Fnaf security breach price

A horror game for the kids as well as for the young people. The price of Fnaf security breach is about $27 to $70. Buyers can play this game on their desktop, laptop, and play station. Unfortunately, there has no play store version of this game yet.

Moreover, the CDs of this game are not sold physically to the customers. The makers of this game decided to sell theirs through digital way. Moreover, they also provide a CD key with the download game so that players can explore all the things of this game.

However, there has only one version of this which is released in December 2021. After introducing to the market, the popularity of this game has been increasing day by day.

Fnaf security breach price

Price of Fnaf security breach for different platforms

Basically, people only have two ways to play this game. One is pc and the other is play station. Additionally, this game comes with only one version. That is why there has less difference in the price of this game.

In the next table, we narrate the cost for different platforms.


Price range


$39 to $60

PS 4

$30 to $40

PS 5

$30 to $40

Sometimes, the game stores provide discounts on their product due to having special festivals or occasions. Moreover, there is no coupon acceptable in terms of buying this game.

Price of fanf security breach for different stores

In the USA, lots of gaming stores can be seen. All of them are very competitive in their business. But it brings blessing for the buyers.

Basically, they try to set a standard and minimum price after adding their margin. That is why all the prices of gaming stores are not matched with each other. Therefore, individuals will also have the chance to collect this game at the cheapest rate by knowing some of the famous store prices.

In the next table, we mention the price of fnaf security breaches for different stores.

Name of the store

Price range


$33 to $40


$34 to $380


$37 to $40

GAMIVO(Gift Package)

$38 to $40

CJS-CD Keys(Gift Package)

$38 to $40

Price of fnaf security breach for different countries

People cannot buy a physical CD for paying for this game. They need to have a download copy online. That is why the cost does not vary too much for different countries.

However, the authority of Play Station sells this game at a different price all over the glove. In addition to that, the popularity of this game is also scattered in the world. For that reason, it will be helpful for the foreigners to know the price.

In the next table, we illustrate the Play Station price of this game for different countries.

Name of the country

Play Station Price range


$27 to $30


$27 to $30


$27 to $30


$27 to $30


$47 to $50

Which consoles and platforms can play FNAF Security Breach?

One can play it on the gaming PC, PS4 & PS5. However, for playing on the personal computer, people must sing stem. Otherwise, this will not possible. In the modern world, individuals make their pc with great configuration so that they can play all the games.

Though this game is not performed like AAA games, it has good storytelling and unexpected things. One can get into this easily while playing. Moreover, pc gamers need to have a good configuration for playing this.

In the following table, we narrate the minimum and recommended requirements for playing this game.


Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10 (64 bit)

Windows 10 (64 bit)


AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or

Core i5 6600K

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or Intel Core i7 4790


8 GB

16 GB

Graphics Card

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


Version 12

Version 12

Storage needed

80 GB

80 GB

One can use another company's graphics card for playing Fnaf security breach. But, the variant must be the same as the mentioned video card in the table. Otherwise, this will create difficulty for the users.

Apart from these, all the things will remain unchanged.

Specifications of Fnaf security breach

It will be better for the gamers to know about the key features before buying or playing. That will increase the joy by many times. This franchise is very renowned for making the series game. Fnaf security breach is the second instalment of the series.

Therefore, some data about this game is mentioned below in the following table.

Name of the Developers

Steel Wool Studios

Name of the Publisher

Scott Games


Windows, PS 4 and PS 5

Release Date

December 16, 2021


Single player


Survival Horror

Now it seems very clear to the audience and they can easily make their decisions. Moreover, the minimum age requirement for playing this is 16.

Why do people buy Fnaf security breach?

This question is related to the mindset of the buyer. There have lots of Esports and AAA games on the globe and they offered good suspense and surprise to the individuals. But this game is specially made for the people who love to explore things in the most difficult situation.

Moreover, we find out some specific reasons behind purchasing fnaf security breach. Therefore, I play this game for one month and I think I need to share my experience. So that readers can know to feel the story of this game like practical.

First of all, the experiences of this game are so unique and believe that will not match with other games. The overall scenario seems terrifying to me. Moreover, the game starts with a little boy who gets stuck in a horror house.

From this point, the exciting journey begins. All the levels and parts of this are organized in a good way. People will enjoy all his movements of him in the game without a single doubt.

Cost Analysis

Fnaf security breach is an exciting game all over the world. Moreover, these games earn its market from kids to mature people. The price of this game is about $27 to $70. However, the cost will be around $27 to $40 for Play Station.

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