What is the charge for internal tooth bleaching?

You are already tired of using the whitening agents to get rid of the yellowish color from the front teeth. However, you haven't yet tried internal tooth bleaching which usually costs $170 to $300 per tooth.

Someone, having yellow or dark spots on any tooth can try this minor surgical process. Unlike, outside whitening agents, it works from the inside out. Therefore, you have better chances to get rid of the discolored teeth permanently.

However, the cost depends largely on the state you live in, and the number of teeth that need bleaching. Stay tuned to get more info regarding the cost.

Internal tooth bleaching cost

What is internal tooth bleaching?

Internal tooth bleaching is a minor surgical process, which removes the dark or yellowish stains from the tooth inside out. It is done in two simple steps and any patient must go through these two steps for an accurate result.

  • Adding bleach or whitening agent in the root canal.
  • Remove bleach and place a filling there.

Both these process falls in the category of surgery, but only minor. In the first step, the dentist uses an X-ray of your teeth. If there is already a root canal, adding a whitening agent or bleach becomes much more convenient.

On the contrary, it’s also the trickier part if there isn’t any root canal. By adding the bleach, the first session of the surgical process comes to an end.

In the second session, the dentist removes the bleach carefully. After that, he fills the canal with filling to bring an end to the entire surgical process.

However, you need to know that not every time is done in the second session. You may also need a third session if the filling process had some issues.

Internal tooth bleaching cost chart

The average cost for internal tooth bleaching

On average, the cost for internal tooth bleaching ranges from $170 to $260 per tooth. The cost mainly varies depending on the number of teeth the patient wishes to apply the whitening method.

However, it's not every time number only that matters; rather the dentist you are consulting with or the location you are living in does put a greater impact on the entire cost.

Meanwhile, the number of sessions you need to finish up this minor surgical process is another key factor that decides the amount of money you need to spend.

How much does it cost for internal tooth bleaching?

The overall cost for internal tooth bleaching can be as low as $170 and as high as $600 per tooth.

But you need to know that the cost differs on quite a number of things. The following section has a detailed discussion on it.

The cost includes the X-ray, dentists' fees, cost of the materials, additional charges, the number of sessions, etc. things. However, dentists always suggest going for the external whitening process first of all.

If the patient doesn't find any satisfactory result from it, then he can make up his mind to get ready for the internal bleaching process.

Factors that impact the cost of internal tooth bleaching

Before you make your mind to get going with this minor surgery inside your teeth, you should know the overall costs. The cost depends on several things as you have already known.

Here are the things that impact the cost of internal tooth bleaching, which can either decrease or increase your overall expenditure on this.

  • The number of teeth for internal bleaching.
  • The location you live in.
  • Fees of the dentist.
  • Sessions required getting the job done.
  • Material cost for the process.

The first and most important decision to take is how many teeth you want internal bleaching? The cost we have discussed is per tooth and it goes double, triple, or quadruple with the increment of the numbers.

Then, you may be charged more or less depending on the location you live in, which is also related to the dentist's charge. Obviously, living in a remote area may cost you more than a city area.

Typically, patients need two sessions to get it done. However, if the session is unsuccessful, or you can’t get the intended result, a third session is required. That is when you need to pay a bit extra dollars.

The materials cost is another key factor that makes it an expensive process. The whitening agents used in internal bleaching are entirely different from those used for the external process.

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Is internal bleaching covered by insurance?

In most cases, internal bleaching isn't covered by insurance. It's an elective surgical process, which is completely different from the external teeth whitening process.

Insurance typically covers the external ones but doesn't the internal bleaching. However, some insurance may still cover the accessories required for the entire process.

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How long does internal tooth bleaching last?

Internal tooth bleaching can last for a lifetime depending on a few things. If you had a root canal before getting into the bleaching process, it may turn out to be a permanent process for the lifetime.

At the same time, you need to know about an issue even after the treatment. You can only get rid of the discoloration that happened internally. However, if you are a smoker or used to drinking, you can still have stains on your teeth.

When do I need internal tooth bleaching?

The most appropriate time to go for internal tooth bleaching is when you don't get the intended result from the use of an external whitening agent.

Whenever you have yellow or black stains on the teeth, try external whitening agents like toothpaste, and mouthwash. If these agents fail to get your teeth whitened, you can move on to a minor surgical process.

Although, you may have to feel a bit of pain while the surgery, it may not hurt that much. Two steps with the bleaching process can whiten the teeth from the inside out.

Cost analysis?

You know where you live and how easy it is to consult a doctor. However, you don't know how much the dentist will charge you for the surgery inside your teeth.

Again, you must decide the number of teeth to get whitened with this surgical process. All in all, it's neither a cost-effective process nor a costlier process.

However, by going through the surgical process in the right manner, you can get the intended result that was missing from the external whitening agents.

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