How much do Half Price Books pay for DVDs? Know everything about it

Keeping the unused DVDs in your home or throwing it into the trash bins isn't a wise decision, any day. The most interesting thing you can do with old ones is to sell them to Half Price Books.

You will get a value from 50 cents to a few bucks for each DVD depending on the condition. At the same time HPB can charge 3 bucks for the same DVD for resale. 

It's a good thing to gather several DVDs and then move to the nearest HPB and look to exchange these bunch of DVDs with a few Blu-rays.

However, you need the right guidance to know how much they will cost for these items and on what the cost really depends.

Cost for buying DVDs from Half Price Books

Do Half Price Books pay for old DVDs

Although the name indicates only for selling and buying books, Half Price Books do pay for your old DVDs as well. The payment depends on the condition of the DVD, the value of the movie or series, the number of DVDs you have, etc.

You can expect of getting a few bucks for the DVD. And if it doesn’t hold the value at present, you may not cross the cents landmark.

Out of the other selling markets available for selling and buying used products, HPB is one of the trusted ones. However, it’s not that every old DVD has the same pricing.

You can bargain and try getting the right value for the DVDs you have brought and do your stuff buying from the received money.

Half Price Books pay for old DVDs price chart

How much will you get for DVDs in Half Price Books?

The price for selling DVDs will vary from $0.50 to $4. Well, it's quite a rare thing to get 4 bucks for a single DVD, if it's not among the uncommon ones and a hit movie or series.

However, the most common digit for the money you will get for the DVDs from HPB is something between $1 to $2. But the funny thing is that they will sell the same DVD at two times more price to the buyers.

Let's go through the chart quickly and have a clear idea about the pricing for selling them here.



Common ones

$0.60 to $2

Rare ones

$2 to $3

Superhit movies

$1 to $3


$2 to $4

Damaged box

$0.50 to $1

The price depends on:

half price books depends chart

The average price for DVDs in Half Price Books

On average, the price for old DVDs in HPB ranges from $1 to $2. Even if it's a super hit movie or series, it may be common and then you are not supposed to get a much higher value in return for it.

The payment however depends on several, which we’ll be discussing in the following section and you better know about the criteria before selling any stuff there.

Most of the time sellers seem not satisfied with the pricing the shop offers, but it’s what they have to sell the unused DVDs. However, another thing is that you won’t get the DVD at the same selling price here.

Low selling cost, but high buying cost 

The buying price of DVDs is two or three times more than the selling price. It's okay for most sellers, but some sellers are not that delighted with the value they get and the value the shopkeepers get by selling the same DVD.

For example, you may have only got a buck for a particular DVD file. However, HPB will sell this particular DVD to a seller for $3 to $5.

When someone is buying DVDs from Half Price Books, he is probably looking for Blu-ray or DVD files at a cheap rate.

However, DVDs are comparatively more affordable than Blu-ray files. We’d love to categorize these files into three sections.

  • Blu-Ray files
  • DVD files
  • Stock clearance files

Types of files in HPB  



$4 to $20


$2 to $6

Stock clearance

$1 to $3

The least you can expect paying for Blu-Rays is 4 bucks regarded as not a hyped movie without rare availability.

If you are there to purchase an entire movie series, it may cost you up to $20 for a Blu-Ray file.

However, normal DVD files are quite cheap as 2 or 3 bucks can offer you movies from both 40s to 90s. However, movies after 2000 can stand a bit on the expensive side.

There’s a good chance that you can save your money by collecting your favorite movies from the stock clearance.

Both Blu-Ray and DVD files are available there at a low cost. Most stock clearance DVDs are sold for $1, whereas Blu-Rays can cost you up to $3.

The selling price seems mismatching, but why? 

Before you arrange them and get going for selling them to HPB, make sure you get the right value for these items. And for this, you need to know which factors impact the selling price for the old DVDs in HPB.

We’re here to tell you about the main factors that are going to impact the selling price mostly.

  • You are lucky if you have a super hit or blockbuster movie DVD to sell.
  • Rare, but super hit DVD will pay you the most.
  • Blu-rays typically offer more money.
  • The more DVDs, the higher payment.
  • A common DVD will cost less because of the higher availability.
  • If the DVD is hard to find, you will easily get a higher payment for it.
  • A damaged box of the DVD will cut your payment.
  • If you can bargain a bit, you may increase the price as well.
buying DVDs from Half Price Books

Do DVDs and Blu-rays cost the same in Half Price books? 

Nope, Blu-rays cost a bit more compared to the DVDs while selling in Half Price Books. Typically, a DVD can cost you as low as $1 if it’s common, not that hit or comes with a damaged box.

On the other hand, you can expect to get at least 2 bucks for a Blu-ray file because of the high-resolution picture quality. Again, you can also say that a Blu-ray can be two times higher value than a normal DVD.

How worth it is selling old DVDs to Half Price Books?

Is there any use of the unused DVDs that are staying at your home without any purpose? I hope, not, and that is why you can get some payback by selling these items in HPB.

There're a few reasons, why you can choose HPB for selling old DVDs.

  • The right value for the DVDs
  • Selling any type of movie.
  • The payment depends on the condition.
  • Selling a single DVD.
  • Selling a bunch of DVDs.
  • Easy selling process.

Above all these things, the shop ensures of paying you the right price for the DVDs any day and any time. And the selling process is pretty easier every time.

How to sell DVDs to Half Price Books online?

If you can't take a large number of DVDs to them, contact them online and get started with the process of selling the items online.

You can follow the below steps to sell the DVDs to Half Price Books online.

  • Arrange the DVDs properly.
  • Make sure, the movie names are visible.
  • Take a couple of pictures of the DVDs.
  • Fill in the contact information as given.
  • Drop the selling request, and that's it.

Wait until they contact you after receiving or seeing the sell request, you have just dropped in.

So, what're your thoughts about HPB? 

  • Your favorite movies are gettable at lower prices.
  • Both Blu-Rays and DVD files are available.
  • The clearance section costs the list.
  • Can grab an entire movie series.
  • Both old and new movies are available.
  • A huge difference between the buying and selling prices.
  • Not every movie is available in their store.
  • Blu-Rays are high-priced.

Cost Analysis: Read this before you sell the DVDs

You may be asking yourself why the price of DVDs is sometimes $2 and sometimes $6. The simple answer to this question is because of the popularity of movies.

Some other reasons are also there to be considered before estimating the price for selling one particular DVD. If the movie is easily available, and HPB already has enough collections of it, you are supposed to get a lower payment.

However, if the movie is rare in the market and even HPB hasn’t got a much higher collection, they will pay a bit more for it.

Also, if it was a super hit movie or series, and still has the same demand as it had before, you will get a higher payment. At the same time, you need to know that a DVD with a damaged box will decrease the price a lot.

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