000 in the last month of 2017.

After this, the price started to fall from 2019 to mid-2020. After this, it becomes a golden goose for the individuals. Many new dimensions were open based on Bitcoin, and the interest of the public has been increasing very rapidly. In the last month of the year 2020, the price of this digital currency was about $18795.

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Lowest price for the year 2021-2022



2021 (January to June)

$23391 (January)

2021 (July to December)

$33524 (July)

2022 ( January to March)

$38778( February)

In the above table, we narrate the lowest price in recent years. Basically, in the year 2021, the value of Bitcoin becomes beyond people's expectations. Subsequently, many companies around the globe have started to provide rewards through digital currency.

In addition to that, many corporations also show positive interest in Bitcoin as well other cryptocurrencies. If we look at the chart more closely, it is evident that the first of the year 2021 has increased dramatically. The lowest price of this phase was $23391 which is very much higher than the previous year's highest value.

Moreover, if we talk about the last phase of 2021, the value of this digital coin declined in July which is $33524. After this, the price has again started to increase and the highest value of this year was $60955, in November.

However, at present, the value of this digital currency is again stated to decrease for the first three months of 2022. In February 2022, the price of one Bitcoin was $38778 which can be considered the lowest value. Moreover, the value of this was higher in the first month of January.

Cost Analysis

Without knowing the price trend of a digital currency, individuals cannot invest their money in the best way. One needs to understand the overall piece history to predict the price. That also assists them to buy electric currency like; Bitcoin at the proper time.

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