How Much Does A Bodyboard Cost? (Beginner To Advance Users)

Choose a bodyboard depending on the height and weight of the rider. However, not every board is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.

Consequently, the skill level in boarding turns out as a key factor to impact the pricing. Beginners can purchase affordable boards for $40 to $100. However, adding quality can add a few more bucks to the expense. Meanwhile, advanced riders look for quality boards at $150 or more. 

How much does a bodyboard cost

But a question still remains regarding the price that is what else impacts the pricing? Basically, the construction quality, board length, number of stringers, etc. are the key factors here. 

Stay tuned to get most of your queries resolved.

bodyboard cost

Are Bodyboards expensive?



Beginner bodyboard


Intermediate board


High-grade body board


1. Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard (Best overall) 

This is a high-end bodyboard from Custom X that comes with great value. This board can be used as a prone bodyboard and also a drop knee bodyboard, which makes this Titan XPE Crescent Tail bodyboard so special to the boarders.

When you are going for drop knee bodyboarding this board will provide you maximum stiffness. But in case of prone bodyboarding you will need speed with control, and this board will provide you both these features. 

The board is built with high-grade Surlyn slick bottom with channels. You know that Surlyn is considered the best material for bodyboard slick, that's why you will have a great time on the board.

It also comes with wave plank polyethylene core. The 41 to 43 inches boards come with single stringer, and the 44 to 45 inches boards come with double stringers.

It includes a 50/50 template and 60/40 double rails. This 60/40 provides you better grip and bite in the wave. The board also comes with a crescent tail.

Key Features

  1. High-grade Surlyn slick bottom with channels
  2. Wave plank polyethylene core
  3. Double rails ratio of 60/40
  4. Both single and double stringers.

2. BPS Storm Bodyboard (For advance and intermediate)

This bodyboard pack from BPS comes with a super lightweight bodyboard and great premium coiled bodyboard leash. It also includes a set of fin tethers that make sure the boarder doesn’t lose his swim fins.

Your board will be kept attached to you all the time because of the premium and super comfy coil leash. The performance of the board is intensifying with the HDPE slick bottom.

The HDPE slick bottom adds strength to the board and also makes it a resistance-free ride for improved speed and maneuverability.

It has EPS core and bottom rear channels that are great for execution. The crescent tail of the board also enhances the execution process.

This bodyboard comes in two different colors, blue and yellow. This pack is a great variety of bodyboards and freebies that are suitable for both kids and adult boarders.

Key Features

  1. Premium coiled bodyboard leash
  2. Super lightweight board
  3. EPS core with bottom rear channels
  4. HDPE slick bottom.

3. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core (For beginners)

This 33 inches bodyboard from Bo – toys are specially designed for the beginners. This bodyboard comes with an EPS core that makes the board a lightweight one.

It is made using heat lamination technology, which offers impact strength with durability. The whole construction of this bodyboard makes it a lightweight as well as a rigid one.

It provides more maneuverability with increased speeds and strength. This durable board comes with High-Density Polyethylene super slick bottom with channels and also a crescent tail.

You can keep your board nearby as it includes a pro-quality leash with it. The rail ratio of the board is 60/40. This ration allows for more maneuverability and skills. 

You can have a compact feeling while boarding, and it is water-resistant for all wave conditions. This board comes with stylish designs and in three different colors, blue, red, and pink.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight board with EPS core
  2. Heat lamination technology
  3. Offers impact strength and durability
  4. HDPE super slick bottom with channels.
bodyboard cost

Follow the below criteria to purchase a bodyboard 

There are some best places to bodyboard in the world, but you need to have the right board with you for a great boarding experience. I'm going to help you in this regard by pointing out some important facts that you need to look before choosing a bodyboard.

Types of bodyboards:

There are a variety of bodyboards like prone bodyboards, drop knee bodyboards, combo bodyboards, and standup bodyboards.


The length of bodyboards ranges from 32 inches to 46 inches, and you have to choose the right length on the basis of the height and weight of the rider. 

Deck construction:

The deck can be constructed either with non cross linked PE or cross-linked PE.

Bottom construction:

Surlyn and HDPE are two common materials used to construct the bottom slick.


Stringers are used to increase the strength of the board, and a board can have single or double stringers.


There are mainly two types of tails, crescent tail, and bat tail.


What size bodyboard?

Depending on the weight and height of the rider the size of bodyboard ranges from 32 inches to 46 inches.

What is bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding is a kind of water sports where the rider rides a bodyboard on the crest, face, and curl of a wave that carries the rider towards the shore. 

How much does a bodyboard weight?

A regulation size bodyboard can weigh around 10 pounds. The weight mainly depends on the length of the board.

How are bodyboards made?

The deck of a bodyboard is mainly made of 8LB or crosslink and the bottom is made of using Surlyn, HDPE most commonly.

Go and get one for you.....

You should look for buying quality bodyboards for the advanced players. But average quality boards are enough for beginners. 

So, depending on the quality and skill level a bodyboard can cost you around $50 to $400.

When you are a pro rider, quality matters more than anything including the price as well. But beginners have different mindsets. Boarding with the assurance of affordability is something they prefer.

However, a beginner can still get a high-grade board that meets up the demand of a professional rider. 

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