G-Wagon cost analysis: How much is G-Wagon now?

Enjoying a unique feeling while driving off the road requires you to have a premium off-road SUV that can handle almost any terrain.

What else can bring a much more intriguing experience than a G-Wagon?  Yes, we are talking about Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs or G-Wagon that are here to take you into action immediately.

If you are reading this article, you probably know that, unlike most other SUVs, G-Wagons are not cheaper.

The starting price for G-wagon is $131,750 MSRP.  But there are always options to create your own build to set the preferred amount you want to spend on the Wagon.

Stay tuned with this article until the last to find out the most recent price of G-wagon on the market-

G-Wagon cost

What is G-Wagon?

If you have never heard about the term G-Wagon, probably you do not have a better knowledge regarding the Mercedes Benz lineups.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class series is popularly known as G-Wagon.

Because of its robust construction and high-performing capability, the Mercedes Benz G-wagon has gained huge popularity over time.

How much does G-Wagon cost?

Lineup name


G 550 SUV

$131,750 MSRP


$156,45 MSRP

G-Wagon or Mercedes-Benz G-Class series brings two different lineups to meet their customer satisfaction.

The entry-level G 550 SUV starts at a price of $131,750 MSRP.

On the other hand, the AMG G 63 SUV starts at a price of $156,450 MSRP.

Before you go purchasing one of these two lineups, we would love to mention that this is the most basic price offered on the Mercedes-Benz website.

There is always an option to customize your vehicle as per your preference so that you can always bring forth the best experience while driving your beloved on and off the road.

G-Wagon cost chart

Why G-Wagon is so much expensive?

Well, not only the G-wagon, almost every Mercedes Benz lineup tends to be expensive. Along with the brand value, there are some quality issues as well that you only can expect to get from the manufacturer. Here are some of the popular reasons why we think that Mercedes Benz G-Class or G-wagon tend to come with a high-end price range-

  • First of all, G-wagon is one of the best high-performing and robust off-road SUV lineups available on the market.
  • With unparalleled off-roading capabilities, G-Wagon will always ensure that you drive at your best off the road.
  • Mercedes Benz is always a luxury. Along with the quality and performance, the manufacturer ensures that you get luxury and quality simultaneously.

Therefore, whenever you are choosing a Mercedes Benz G-Class or G-Wagon, you are choosing the best out of the bests.

G-Wagon maintenance cost

You pay the specific amount, you get the SUV, and everything is not finished. You have to include the maintenance cost as well along with the cost of the SUV.

Well, the maintenance cost tends to be the most nominal in the first year.

For example, maintaining any Mercedes Benz G-wagon will cost nearly $750 to $850 for the very first year.

The immediate next year or the second year of purchase will require you to spend additional $100 dollars than the previous year.

In a culmination, the aggregated cost to maintain a G-wagon for the first ten years will be around $15,000 or more.

Here is our estimation for the first five years of the cost that you need to spend to maintain a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-


Annual cost











Building your own Mercedes Benz G-wagon

You may not remain content with the basic trim level G-wagon that you see on the website. That is when customizing the car becomes necessary.

Like most other popular car and SUV manufacturers, Mercedes Benz also allows its users to build their preferred model on their own so that they can drive the vehicle with luxury, comfort, and dynamicity.

Where the basic price of a G-Wagon starts somewhere near $131,000, customizing the car can take the aggregated amount to up to $200,000.

Therefore, it mostly depends on you whether you want to spend more or not.

From the exterior to the interior to the lighting, everything is customizable. Therefore, getting comfort to the luxury, everything is attainable when you have the required money.

Why do People call Mercedes-Benz G-Class a G-wagon?

You probably know that all the G-class vehicles are cross-country vehicles. Therefore, you will have the authenticity to drive these lineups both on and off the road with better off-roading capacities.

The G on the G-class series stands for Gelandewagen, meaning Cross Country vehicle.  Therefore, in short, most Mercedes Benz G-Class series vehicles are known as G-Wagon or G-Wagon.

Is it worth spending such a high amount on a G-wagon?

Well, before you consider your approach, we have to mention that G-wagons are not entry-level lineups. Since the 70s, these Wagons are ruling the off-roads and are gaining popularity years after years.

Even for the most basic G-Wagon, you will have to spend as much as $120,000 dollars, which is not something everyone handles every single day. 

Yes, spending around $120,000 is always worth the investment on a G-Wagon when you want class, performance, and versatility simultaneously.

How much does a used G-wagon cost?

Well, for some reason, if you are planning to purchase a used G-wagon, the price of the SUV can vary from $65,000 to $100,000 according to the usage and damage of the car.

A car with more than five years of usage will lose almost 20% of its initial value.

At the same, the SUV with moderate damage will also allow you to purchase the SUV at a cheaper rate than the original.

Cost analysis

Well, Mercedes-Benz is always a class.  At the same time, getting a G-wagon from Mercedes Benz will always give you a popped-up experience wherever in the world you go with the SUV.

When you want to feel versatile and classy along with comfort and performance, we believe spending a total budget of around $130,000 seems always logical.

If you have the estimated budget, you may always go for the purchase. We can assure you that Quality and Class both will be highly ensured once you own the SUV.

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