Imperfect food cost: Is imperfect food worth it?

When you don't like going to the groceries and spending a lot of money on your daily meals, you can try out imperfect food.

An imperfect food package will cost you from $11 to $45 depending on the package you select.

However, from the word imperfect, it doesn't mean the fruits or grocery items included in the package are imperfect in nutrition. It's named imperfect just because of not meeting the supermarket standards for shape and design.

The good thing is, you can get free delivery of the food package sometimes. Also, you need to know weekly or monthly subscriptions here. Stay tuned to know more about it.

Imperfect food cost

What is imperfect food?

A food package that includes fruits, grocery, and organic food items that are rejected by the supermarkets due to improper shape is called imperfect food. It offers foods with similar nutrition comparatively at a cheaper rate.

The only problem you may notice in these food items is the improper shape. Most often, the supermarket owners love to decorate the food items with well-shaped and grocery items.

But when the improper shapes arrive, it is rejected often. Imperfect foods collect these imperfect-shaped food items and deliver them to the consumer at a lower delivery cost or sometimes cost-free.

The quality of these foods is worth compared to those ones found in the grocery shops. But you can get them at a cheaper rate, which is a good thing.

And unlike most other online food supply sites, you can choose your needed food items here. To be more specific, it lets you customize the food items before confirming the order.

How much do imperfect foods cost?

Imperfect food is a cost-efficient way to get fresh food items at a cheaper rater without going to the supermarket. You need to spend no more than $50 for one package depending on the items you need.

However, the cost will vary depending on what you're selecting. Meanwhile, the minimum cost for these food items stays somewhere near $15. Our research team has divided the foods into two categories.

Organic (Small, medium, and large)

Conventional (Small, medium, and large)

Typically, organic food items cost comparatively more than conventional ones even when you go to a supermarket. And the same thing happened to imperfect food items as well.

Now, let’s go through the following chart to know how the price of these food items varies.

Food type



Organic food


$15 to $20


$22 to $25


$33 to $45

Conventional food


$10 to $15


$16 to $18


$20 to $25

From the chart, you can understand the price of organic food is almost double the cost of conventional food items. However, you can still save 30% of your money after getting the package rather than going to the supermarket.

However, you can get a specific pack daily that won't cost you more than $10. You can get a daily pack, snack pack, meat and fish pack, etc. All of these add-on packages are available at a cheaper rate.

Imperfect food cost chart

Are imperfect foods delivered free of cost?

imperfect foods delivered

Yes, imperfect foods are delivered free of cost but not always. There’s only one condition that can make the delivery charge completely zero. You need to purchase $60 or a pricier package for this.

For daily meals, it's obvious to spend $50, and if you can get the food items over $60 that will provide free delivery of your food items.

Meanwhile, the delivery charge is something you need to worry about as well. Depending on which area you live in, the delivery charge will vary from $5 to $9 only.

Is it worth buying an imperfect food package?

Spend $50 including the food items cost and delivery charge, and getting fresh foods regularly is definitely a worthy choice. The main thing that makes the food package one of our favorites is the availability of fresh food items.

Also, you can customize the food items, which most other online food services don’t provide. Therefore, if you want to save 30% of your cost from going to the grocery shop, it’s undoubtedly a good deal for you.

What are the benefits of imperfect foods?

If you ever question the benefits of imperfect foods, there're many to mention. Here're some of the benefits you can get from this food package.

  1. Offers fresh food items regularly.
  2. Requires not weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.
  3. Let's customize the food items.
  4. Free delivery at $60 or more purchase.
  5. Easy to order foods from staying home.
  6. Both organic and conventional foods are available.

The only reasons why grocery shops or supermarkets didn’t accept the food items are because of the imperfect shapes. But the nutrition and quality of these foods items are never less than those found in the supermarkets.

Unlike most other online sites, you can always customize the food items that you need. And as many items you include in the package, the more chances you have of getting a free of cost delivery service.

Also, getting both organic and conventional food items at a cheaper rate and staying at home is a great thing.

Downgrades of imperfect foods

With all these good sides, the food package sometimes offers slight imperfections as well. Here're some of the downgrades.

  1. Not all food items are available every time.
  2. The service may not be available in each area.
  3. The food shapes are never perfect.
  4. Some food items cost more than usual.

The main problem with the food package is that you don’t know whether it’s available in your area or not. However, the delivery charge varies depending on the area as well.

Another major issue is that you may not find your regular food item someday on the list, which can ruin your meal.

Cost analysis

The cost of imperfect doesn’t have imperfection except for some items. You may sometimes notice unusual increments in some food items. However, the cost most of the time remains within your price range.

Also, getting the fresh food items at a cheaper price makes it a worthy selection over grocery or supermarket items. The price will vary largely depending on whether you are going for organic or conventional items.

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