FedEx international shipping cost: Is FedEx good for international shipping?

With superb reliability and service quality, FedEx always remains on the top for international shipping. The cost for shipping overseas varies from $100 to $350 depending on the destination and type of package mainly.

However, the delivery time that ranges from one to seven business days is a crucial factor that impacts the pricing. The number of packages shipped and weight can reduce and upgrade the overall shipping cost.

FedEx international priority, first, ground, economy are some types of shipping. In this article, we'll break into these things and try to give you a clear idea about the international shipping cost.

FedEx international shipping cost

Average FedEx international shipping cost

On average, FedEx can charge anywhere from $150 to $240. As you have already known that the cost depends on several things and you must have a clear idea of these facts.

After calling the FedEx official, they will arrive to receive your product and make it ready for shipping. As it is an international shipment, both origin's zip code and the destination's zip code are required.

The longer distance it is the more shipping cost you will have to pay for it. However, the author has every right to choose, whether he wants an overnight delivery or three to five days delivery.

Average FedEx international shipping cost

FedEx international shipping cost

In the following sections, you will get a clear idea regarding the factors that impact the overall shipment cost of FedEx.

How much does FedEx cost for international shipping

The cost for any international shipping from FedEx can charge as low as $100 or a bit less and as high as $300. What you need to know is what type of product you are shipping and what is the weight.

The weight and size of the product define, how much it will charge until it reaches the destination. Moreover, you have got different types of packages depending on the type of products from FedEx.

Check out the chart at a glance about different shipment charges.

FedEx international shipping



$70 to $90

Small box

$100 to $120

Medium box

$125 to $150

Large box

$150 to $190

Extra large box

$200 to $220


$240 to $300

Large tube

$200 to $220

With the various packaging, you are always ready to choose the most appropriate one that suits your shipping product. For example, shipping a paper doesn't require a box; rather it only needs an envelope.

The bigger the package is, the heavier it will be. And as you all know, the bigger and heavier package will cost a lot less compared to the smaller and lighter one.

FedEx cost for international shipping

FedEx international overnight shipping cost

Any overnight shipping costs the most doesn't matter whether it's a domestic shipment or an international shipment. Therefore, an international shipment charges you the most when it's an overnight service.

If you compare the overnight shipping to three to five business days shipping, the overnight cost can be up to 50% costlier. If the package type is constant, you don't have to spend more than $220 for three days of shipment.

However, you will definitely have to spend up to $300 for the same product if it's an overnight shipment. And the cost can go up if the distance increases.

FedEx international shipping

FedEx international document shipping cost

The least number of money you have to pay when you are shipping documents through FedEx. Documents can cost you not more than $80 to $100 when it’s international.

However, the domestic shipping cost of documents remains within $30 every time. Like other packages, the cost of shipping documents depends on business days or overnight.

Typically, you can ship the documents in envelopes, which are lightweight anytime. However, the more documents you are sending, the heavier it will start to become. Therefore, the cost can vary.

FedEx luggage shipping cost international

The costlier type of product for international shipping through FedEx is luggage. Luggage can contain one box or several boxes or other accessories and cost up to $350 even if the shipping time is three to five days.

And don't ask me about the overnight expanse for shipping heavy luggage, because it's a completely high-priced one. Again, you can relate the weight of the luggage directly to the shipping cost.

FedEx international shipping cost per pound

From the previous sections, you have come to know that international shipping cost through FedEx depends a lot on the weight. The more pounds you are carrying, the more money you will have to pay.

Per pound, the shipping through FedEx can cost $20 for international regions. However, it’s not every time you are shipping lightweight products like an envelope.

If it's luggage, you are supposed to charge a high amount of money for shipment.

What impacts the cost for FedEx international shipping?

The above discussion has already given you a clear idea of the factors that are influential to increase or decreasing the shipping cost. However, we'd like to provide a crystal clear idea to help you get the value of the cost.

  • Package size and weight.
  • The distance of shipping.
  • The time of receiving.
  • Business days or overnight shipment.
  • Type of packaging.
  • The number of packages you are sending.
  • Delivery and pickup conditions.

The first thing that gives you an idea of the shipment cost is the package size and weight. The larger and heavier it is, the more you will be charged for the shipment.

From the origin zip code and destination zip code, the distance is measured. As you are delivering the product far distance from your residence, you will have to pay more.

When the receiver needs the shipped product is a key factor to decide the overall costing. It can be overnight shipment, one business day, or three to seven business days.

Overnight shipments cost the most and the seven-business-day shipment cost the least amount of charge.

Whether it's a lightweight envelope or a little box or big luggage can decide how much you will have to pay for the entire shipment.

Moreover, the cost of delivering one product and five products are not the same if the product is constant.

How to ship internationally using FedEx?

FedEx is a reliable option for international shipment that ensures your product remains safe and sound with the quickest possible delivery time. Here are a few steps that can help you in the shipment.

  • Decide the products you want for shipment.
  • Make sure, these products are valid in the shipping region.
  • Documentation and customs clearance is required.
  • Value and purpose of the shipping product.
  • Determine which custom documents are required.
  • Create an international shipping label.
  • Complete the custom documents.
  • Package the shipping items.
  • Hand it over FedEx.

Cost analysis

You may have found it a costlier shipping process compared to other shipping processes in a few fields. However, you have to admit the reliability that FedEx offers is absent in other international courier services.

Save the money by shipping a simple document in an envelope, which is lightweight. However, you may still have to pay a large amount of the money if you need the document shipped overnight.

But a shipment of anything within three to seven business days is always cheaper. The heavier and larger the package is, the costlier it is.

Moreover, the quicker shipment you need the more you have to spend as the shipment charge.

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