How much does it cost to fix a short circuit in a house?

The whole wiring system of a house must be completed by following the safest way. Otherwise, the wires may create fire in no time due to voltage ups and downs. However, a short circuit may occur due to this kind of situation.

The cost of fixing a short circuit in a house is about $50 to $300. Moreover, this price range is applicable for the outlets which have a simple wiring system as well as less number of switches. But, if you want to fix a more complex and highly functioned electric outlet, the cost will be around $500.

Nevertheless, we are going to illustrate the entire information of cost from my own experience. Therefore, I will also discuss the estimated price range for doing this task in many circumstances.

Cost of fixing short breaker

Cost of fixing short breaker by its types

All the accidents regarding this are not severe and don’t need to spend lots of money by the household people. Additionally, it will be so much helpful for them to know the cost under different ranges of work.

 For that reason, we split this subject into three categories which are demonstrated through a table.   

Types of short circuit

Price range


$50 to $100


$150 to $300


$400 to $500

The electrician doesn't need to spend above $100 for repairing small errors in the electric circuit like; plaster, displacing of the switch and so on. One must do this immediately because it may occur in odd situations in the future and can be the reason for severe accidents.

If an outlet of a home is facing a shot circuit regularly, people need to spend additional money to fix the wiring system. This will increase the overall cost by $50 to $250. Moreover, the price will touch $500, if their outlets are too complex and have a connection with a good number of switches.

Breakdown the cost of repairing a circuit breaker

It is very much vital to have information for all the sections while fixing this. Furthermore, this will also assist the individuals to make their budgets more comprehensively. That is why we estimated the price range for doing the different tasks for this.

First, in the next table, we are going to illustrate the cost of all segments.

Type of task

Price range


$50 to $175


$75 to $200


$50 to $150


$250 to $500

As there have many aspects of facing difficulty due to the short circuit. Moreover, it may happen due to attaching the connection with low-quality wire. In this case, homeowners must replace the wires which are affected by the spark or fire. The cost might rise above $500 if this problem has occurred in every outlet of the home.

Moreover, there also have other reasons which are not related directly for instance; the atmosphere of the room. Due to this, the plaster as well as the socket may be affected. If this has happened randomly, one must buy high-quality switches which are capable of preventing any kind of smoking or burning.

Replacement cost of the circuit breaker

There should be no compromise with the overall security system of a home. If the electrician got a problem with the board, this must be changed. In general, the cost of replacing this is around $200 to $400.

However, if a person is thinking about upgrading the whole power system, the overall cost will be increased significantly. Moreover, there also have the opportunity to finish the task by spending a very less amount of money by attaching a miniature breaker.

Furthermore, nowadays the voltage power of home appliances and other machines are high and the old and low amps electric boards are not able to render optimum service. For that reason, the homeowners need to upgrade the electric board to 100 amps, 200 amps and 400 amps.

In the next table, we show the average price of upgrading this.

Power of electric board

Price range

100 amps

$700 to $1,400

200 amps

$1,200 to $2,300

400 amps

$1,900 to $3,800

In the above table, we illustrate the total cost of replacing it. In the price range for each category, we include the cost of the product, labor fee and other related costs.

Cost of rewiring the house

Most of the accidents regarding these are taking the concentration of the wires. Because the bad connection is considered the main culprit of this problem. In the present market, individuals will find many types of wire and their costing are also different.

The average price per linear foot wire is around $3 to $5 for high-quality items. One can find inexpensive products in the market for under $1 which seems good initially. But these are not made for offering value for a long period.

There are some factors which influence to estimate of the total cost like the size of the home, geographic location, type of wire and so on. In the next table, we demonstrate the total estimated cost of rewiring for different size homes.

Size of the home

Price range

1000 square foot

$1,500 to $4,000

1300 square foot

$2,000 to $4,500

1500 square foot

$2,400 to $5,500

2000 square foot

$3,000 to $7,500

2500 square foot

$4,000 to $9,500

3000 square foot

$4,500 to $11,000

We illustrate the average price range in the table because of having different types of wire in the market. In addition to this point, the total price for purchasing wire will vary due to the length and different production companies.

The labor cost of fixing a short circuit in a home

Individuals in America have to spend around $50 to $125 to hire an electrician for one hour. Usually, they don't need much time to solve small size electric boards. But, one needs to pay at least one hour's fee for them. Moreover, the overall cost of them will also determine by the difficulty of the task.

If any problems are found in the wire, the installation price will increase. Furthermore, we would like to mention the total cost of hiring an electrician for a different kind of task. In the following table, these are given below.

Name of the task

Cost range

Repairing cable

$150 to $200

Power points

$60 to $120


$150 to $180

Meter box

$190 to $250

Hence, this is the average price range we illustrate in the above table. The contract might be done by adding more money if the electrician needs to repair more than one problem in a home. Furthermore, there are also some other vital factors that influence the total price, like; different geographic locations and skill levels of the worker.

Cost of replacing the electric panel

Sometimes, the outlets of the home are not able to carry enough loads due to having a problem with the main electric panel. Subsequently, this might have happened for a severe short circuit. A good and high configuration product of this has enough capability to run the electricity through the table smoothly.

For buying a good item of it, one needs to spend around $2,000 to $3,000. The cost of labor, electrician and other additional materials will add to this in terms of calculating the total price range.

Price of waterproof outlets

This is not mandatory to use this type of outlet inside of a home. But, the short circuit might be happened in the outside outlets because of rain. In this circumstance, one must upgrade them to the waterproof version. The price of them is around $200 to $500. The quality of them must be checked before buying. Moreover, a good item of this is capable of giving a long time service.

Maintenance cost of the circuit breaker of a home

It will be a wise decision if people take a step before facing any kind of accident. Moreover, in this current era, people will find all the necessary accessories to check the condition of the board and it will help them in many ways. One can find them at the local market which cost around $20 to $50.

The best thing will be to hire an electrician to inspect the whole home or apartment. Their inspecting fee is about $200 to $400. A person may do this once or twice a year. Additionally, if people are renting or own a historical home, the inspection must be done immediately.

Is it possible to do it by an individual?

This is not an easy task though the professionals need less time. Subsequently, there is a high chance of getting injured badly if people are failed to take a cautious step on time. Additionally, people all around the globe are looking forward to solving any kind of short circuit problem immediately.

On the other hand, one may think about saving a good amount of money by doing it themselves. But, our suggestion will be doing take the risk until you are not professional.

Cost Analysis

Lack of planning in the overall electric works of a home is the main reason to face short circuits at the sockets. These will happen regularly if people are not taking any kind of cautious step. Furthermore, the best thing will be to hire a professional technician immediately to solve this. The cost for servicing will be around $50 to $300. 

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