Hoshizaki ice machine price list

This might be impossible to keep the food and other things fresh for a long time without using ice. Hoshizaki is one of the largest and greatest ice manufacturing machines in the world.

The price for purchasing one Hoshizaki ice machine ranges from $2000 to $12000.

Basically, the cost of this equipment is determined by the size, type, capacity, and overall building quality.

Moreover, other manufacturers in the world also produce ice making equipment. However, people know this company for its commercial size and purposes. Additionally, their product line is huge, which is above comparison with other similar manufacturers.

Furthermore, their ambition is to provide the best service to their customers in terms of overall performance. By reading this article, people will know about it in detail. Hopefully, that will also assist them to make comparisons with other devices by considering categories.

Hoshizaki ice machine price

Price of cube series Hoshizaki ice machine

People in restaurants, bars, and other commercial places buy the cuber ice appliance. The cost of buying this is about $2200 to $10000. As we already know, Hoshizaki has a great product line that is applicable for meeting up different demands. Moreover, in this paragraph, we not only mention the price but also illustrate the capacity of the equipment.

Nevertheless, this will assist the individuals to know the price of this according to their needs. That is why in the following table, we selected various kinds of cube ice machines. Optimistically, this will cover all the price ranges as well as capacity.

Name of the machine

Price range


Production capacity

ADA Compliant Undercounter Gourmet

$2500 to $2600


5o to 55 pounds

Air Cooled Modular Crescent Ice Machine

$3400 to $3500


380 to 390 pounds

Hoshizaki Square Cuber Icemaker

$5200 to $5500


50 to 60 pounds

1462 lb Modular Crescent Ice Machine

$8500 to $8900


1400 to 1500 pounds

1912 lbs Daily Commercial Ice Machine

$9300 to $9800


1800 to 1900 pounds

In the above table, we illustrate all price ranges of cuber ice machines for the buyers. Basically, the cost of purchasing this appliance varies due to its production capacity, size, configuration, additional storage, and other key features. We don't disclose all the things, but people can search by the name we mentioned in the table to know more about them.

Though the ice making capacity of Hoshizaki Square Cuber Icemaker is low which is about 50 pounds, the price of this is comparatively high. That is because of its high built quality and built-in storage bin. Moreover, the overall performance and post sale service of this is also higher than other items.

Subsequently, we also narrate the price of large capacity appliances which price range is around $8000 to $10000. Additionally, we write the whole name of the item so that people can find them very easily in the market as well as on online platforms.

Price of Flaker series Hoshizaki ice machine

Most individuals in the world this instrument for producing ice. In general, this version of ice is used in perishable goods to keep them fresh in the market. The per unit cost of this is around $4000 to $12000. In general, this type of product might be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Therefore, the overall configuration and construction quality also influence the price. In this phase, we select some of the popular products of this by considering price and ice making capacity. In the following table, we demonstrate the price of them.

Name of the machine

Price range

Production capacity

Air-Cooled Modular Commercial Ice Machine

$4300 to $4800

About 490 pounds

Air-Cooled Modular Commercial Ice Machine

$5500 to $6000

About 750 pounds

Air-Cooled Modular Commercial Ice Machine(22 Inch Wide)

$6900 to $7200

About 980 pounds

Air-Cooled Modular Commercial (30 Inch Wide)

$8700 to $9000

About 1540 pounds

Remote-Cooled Modular Commercial Ice Machine (30 inches wide)

$11900 to $12500

About 1990 pounds

All the products in the above-mentioned table are made for use in the commercial space. Individuals buy Flaker ice machines very very rarely because of having a refrigerator in the home. Moreover, most of the items on the chart have short storage bins but their ice making capacity is satisfactory.

On the other hand, people don’t need to store Flaker ice for a long time. They can employ it within a very short period. Therefore, the price of a Remote-Cooled Modular Commercial Ice Machine is about $12000 which is very much higher than other products. In addition to that, the overall size and dimension also influence the price.

Price of Undercounter Hoshizaki ice machine

One can use this type of ice making device in their home as well as in restaurants, cafes, bars and so on. In general, the size of this is comparatively low than other types of Hoshizaki ice machines. Usually, the price of buying one unit of Undercounter device is around $2000 to $6000.

Moreover, the manufacturing company divides this category into two different dimensions such as; personal and commercial. For that reason, we are going to mention the price of them under these two circumstances in the next table.

Name of the device


Undercounter Crescent Ice Machine

$2100 to $2200

ADA Compliant Undercounter Gourmet Top Hot Ice Machine (15 inches wide)

$2500 to $2700

Undercounter Nugget Ice Machine (15 inches wide)

$3500 to $3700

288 lb Undercounter Cubelet Ice Machine

$4900 to $5000

Free Standing Commercial Ice Machine (36 inches)

$5100 to $5500

Apart from these items, there are many similar kinds of products available in the market. However, buyers must consider their needs before buying any type of ice making machine. The first item on the above table which is the Crescent Ice Machine is perfect for use in the home. Additionally, the price of this is comparatively lower than and the production capacity of this is around 78 pounds.

On the other hand, there is also have high price item in this category which name is the Free Standing Commercial Ice Machine, wide of this machine is 36 inches. Basically, people buy it for use in their business, and the price of it is $5100 to $5500. Therefore, there are other kinds of series under the Hoshizaki ice machine for producing a good amount of ice.

Price of Hoshizaki ice machine according to production capacity

This is one of the largest ice machine manufacturing companies in the world. Additionally, they produce varieties kinds of products that are capable enough to provide great value to all types of users. People think about the capacity of production while choosing the model. In the next table, we illustrate the price range according to it.

Volume per day

Price range

50 to 200 pounds

$2000 to $3000

250 to 500 pounds

$2500 to $5000

550 to 1000 pounds

$7000 to $9000

1200 to 2000 pounds

$10000 to $12000

In the above table, we just highlight the price range for Hoshizaki. But, this cost will be low for other ice making devices on the market. The lifetime and construction quality of this brand product is good and it is also able to provide great output to the customers.

Moreover, the overall outlook, design, and built in storage bin also influence the price. Though the cost of buying this company ice machine is expensive, it is capable of providing 10 to 30 years of value at a stretch without any kind of technical difficulty.

Price of used Hoshizaki ice machine

It is not so much easy for getting a device of Hoshizaki in the second hand market. Moreover, the price of this in the pre-own market is about $500 to $1500. The price is varied due to the overall condition as well as the configuration.

However, one must check the guarantee duration before making the deal. Therefore, people will get other brand's products in the second hand market whose price range is about $500 to $1000.

Other costs of Hoshizaki ice machine

Buyers need to spend a good amount of money for installing this at home or in commercial places. One needs to spend around $100 to $200 to set up. Additionally, the cost of transportation of this device is about $150. Moreover, it depends on the distance.

Furthermore, users need to maintain this machine regularly for getting the highest benefit from this. The average cost of repairing any parts is range from $150 to $250. But, for repairing the valve and expansion people need to spend around $600. In addition to that, for changing the compressor, the total cost will be $1000 to $2500.

Where to buy the Hoshizaki ice machine?

The manufacturer of this item is in the USA. Every year, the manufacturing company sells a good quantity ice making devices in America as well as the rest of the country. Moreover, individuals can place their orders from e-commerce websites like; Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and so on. On most of the sites, buyers can get free shipping.

However, in terms of buying the product from a retail store, one needs to spend an additional amount of money on transport. In this case, the cost will be higher if the distance is high. On the other side, in other countries, people can buy this item online as well as offline. But the cost will be increased slightly due to selling in different geographic locations.

Cost Analysis

The usefulness of the Ice making machine knows no bounds. Without ice, we cannot keep our food and other crucial things fresh and secure. Therefore, one can use ice in other areas for instance; for the preservation of chemicals and so on. Hoshizaki is the leading manufacturing company of ice machines. The price of these brand items is about $2000 to $12000.

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