How much does a glass stovetop repair and replacement cost?

What if you went to the kitchen in the morning to make breakfast and noticed the glass stovetop was broken? Well, it will break your heart as well because you will need $200 on average to repair the glass.

But in case the crack is severe, it may not support repairing. In that circumstance, one has to spend up to $650 for a replacement stovetop glass.

That is to say, the cost depends on whether the cooktop needs repair or replacement. And repair or replacement depends on the severity of the damage.

glass stovetop repair cost

Repair cost cracked glass stovetop

On average, it costs from $130 to $180 to repair a cracked glass stovetop. However, you can expect to pay as low as 60 bucks as well for the repair regarded the damage is minimal.

If there's a slight scratch on the glass, it may not let you spend a lot of dollars; rather $60 is enough to get rid of the problem. On the other hand, an extreme crack can take the repair cost up to $350. 

Therefore, the repair cost depends on –

  • The severity of the damage
  • Type of stovetop, electric or induction

Repair cost 

Minimum repair cost


Maximum repair cost


Average repair cost

$130 to $180

Electric cooktop glass repair cost

$60 to $240

Induction cooktop glass repair cost

$100 to $350

The two most common type of cooktop is electric and induction. Electric cooktop glass is supposed to cost you no more than $240 for the repair even if the damage is severe.

On the other hand, the minimum cost to repair the crack on an induction cooktop glass is nearly $100.

Cracked glass stovetop repair cost chart

Replacement cost of a cracked glass stovetop

What do you think; can you repair the crack on the stovetop glass? Well, the crack seems large it requires more than repair. So, replacement is the only option you have that can cost you from $450 to $700.

However, when it comes to replacement one must decide whether to replace the glass only or replace the entire cooktop. Replacing the cooktop can sometimes cost the same as replacing the glass.

In that circumstance, it's better to replace the entire cooktop than do the sole replacement of the cracked glass.

Replacement costs for different cooktop glass 

Electric cooktop glass

$200 to $650

Induction cooktop glass

$300 to $800

Gas cooktop glass

$400 to $900

Labor cost

$150 to $250

Before breaking down to the replacement, it’s worth knowing about the types of stovetops. Basically, it has two types of stovetops including one gas cooktop.

  • Electric cooktop
  • Induction cooktop
  • Gas cooktop

Isn't an electric cooktop or stovetop the most affordable one?

An electric cooktop is comparatively an affordable option than an induction cooktop. And the glass surface will cost you $200 to $650 for replacement.

Although both these cooktops produce heat underneath the glass burner, the electric one uses metal coils for the heat. Electric ones don't send the heat directly to the cookware; rather the glass surface works as the middleman here.

When the stove is connected to electricity, the electric current gets connected to the metal coils and makes them heated. The heated-up coils supply heat to the glass surface.

If the cookware is put on the heated stovetop glass, it receives the heat through a glow from the metal coils. Thus the electrical current makes a connection with the cookware.

Why induction cooktop costs more? 

Although an induction cooktop is a type of electric stovetop, it creates a direct connection between the induction coil and the cookware. Still, it costs from $300 to $800, which is more than the electric one to replace the broken glass stovetop.

Now, all you want to know is how this particular electric or more specifically induction cooktop works? The heat produced in the stove needs an electrical connection as well.

However, one of the major differences between it and the electrical one is that it has copper coils. The copper coils become a source of magnetic power, and thus they can create a direct connection with the cookware.

When the stove has an electrical connection, the copper coil connects to the cookware by supplying the magnetic current. The direct supply of magnetic current instead of electrical current helps heat up the cookware.

Moreover, it's a quicker process to cook any food because of the direct connection. Therefore, the glass costs more for replacement.

How gas cooktop is different from the other two? 

Basically, a gas cooktop is an entirely different thing than either an electric or induction one. It doesn't have that smooth surface on the top; rather the stove sits on the glass surface.

However, if there's any damage or crack on the glass surface, you should be as quick as possible to try replacing it. The replacement cost here ranges from $400 to $900.

If you ask me which one of these three cooks food quicker, the simplest answer is the gas cooktop. And the reason is the direct connection between the flame and the cookware.

Cracked glass stovetop repair

Labor charge for the replacement

One crucial addition to the replacement cost is the labor cost. Typically, the labor cost varies from $120 to $250 depending on the location, type severity of the replacement, and the duration of the replacement.

However, it’s quite constant in most states as you have to pay nearly $150 for the minimal replacement work. All in all, the severity of the damage defines how much one has to spend on the labor cost.

What does the replacement of the entire cooktop costs?

It seems the damage is so severe that only replacing the glass won't work for you. And the cost for the replacement seems to reach its peak. So spending $700 on a new electric cooktop is a good deal.

Types of cooktop

Replacement cost

Electrical cooktop

$600 to $900

Induction cooktop

$950 to $1,900

Gas cooktop

$700 to $2,800

Of course, we’re here mostly talking about electrical and induction cooktops. However, electrical is the cheaper option here for the replacement.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that you have to pay the labor charge separately with any of these replacements. Add $150 to $250 to the cooktop cost to identify the actual replacement cost.

Repair or replacement: Which is right for a damaged glass stovetop?

Well, it's a tough question to be answered as it's a variable thing depending on the crack type. On both occasions, the labor charge won't vary a lot, and we'll take it as a constant one.

However, the minimum replacement cost for the stovetop glass is 200 bucks that are three times less than the minimum cost for the entire cooktop replacement.

Meanwhile, if the glass in the electric cooktop is cracked badly, the cost can go up to $650. And when there's an option to get a brand new one for $600, it’s never a wise decision to replace the glass.

The same rule applies to the induction cooktop as well. The most it can cost is 800 bucks for a severe crack replacement. And if you add extra 150 bucks, there can be a new induction stovetop in your kitchen.

So, think wisely about these things and make the right decision for your kitchen.

Can one repair a cracked glass stovetop on his own?

Yes, one can repair a cracked glass stovetop on his own that he knows the basic steps for the repair process. The best thing about doing it on your own is that it costs nothing extra.

When you are repairing through an expert, he’ll charge you at least $120 depending on how much time the work takes. And the cost is even more when it's the replacement of the glass.

However, it's a dangerous thing to replace the entire stovetop yourself. An expert or technician is the best option here to ensure safe cooking in your kitchen.

Is it worth repairing the damaged glass stovetop?

I would rather love to ask you can you cook on a cracked or damaged glass stovetop? The answer is no any day because it's a highly risky thing.

Even if the crack is minimal, no one should try using a cracked stovetop glass. Therefore, repairing or replacing the damaged part rather than spending days after days without cooking is far better.

Moreover, it's never the thing that one has to spend a lot of money on repairs. The type of damage will decide whether it's an expensive process or not.

Rather than spending risky time in the kitchen and thinking about your life, you can spend a few bucks to repair the cracked glass. And any day, it's a worthy expenditure.

Where to get

Check your nearest cooking stove shops to get the desired glass for the model you have. However, sometimes you may not find the desired one due to the shortage of stocks in the shops.

In that circumstance, the only way to solve your problem is by purchasing one online. However, if you aren’t sure about the quality, contact the manufacturer's website directly.

Meanwhile, there will be an additional shipping cost to the buying price then.

Cost analysis: Read before your repair or replace

I have mentioned it thousand times that the severity of the crack is the sole reason that impacts the repair or replacement cost. Well, if the crack or damage isn't much you may not think of replacing the glass.

  • Repair costs range from $60 to $350
  • Glass replacement cost ranges from $200 to $900
  • Cooktop replacement cost ranges from $600 to $2,800
  • Labor cost ranges from $150 to $250.

However, repairing is never a good idea when it’s about the safety and proper cooking atmosphere. The repaired crack can cause an accident if it isn't properly repaired.

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