Emergency plumber cost: Why are emergency plumbers so expensive?

What will happen, if the pipe leaks in the middle of the night at your home? You are helpless until a plumber arrives there.

In such circumstances, an emergency plumber comes and charges from $50 to $400.

The cost typically depends on the type of work, time, distance to the house, and time of calling. The charge is minimal during working hours. On the contrary, you may need to pay double in odd hours.

Moreover, they also charge extra when it's the weekend. However, you must keep the contact number of some of them to get rid of these sudden situations.

Emergency plumber cost

What is an emergency plumber?

A plumber does a typical plumbing job including repairing the leakage of pipes, cleaning the toilet, sewer backup, blocked toilet cleaning, etc. However, an emergency plumber is specialized for emergency hours.

You may not find your regular plumber at midnight, but the emergency plumbers are always there for you. They can charge you as low as $50 and as high as $400 depending on the type of work.

What is an emergency plumber

The average cost of an emergency plumber?

On average, an emergency plumber can charge you from $120 to $200. But you need to know when the charge becomes higher and when it's on the lower side.

Like all other workers, plumbers also have their specific working hour which is typically from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you call them for emergency service within working hours, you need not pay any extra charges.

However, there are two times when the cost sometimes becomes double of the original. The first one is when they are out of the working hours and the second one is on the weekend.

Whenever you have bad situations like flooding in the house, pipe leakage, etc. at midnight or odd hours, you have to take help from the plumber. At the same time, you need to pay some extra money during these odd hours.

The same rule applies on the weekend. It is not every time or every plumber that makes the cost double. But the cost goes up quite a bit.

average cost of an emergency plumber chart

Emergency plumber cost per hour

An emergency call to a plumber and the service charge can cost you as low as $50. Again, the overall charge can easily go up to $400 depending on the severity of the work.

Whenever you are calling an emergency plumber, you need to have a clear idea about the charges that should be applied. It is the hourly charge of the plumber for the emergency service.

Most plumber imposes hourly charges for their work. However, some are different a bit and impose the charge for half an hour. Whatever, the charge is, you need to have a clear idea.

Here’s a list of some of the jobs and charges you can get going with an emergency plumber.

Emergency plumber job


Fixing a leak

$140 to $680

Fixing a toilet

$140 to $320

Unclogging a drain

$150 to $320

Sewer line cleaning

$180 to $460

Drain line repair

$250 to $1,000

Water heater repair

$230 to $900

Faucet installation

$150 to $300

Main water line installation

$350 to $1,300

The time of work and type of work are the two main factors that impact the pricing. And these two things are closely related to each other. The following section tells you more about these things.

What factors impact the Emergency plumber cost?

When you call a plumber for emergency service, that's the first time you are going to charge for it. The call-out fee is specific to emergency services. However, several more factors impact the overall cost.

The following factors impact the plumber’s emergency service cost mostly.

  • The call-out fee is specific.
  • The trip fee depends on how long you need to travel.
  • The time of working.
  • Working hour or odd hour service.
  • Type of the work.
  • Any accessories needed for the job.

As you have already known that the call-out fee is specific here. However, the trip fee depends on the distance from the plumber to your house. Typically, the charge is $2 per mile.

The more hours the plumber spends in your home to get rid of the problem, the more you will have to pay him. Typically, the charges are on basis of hourly rate; whereas some may charge on half-hourly rate as well.

If you call someone at odd hours like at midnight, that's obviously not a pleasant one. However, a plumber should still come to your home for emergency services in these hours with expanding overall cost.

We have already issued a chart that shows the charge for different types of works. And it's one of the main factors that impact the overall cost of the service.

Last but not least is the materials or accessories he needs for the job. If the work needs any extra accessories to get it done, you will have to add some more money to the total expenditure.

Why emergency plumbers are so expensive?

Can you get a regular plumber in the midnight or odd hours? Well, you won't get it except for the emergency ones. And it's the first and foremost reason why they charge more and are more expensive than others.

Moreover, they are always ready to serve their customers with the best possible service and solve their problems. However, you need to know that these plumbers are not expensive all the time.

Only when it's in the odd hours, or the weekend, the charge becomes almost double. Therefore, it turns out an expensive service.

When you need an emergency plumber?

If the main water line of your house breaks in the middle of the night your house can easily become flooded. So who is there to save you from the flood and solve the problem?

It's the emergency plumbers, who are always ready for such unintentional services at midnight or any time of the day. There are more times when you can get in contact with them and solve any plumbing problem.

  • Water main line breaking.
  • Pipe leakage.
  • Sewer cleanouts.
  • Fixing shower drains.
  • Cleaning the clogged toilets.
  • Slab leaks and so on.

Do emergency plumbers need a license?

Emergency plumbers don't need licenses, but they should have and you should hire one with a license. It is because the one who has a license has already proved his quality of work.

One without a license can still get done with your emergency services, but it's always a riddle whether he is qualified for the job or not.

Therefore, we always suggest anyone consult an experienced, qualified plumber with a license.

Cost analysis

The cost starts from calling the plumber for emergency service and keeps moving till the job is done. There're a lot of reasons, why the cost goes up or comes down and we've discussed them as well.

Now, you should know for what job you are hiring the plumber and what is time you are calling him. Then, take a note of the working hours or time that impacts the overall cost a lot.

Lastly, the cost will still go up to $100 minimum and the maximum can be as high as $400.

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