Car Ramps Cost: Create A Safe Space Underneath The Vehicle

Aluminum is stronger than plastic or any composite material car ramp, for sure. But what about the price?

Yes, durable aluminum ramps can cost you up to $200, which makes them a lot pricier than the cheaper ones. However, if you need an affordable one, it’s available for as low as 50 bucks. The size and shape impacts the price as well.

While talking about the size, the minimum height of the ramp should create enough space underneath the vehicle to let you get there comfortably.

Moreover, durability ensures the ramp is capable of holding entire weight of the car, and you can concentrate on your work down there.

How much are car ramps

What things impact the car ramp cost?

You need to consider a few important facts before choosing a car ramps for your cars. These facts will make it easier to choose the right car ramps and I'm going to help you in this regard by providing a few essential facts below.

Types of car ramps:

There are heavy-duty car ramps, low profile car ramps and two-piece & one piece car ramps.

Ramp height:

The height of the ramps should be enough that allows you to go beneath the car for any kind of repair.

Ramp width: 

The width depends on the width of the tires, so the ramps should be wide enough to support your car’s tires.


Car ramps can be made of aluminum, metal, plastic, polymer, or even composite materials.


The car ramps should provide enough traction to save your car from any kind of slippage.


Especially for low profile cars you have to find lower angle of incline in your ramps. 

CAr ramps cost

Car Ramps Cost with a few suggestions 

Car ramps cost

1. RhinoGearRhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

This sturdy and reliable car ramp comes from Rhino Gear. They made this portable automotive car ramps with a rugged and structural design.

The car ramps are durable enough, so it will last for long time and provide your car good strength underside.

The sturdy and durable design of the car ramps allow for reliable and convenient access to your vehicles' underside. There is a CoreTRAC non – skid base that helps in reducing slippage of your car.

The construction of these car ramps doesn't only give reliable and convenient access to the vehicle's underside but also provides stability for maximum storage.

The car ramps come with a 17-degree incline that provides easy use for low clearance vehicles. The car ramps have 12000 pounds of gross vehicle weight capacity.

It can usable for tires of 9 inches in width quite simply. Patented polymer internal support system and wide stance offer excellent weight distribution and unbeatable strength.

Key Features

  1. Rugged and structural design
  2. Provides reliable and convenient access to the underside of your vehicle
  3. CoreTRAC non-skid base
  4. 12000 pounds GVW capacity.

2. Race Ramps RR-40 Service Sports Ramps

Race Ramps comes with this pack of 2 service sports ramps. Each of these car ramps is 40 inches in height. The measurement of these ramps is 40 inches × 10 inches × 10.75 inches.

They designed these ramps in such a way that it can work with lowered and short nose vehicles like stock Miatas, subareas, Evos, BMWs, etc. Both this car ramps fits tires with a width of 8 inches maximum.

The ramps fit 8 inches tires and provide full 7 inches of lift to your car. For better approaching they have a 16.7-degree angle.

Each of these ramps has a weight carrying capacity of a maximum of 1500 pounds. The ramps are built with 100% solid lightweight high-density foam with traction coating.

The ramps are easy to transport. You can use it easily wherever you like to use and also store without any difficulties. The ramps won't transfer heat or cold, won't, and also won't scuff your floors.

Key Features

  1. For low profile car or short nose vehicle
  2. 16.7-degree angle for approach
  3. Fits tires up to 8 inches of width
  4. The weight carrying capacity of 1500 per ramp.

3. Electriduct 4.3" Lite-Duty Rubber Curb Ramp

This duty rubber Curb ramp for your cars comes from Electriduct. This car ramp is built with an industrial-grade recycled rubber material.

It can carry a good bit of weight and also quite capable of providing your car excellent traction. The ramp measures 4.3 inches in height, 16.1 inches in length, and 18.8 inches in width.

This one-piece car ramp from Electriduct can carry up to 10000 pounds comfortably. You can permanently install the car ramp, which will save you from installing it now and then.

There is pre-installed mounting holes in the ramp that allows you to install it permanently. There is a problem that catches my attention is that the rubber used in it.

After bringing this new car ramp the new rubber will emit a kind of odor, which you won't like. You just have to place it outside for some time and let the odor dissipate. 

Key Features

  1. Industrial grade recycled rubber
  2. 4.3 inches in height, 16.1 inches in length and 18.8 inches in width
  3. Pre-installed mountain holes for permanent installation
  4. Hold up to 10000 pounds of weight.


How to use car ramps?

First of all you have to double-check the ramp alignment with each wheel. Then slowly drive up the ramp and stop the car at the top of the ramps.

Then engage the parking brake and double-check on the positions of the vehicles. At last, place the wheel chocks behind the opposite set of wheels.

How safe are car ramps?

If you use the ramps by raising your vehicle with a jack and jack stand then the car ramps are quite safer.

What are the best car ramps?

There are few car ramps that are best like, Nicky nice solid steel car ramp set, scepter plastic automotive ramp set, race ramps extender, black widow black plastic service ramps, etc.

Car ramps size?

Regulation size car ramps measures around 35 inches × 12 inches × 9 inches. But this measurement is not for all kinds of car ramps.

We are down to conclusion....

A good quality car ramp with enough strength can cost you around $50 to $200. But you spend more than this amount if you want extra durability and longevity, and spending less than $50 on car ramps will serve you on average.

However, car ramp strength depends on the car weight as well. You must know, how heavy your vehicle is and then choose the right strength of the ramp. 

A robust ramp can ensure your safety while you are working underneath the vehicle and trying to solve any issue there. 

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