Make Your Wedding Memorable In Cedar Lakes Estate (Cost Guide)

The significance of the weeding of human life cannot be described in a single word. Cedar lakes started their venture to make people's weddings better and have the aim of giving the best services to them.

The cost of the Cedar Lakes Estate wedding cost is around $70,000 to $120,000. However, the venue cost is higher in the months from May to October, when you may have to pay up to $10,000. People will also see the ups and downs of this price because this is not fixed by the official. 

Generally, the rent price of cedar lakes estate will be higher in the holidays and weekends. Additionally, the price will also increase if there have too many schedules.

Moreover, there are so many additional factors that raise the cost of the wedding as well as other additional costs of cedar lake which are also related directly will be discussed in this article.

Cedar lakes estate wedding cost

Cost of the Cedar Lakes Estate wedding

The total cost of cedar lakes wedding included the cost of rent, food, drink, alcohol and some other services. The overall cost of the cedar lakes estate wedding is not cheap. People need to spend about $100,000 to finish their wedding ceremony in the best way.

The price of the cedar lakes estate depends on the number of guests mostly. The rent of the cedar lakes is not so much but the cost of catering has increased the price. Again if additional costs like; photography, entertainment and some related tax are also included with the overall cost.

Some other vital facilities are available in the cedar lakes estate that will also influence the price significantly.

Packages of the wedding

Firstly, cedar lakes estate spilled their cost by weekdays and weekends. Normally, they have more schedules in the holiday rather than working days. People of the USA and other countries as well always wanted to make their ceremony at the holidays.

The prices of the packages are different and that helps the customer in many ways. This is not possible to narrate the price according to the name of days but here we will illustrate the information according to months.

In the following table, we show the prices of the venue at Cedar lakes on account of different days.



May to October

$9,000 to $10,000


$6,000 to $6,500


$6,000 to $7,000

All the above months are available for all days of the week except Saturday and Sunday. The cost of the venue is a vital factor in the overall cost.

What involve in the total wedding package?

As the standard cost of cedar lakes weeding lies between $70,000 to $80,000 and we also know that the cost of the venue is about $10,000 which also varies according to months. However, there is more cost to add to the whole ceremony.

The lion proportion of the overall cost mostly belongs to cuisine. Usually, the organizer of the ceremony sets the price of food and beverage by the number of guests. In that way, the wedding organizer can easily estimate their cost.

Apart from this, there also have some other salient features too such as; parking, internet, select the meals, use the whole venue and so on. Those also boost up the wedding by many times. In that sense, all the conveniences that are provided by cedar lakes are optional. If individuals want to take them, they need to spend more.

What extra facilities are also available in cedar lakes estate weddings?

The event organizers face healthy competition while throwing parties or ceremonies. Besides, every one of these businesses tries to include new facilities in their venture so that they can attach with more customers.

In the following paragraphs, we talk over about two dissimilar facilities of cedar Lake Estate.

            Firstly, the blob is becoming more famous among children and young people. Though the cost of the blob is expensive, it gives great pleasure to the visitor. Normally the blob is offered for four to five hours and that is more than enough in terms of the wedding ceremony.

The cost of using blob is around $500 to $600. Moreover, the authority of cedar lakes also guarantees this facility by providing certified lifeguards with this. Surely that will provide great joy to the users.

            Secondly, Zipline is also more demandable activity at the wedding ceremony. The cost of Zipline is about $1,100 to $1,200 but people can make various adventures through authorized safety equipment.

Types of venues at cedar lakes weeding estate

The category of venues is divided into two parts; indoor and outdoor. Earlier we mentioned the cost of venues according to months. In addition to that, the cost of the venue also differs because of its types. In general, the price of a mention is higher than an open place.

Nevertheless, the rental fee of the venue also depends on the capacity of guests such as; large venues can make the ceremony with 300 guests while small venues are capable of inviting 150 guests at most.

Nowadays, cedar lake estate also offers an after-party venue that offers a lot of extra facilities to the guest.

Total cost for different number of guests at cedar lakes weeding

This will be wise to know the costs of weeding by the number of guests. We believe that will help the people in many ways. They can compare the cost with other organizers of the wedding ceremony and that also helps individuals to make their decisions.

In the next bar chart we show the cost according to the number of guests;

Total cost for different number of guests at cedar lakes weeding

The cost of the venue is taken on the basis of average. Moreover, the price of the venue can be the rise or fall on account of months and types. Furthermore, the cost of food and beverage is also calculated by the average price. This cost will also experience up and down due to having many types of platters.

Apart from these two major costs of cedar lakes wedding, people need to pay an additional amount of money for using the additional facilities. Definitely, that will increase the overall cost of the wedding ceremony.

Cedar lakes estate average wedding cost

The average wedding cost at cedar lakes varies by dint of organizing the party with the distinct number of people. For 150 people, the average cost will be about $90,000 and the amount will increase in many circumstances which are already described in this article.

Cedar lakes estate NY wedding cost

The cost of wedding in New York City is higher than in other provinces of the USA. People must consider the living expense of this city while booking a venue for their wedding. Additionally, the prices of food and accommodation are also high in New York.

So, it is obvious it cost more in New York City for organizing wedding ceremonies than in other cities.

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Cost analysis

Spending a good amount of money on a wedding is becoming common today. However, people must aware of the whole cost of the wedding.

The total cost can vary from $60,000 to $120,000 depending mostly on the number of guests. For the minimum cost, you can still expect to have up to 120 to 150 guests.  

Cedar lakes are one of the best event companies for organizing wedding ceremony. All the essential and related cost of weeding at the cedar lakes estate has been discussed in this article.

Their packages and facilities are more lucrative than other companies in New York and all over the USA.

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