How much are brake rotor cost?

How do you stop your car? You may answer simply, by pressing the brake pedal. Yes, you are right, but there is another thing that plays a vital role to make your car stop. I’m talking about brake rotors. How fast your car will highly depend on the brake rotors.

To improve the braking system of your car, you need to use quality brake rotors. Here in this article, I’ll discuss many aspects of brake rotors. You need to know the price of this thing before you go to buy it. So stay with me for more information about brake rotors.

How much are brake rotors

Brake rotors

The circular disc connected in each car is known as brake rotors. The name indicates that it is a function related to the braking system of the car. When you press the brake pedal of your car, the brake calipers clamp the brake pads onto rotors. This creates friction and the car gradually stops.

Now just think, whether it is possible to stop your car without this function? Obviously, it’s not possible. Without having good quality brake rotors, you can guarantee a safe journey. There are two brake rotors used in the front wheels and two others in the back wheels of a car.

Brake rotors replacement cost

When you are feeling that the brake rotors are not working well, you should do no more delay to change them. Because these old rotors will provide you malfunctioned service. I will categorize the replacement cost into two parts. One is the brake rotors cost and the other one is labor cost.

Brake rotors will cost you around $30 to $100. Quality rotors will cost you near $100. Then you have to spend more money on the replacement as the labor cost. The labor cost differs depending on the time of work and different companies.

However, on average, labor cost ranges from $150 to $200. So you will have to spend an overall $180 to $300 to replace the brake rotors.

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Why should I use brake rotors?

I have already said that brake rotors are a vital element of your car’s brake system. There are some other things why you need to use brake rotors.

  • Better friction: Your car actually stops due to the friction created by the brake rotors. Without having created the friction, your car won’t be able to stop and you will find a malfunctioned barking performance.
  • Enhanced braking performance: For having consistency or enhanced performance in your barking system, you need to use high-quality brake rotors in your car’s wheels.
  • Works well in wet surfaces: It’s quite a common scenario to have less friction on wet surfaces. This can even cause accidents. Well, using quality brake rotors will solve this problem for sure.
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Type of brake rotors

There are mainly four types of brake rotors used in the vehicle’s wheels. Let’s discuss briefly of these brake rotors.

  • Blank & smooth: Mostly used brake rotors are blank and smooth brake rotors. This type of rotor provides enhanced friction to your car.
  • Drilled: When you will find drilled holes on the surface of the rotors, this indicates of drilled brake rotors. For heavy braking and long-lasting performance, you can choose this type of brake rotors.
  • Slotted: For off-road vehicles like trucks, you should use slotted brake rotors. The design of the rotors features slots or lines on the surface. This type of rotor removes dirt, water easily from the brake pads.
  • Drilled & slotted: You might have already understood that, this rotor is a combination of drilled and slotted brake rotors. To get great braking performance in any conditions, you should go for this brake rotor.

A few suggestions

Power Stop K1970 Front Brake Kit full set : These drilled and slotted performance rotors provide maximum cooling during the ride. It comes with dual-layer high team rubberized shims.

Bosch 26010733 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor: This brake rotor comes with bi-metal aluminum and zinc clean look coating. The G3000 heat flowed casting provides consistent wear and a longer lifespan.

Brembo 09.A300.11 UV Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor: It is built with high carbon cast iron, which minimizes noise and vibration. Pillar venting technology of this rotor improves the cooling capacity.

ACDelco 18A2497 Professional Front Disc Brake Rotor: This is a premium quality brake rotor, which is great for typical vehicles and other high-grade models.

How long do brake rotors last?

How long your car’s brake rotors will last depends on a few things. Typically brake rotors last for 30,000 to 70,000 miles long. The number highly varies on what type of road you are driving the car, at what speed you are operating the car such things.

Driving on wet or such type roads, where you will get less amount of friction while trying to stop the car will certainly put a bit more pressure on your braking system, which means indirectly on the brake rotors. Again, the speed of your car affects the lifespan of the brake rotors.

If you are driving your car at normal speed then the rotors will last as long as I have mentioned above. However, increasing the speed will always decay the construction of the rotors and it will soon need to be replaced. But the good thing about brake rotors is that you don’t need to change them on regular basis like brake pads.

How to change brake pads and rotors?

When the braking system of your car is not working well it’s an indication of changing your brake pads and rotors. Follow the below steps to change the brake pads and rotors.

  • First, you need to get access to the brake pads and rotors by raising the car at a regulation height with the help of a car jack.
  • Now remove the bolts and calipers from the wheel to remove the old brake pads and rotors.
  • After removing the brake rotors clean the surface, where the new brake rotor is going to be installed.
  • Take the new brake rotor and install it.
  • Then turn the attention towards the brake pads and put in on the brake rotors correctly.
  • At last, put the brake caliper in position and tighten the bolts. Your braking system is ready.

Final words

By reading this article you might have already understood the vitality of quality brake rotors for having a swift braking performance. Remember to replace these things, when you are not having perfectness in the braking system.

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