How much do box braids cost?

Box braids are considered as the next generation hairstyle by individuals. The average cost of Box braids is $70 to $450. The overall cost will increase or decrease due to the locations, size, parlour and condition of the hair.

Though people feel good to tie up this with their hair, their natural hair will be thin in the long run. On the other hand, many hair specialists say that it protects the hair from extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, manufacturer of box braids offers their product with so many variations. People also have the chance to design their hair with lots of styles.

Box braids cost

Why costs of box braids differ?

Only two factors influence the price of box birds. The first one is about the size and the other is its complexity. Therefore, other factors also play a vital role in terms of the total price. All the things will be covered in the following discussion.

The price will certainly be different for different size products of box braids. However, in terms of box braids, there are more things to consider otherwise this will not be possible to determine the actual price. For that reason, we define the overall cost of the product and additional features through size.

In the following points, we are going to describe every segment cost of different sizes of Box Braids.

Jambo size

Women of the USA mostly buy this size. The average price of this extra large size is about $170 to $190. People use this for extending their hair too long. Present barbers of the world are so efficient in terms of tying up very large size box braids in the hair.

Therefore, the overall cost will increase due to some additional factors. This will increase the value of style as well as the beauty of women. Almost all hairdressers of America offer these services to their clients.

Large size

This size is also used by many women in the USA and all over the world for making the unique design of hair. The average price of a long size pack of box braids is around $230 to $240. Individuals will get these products in the barbershop as well as on Amazon.

In terms of choosing a size, one must go through the specifications. Additionally, humans must concern about the brands. As we all know that all the items in the market don't carry the same value. So it is very much important to do some research before buying.

Medium size

Very common size items which are used by many persons. The overall cost of an average size item is about $330 to $340. A correct size product is very important for the users. If any women are not sure about the size, they may get a suggestion from the hair professional.

Most of the time, medium hair person chooses this category for getting the best result on their styles and outlook. However, people will have the chance for asking return if the product doesn't fit perfectly.

Small size

A very complex size of box braids. Hairdressers need to spend more time on fixing accurately. That is why the price of these items is higher than any other size. The actual cost varies from $450 to $460.

Apart from this people should be concerned about the originality of the product. Otherwise, this will cost more by damaging hair like hair fall and so on.

The above prices are applicable for extending the hair to 16 inches. However, people don’t like to stick in this phase and their goal is to get long hair which is above 16 inches. Therefore, barbers dresser charge additional prices for long size hair.

In the following table, we narrate all additional costs of Jambo size box braids.



20 inches

$50 to $60

24 inches


26 inches


30 inches

$130 to $140

Cost of Box braids bohemian

It is a common and popular fashion among many men and women. Many barbers offer this style by linking box braids with natural hair. For creating this style people need to spend an additional amount of $110 to $120. This is the average range of price.

However, people can get the same service at a low cost by taking the service from an overrated professional and vice versa. Therefore people can DIY their hair with this design and this will increase the total cost.

Cost of Knotless braids

Nowadays, people all over the world are making their hair knotless. The looks of this hair are amazing.  Therefore, individuals make this fashion for presenting themselves at a party. The overall cost will be increased by $110 to $120 if someone adapts this style with box braids.

Some extra cost regarding Box braids

The cost will be rise due to having some particular characteristics in hair. For example; if the hair is very thick, people will face damage in the long run. In this circumstance, for minimizing the risk people must spend $100 to $150. Besides, there are some other facts which also influence the overall price.

How much time to do box braids?

Barbers need 5 to 6 hours to tie up box braids with natural hair. This duration will fluctuate according to the size of the pack. In addition, if people want to do a particular style with this, more time will be needed.

In the following table, we illustrate the duration based on the size.




8 to 12 hours


6 to 7 hours


4 to 5 hours

Extra large

2 to 3 hours

Some renowned products of Box braids

At present in the market as well as in Amazon there are a good number of products. To give some best suggestion, we narrate three products name with their price as well in the next table.

Products Name


Crochet Box Braids Curly Ends

$37 to $40

Faux Locs Crochet Hair

$45 to $50

Boho Crochet Braids

$25 to $30

All the above products are made with synthetic materials. That will help to provide a long lifetime to the users. Besides, all the products are available in many different sizes. Apart from these mentioned products people have many options in the market.

Therefore, we also mentioned some of the best products of butterfly locs in our “butterfly locs cost” article. Undoubtedly this will assist you to know about the butterfly locs.

Cost Analysis

As we already acknowledge that the overall cost of box braids depends on many factors like; size, style, and so on. By including all the essential costs, the overall cost will be about $70 to $450. Therefore, individuals need to spend an extra amount of money for adapting to new styles by using box braids.

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