How much does an engine stand cost?

Whether you own an aircraft, a heavyweight car, or a motor-bike, when it is about replacing, transporting, or repairing the engine, an engine stand can be of great help.

If you are thinking about buying a new engine stand, then you would find different types of engine stands on the market to choose from.

If it is about categorizing the types of engine stands, then according to the necessity, an engine stand can be of three different types. They are –

  • Rotating engine stand(50-350 dollars)
  • Transporting engine stand(80-400 dollars)
  • Lifting and servicing engine stand. (45-450 dollars)

The cost of engine stand with a minimum budget of 40 dollars to a maximum budget of 500 dollars.

On average, an engine stand cost 80-150 dollars.

How much does an engine stand cost
Engine stand

Rotating engine stand cost

engine stand cost chart

Rotating engine stands are a great way of correcting the faults of any engine. This type of engine stand will provide you the freedom to rotate the engine in any direction for a better replacement.

You may find a rotating engine stand cost 50 dollars to 350 dollars. But, the average price range would be around 80-150 dollars.

If you are looking for a rotating engine to buy, then we have some recommendations for you. The first recommendation for a rotating engine is Jackco 1000 lb. Capacity Rotating Engine Stand with Tool Tray. This engine stand will provide you the freedom to lock the engine in a perfect position, and then to rotate it in any angle. The durable frame and constructed steel engine tube will ensure that the engine stand last for a long time. The adjustable arm will be beneficial for accommodating any types of engines. Besides, the tool tray will provide you the facility to store every little screw and parts while opening the engine.

The second recommendation for the rotating engine stand is BIG RED T26801 Torin Steel Rotating Engine Stand. With a budget-friendly price rate and heavy-duty steel construction, this one will minimize your budget and will ensure the quality at the same time. The four adjustable arms will provide you the freedom to rotate any types of engines to a direction of 360 degrees so that you can replace any faults of the engine easily. Maneuevreing is easy with the ¾ ton load capacity. Besides, the quick folding mechanism will be handy for storing the engine stand conveniently after using.

Transporting engine stand

This type of engine stand is quite beneficial when it is about transporting any type of engine from one place to another. Transporting engine stand tends to be a little costlier than all other types of engine stands. If you are looking for a transporting engine to buy, then you may find them within a price range of 80 dollars to 400 dollars. But, the average price range would be around 150-200 dollars.

If you are looking for a transporting engine to buy, then we have one product recommendation that you may think about to have a quality product.

Our recommendation for a transporting engine stand is HARKEN Jeep Hardtop Overhead Garage Storage Hoist. This one is great for a perfect storage capacity that will be handy for storing any type of engine you want. This one will be able to carry a maximum weight of around 145lbs. The patented weight lifting capacity will be handy for perfect weight distribution. Besides, the safest hoist design will prevent any kind of drop enhancing the security of your engine.

Lifting and servicing engine stand

As the name suggests, this type of engine stands can be of great help when it is about lifting or servicing any type of mechanical engines.

These types of engine stands are quite similar to the rotating engine stand, and thus they possess a similar kind of price variety.

If you would like to buy a lifting/servicing engine stand, then you may find them within a price range of 45 dollars to as much as 450 dollars. On average, the price range would be around 80 dollars to 200 dollars.

But, there is no doubt of the fact that, among all types of the engine stands, rotating and lifting engine stands are the most convenient types, because they come with a universal engine fit design. As a result, you gain the freedom to recruit any type of engine near your hand.


1. What does an engine stand is for?

An engine stands can be a great help for doing different types of tasks including replacing, lifting, storing, and repairing the engine.

2. How to build an engine test stand?

Building an engine stand is not the easiest task to accomplish. You need to create the mounting spot where you would place the engine. Besides, it is also mandatory to ensure that the engine stand conveys enough space for storage capacity.

3. Can I mount a motorcycle engine in my rotating engine stand?

Of course, you can! If the engine supports standing in the engine stand, then why can't you?

4. What does cc stand for in an engine?

The cc in the engine means cubic centimeter which determines the size of the engine. The more the cc the larger your engine is.

5. What are the types of car engines?

A car engine can be classified into three different categories. They are- thermal, electric, and physical engines.

Final words

The uses of a car engine stands are manifold. An engine stand can be quite efficient when it is about correcting any faults that are preventing the engine from running smoothly. Depending on the types and condition of your engine, you need to choose the correct engine stand that would make your experience great with the engine stand. The different types of engine stands are rotating, transporting, and lifting. According to the need of yours, choose the appropriate engine stand. Whatever types of engine stand you are aiming to choose, on average, an engine stand would cost you around 80-200 dollars. What else can we say? happy shipping…

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