Are Hammers Expensive? Heavyweight Hammers For Professional Works

Hammer is a simply designed hand tool, which is used for giving shape to any materials or breaking them. It is a very useful tool for machinists or garages. There are varieties of hammers available in the market having various sizes and structures.

Depending on the structure and size, the cost of hammers typically ranges from $10 to $40. For occasional usage, it's good to go for a small-sized of medium-sized hammer. Pro users tend to choose the powerful ones.

The cost of hammers varies because of their structure mainly.  You can choose one depending on your need.

How much is a hammer

Sledge hammer cost 

Well, to deliver some mighty blow with a hammer you might love to grab a sledge hammer. These hammers have large handles and mallet-like heads to provide powerful blows. The cost of sledge hammers is a bit higher than normal hammers. The price of sledge hammers ranges from $15 to $80.

hammer cost

Hammer Cost



Hammer cost

$10-$40 dollars

Sledge hammer

$15-$80 dollars

1. Stanley STHT51304 Rip Claw Fiberglass Hammer

 This claw hammer from Stanley comes with a fiberglass core. The fiberglass core adds strength in the hammer and durability in the handle.

The construction is made for reducing vibration. It is a kind of hammer that reduces vibration. Because of reduced vibration, you will find the feel of wood while using it.

There is an exclusive rim temper in the hammer that reduces incidences of chipping or spalling. The hammer is designed with a forged high carbon steel head.

The head is durable enough and it assures a long life. It comes with an ergonomic grip that features a ribbed surface and flared end to provide a firm grip and reduce slippage.

Key Features
  1. Fiberglass core adds strength and durability
  2. Reduces vibration
  3. Forged high carbon steel head
  4. Ergonomic comfort grip.

2. Stanley 51-106 13 Ounce Wood Hammer

This hammer from Stanley comes with a wooden handle. The wooden handle is made of good quality wood to provide you with a comfortable grip while working with it.

The hammer comes with exclusive rim temper, which reduces incidences of chipping and spalling. This wooden handle comes with a fully heat-treated and polished bell face. 

The curved claw handle of the hammer is designed for removing nails and a forged high carbon steel flat head for hammering them down. You can use this hammer on various applications.

Key Features
  1. Exclusive rim temper
  2. Fully heat-treated
  3. Polished bell face
  4. Wooden handle.

3. Estwing BIG BLUE Framing Hammer

This hammer from Estwing is designed for the pro-level users. Framers, roofers, carpenters, contractors, tradesmen and serious DIYers will find this big blue hammer very useful.

It is forged in one piece with the most durable, longest lasting striking tool. You can use this tool for pulling nails, prying boards, demolition work, splitting wood and more. 

The patented shock reduction grip is comfortable and durable enough to reduce impact vibration by 70%. This hammer is available with smooth and mild faces. And it is also available in finish and framing lengths.

Key Features
  1. Forged in one piece
  2. Rip claw with versatility
  3. Built for the pro
  4. Patented shock reduction grip.

4. Stiletto TB15MC Claw Hammer 

This claw hammer from Stiletto comes with a curved handle. This is a framing hammer from stiletto that comes with a straight claw.

The head of the hammer weighs 15 ounces. It is 17.5 inches in overall length and milled face had a diameter of 1.5 inches in the face.

The hammer comes with a titanium head, curved handle, which is also made of titanium. The handle is black colored with a rubber grip. The hammer provides secure connections to components and lines.

Key features
  1. Titanium head
  2. Curved handle
  3. Rubber grip black handle
  4. Provides a secure connection to components and lines.
Average hammer cost chart

Choose a Hammer

You might fall in confusion seeing various hammers in the market and that’s quite obvious. So, first of all, you need to decide for what purposes you need the hammer. Then consider the facts given below and choose the right hammer for your use.

  • Type of hammers: There are different types of hammers in the market designed for different uses. Such as curve claw hammer, rip claw hammer, framing hammer, ball peen hammer, sledge hammer, etc. First, you need to decide which hammer is perfect for your work.
  • Size: Longer hammers will provide you greater swings and stronger blows than short hammers. For occasional or normal purposes you should go for medium-sized or small-sized hammer.
  • Milled or smooth face: Smooth face hammers are used on those objects in which you don’t want to get rough or lose their original design.
  • Weight: The weight of the hammer mainly depends on the weight of the head. Normal hammers weigh around 8 to 18 ounces. But heavyweight hammers weigh more than 18 ounces 34 ounces.
  • Comfortable handle: The perfection of your work depends highly on a comfortable grip. So always look at this feature before choosing a hammer for you.


What is a hammer?

Hammer is a simply designed tool that contains a hard, solid head attached to a long handle. This tool is used for various driving, shaping or breaking hard things.

Types of hammers?

There are many types of hammers found in the market for various purposes. Some of them are claw hammer, club hammer, sledge hammer, ball peen hammer, cross peen pin hammer, drywall hammer, brick hammer, scutch hammer, etc.

What is a ball-peen hammer?

Ball peen hammer is kind of hammer having two heads. One head is flat and the other one is rounded, which is known as peen. It is mainly used for peening.

How much weight a hammer?

Lightweight hammers weigh from 8 to 18 ounces and heavyweight hammers having comparatively a heavier head and long handle weigh from 20 to 34 pounds.

Final words

Depending on your want you can buy both cheap and expensive hammers. Cheap hammers can cost you something around $8 to $20. But quality hammers will cost you more than this and the price can go up to even $50. 

Longer hammers can provide you with stronger blows to ease the task, but you may have to recheck the wallet to make sure, you can afford that. 

Average-sized hammers are good to go for general tasks even if you aren't a professional user. But a worker or pro must get assurance of the hammer's quality and performance before purchasing it. 

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