How much are brake calipers cost

To ensure a comfortable ride with a well-functioning braking system, you need quality brake calipers. With a malfunctioned brake system, your riding time will be full of fear! The best solution is to use new and quality brake calipers.

The calipers work with brake pads and brake rotors to make the car stop when you press the brake pedal. But many guys don’t know the exact cost of calipers and this article is for them. Knowing cost of brake rotors won’t be a bad thing for those guys.

How much are brake calipers

What are brake calipers?

brake calipers

The brake caliper is the function of a car, which works along with the brake pads and rotors to make the car stop. It creates friction to the wheels of the car when you put your foot on the braking pedal. Without brake calipers, the rotors won’t be able to stop the car as it can’t create enough friction on the surface.

A brake caliper is put on one side of the brake rotors. When the driver puts pressure on the brake pedal, brake fluid creates pressure on the brake caliper. Remember there is a brake pad inside the brake calipers and this pad works against rotors to stop your car.

A few suggested products

  • Callahan Brake Parts Premium Grade OE Semi-Loaded Calipers:Buy the original design of the caliper to ensure a perfect fitting. Hardware, pins and bleeder screws are included in the set.
  • ACDelco 18FR1380 Professional Front Passenger Side Disc Brake Caliper:Its pressure has been tested to ensure safe and confident braking. It casts iron and aluminum specifications.
  • Power Stop KCOE2119 full set:It comes with dual-layer high temp rubberized shims insulate noise for virtually silent braking.

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Do I need brake calipers for my car?

Do you need brake calipers for your cars? I would say, if you want to come back home safely enough then there is no alternative of using brake calipers in the car. From this, you can imagine the importance of using a brake caliper in your car. Except for providing a safe ride,there are some other benefits of using brake calipers in the car.

  • Ensuring safe ride: The most important thing brake calipers do is to ensure a safe ride. When the brake is not working well, you can’t stop your car whenever you want. This can cause an accident and might ruin your total journey. Doesn’t matter which type of car you are using, you will surely have a safe ride.
  • Instant braking: Suppose a kid abruptly came in front of your car and you have to stop the car instantly to avoid the accident. But you will fail because of having a malfunctioned brake calipers. The whole braking system will go down and you won’t be able to stop your car instantly.
  • Make the braking system long-lasting:Installing new brake calipers made of copper or metal will make the braking system long-lasting. You can use your car without changing the brake for a long period. This will also save a lot of dollars from changing the calipers regularly.
  • Adding safety to braking pads: The brake pads remain inside the brake calipers and they remain safe from any kind of dirt, dust or damages. Using brake calipers will ensure the pads functionally well all the time.

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Brake calipers replacement cost



Price range


Good quality brake calipers

More than $100

Labor cost to replace a brake caliper


Replacing your malfunctioning calipers to ensure enhanced performance of your car’s brake system is very important. But how many dollars you have to spend to make the replacement. Well, I’ve divided the replacement cost into two categories. One is the brake calipers cost and the other one is labor cost.

  • Brake caliper cost: The cost of brake calipers varies depending on the type of vehicle you are using. The price of calipers starts from $50 and can go up to $450. Cheap brake calipers won’t serve you as you would have expected and at last, you will find a malfunctioned braking system.
  • Though these calipers are made of durable material, they are not sturdy enough. To get the enhanced braking performance you need quality calipers made of metal and which are sturdier enough. These brake calipers cost more than $100.
  • Labor cost: The labor cost varies from shop to shop and the working time. In general, the labor cost for replacing brake calipers ranges from $120 to $350.

So overall for replacing the brake calipers of your vehicle, you need to spend around $170 to $800.

brake calipers cost chart

Types of brake calipers

There are mainly three types of brake calipers that are used in the car’s braking system.

  • Floating calipers: Floating calipers are built having one or a maximum of two pistons on one side of the brake rotor. When the brake pedal is pressed, it creates friction between the brake pads and both sides of the rotor.
  • Fixed calipers: Fixed calipers are mostly used brake calipers and they also provide enhanced braking performance. They are expensive too and have more pistons on both sides of the rotor than floating calipers.
  • Sliding calipers: Sliding calipers are mounted in a slot in the caliper adapter. It is a variation of the floating caliper design, using a single piston and operating on the same principle.

How long a brake caliper lasts?

How long the brake calipers will last highly depends on the quality of it. Calipers made of durable and sturdier materials will surely last longer than cheaper ones. Typically, a brake caliper lasts for 100,000 miles approximately.

When do I need to change a brake caliper?

In simple words, when you have noticed that the brake function of your vehicle is not working well or malfunctioning, it’s time to change the brake calipers of your car.

  • When the brake fluid leaks, you need to change the brake caliper.
  • When pressing the brake pedal, you might get some unusual noises. These indicate a malfunctioned brake system and need to change the calipers immediately.
  • Brake calipers keep the brake pads safe and secure. But when you notice unwanted wearing of the pads, it’s a clear indication of changing your brake calipers.
  • Due to a malfunctioned braking system, your car might pull to one side and you need to change the brake calipers.

You should never compromise anything for your safety. Always try to use quality brake calipers even if you have to spend a bit more money for it.

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