How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy lube?

People choose them because of having cheap prices rather than other institutions of the oil change. Additionally, their service is also satisfactory to the vehicle owners.

The average cost of oil change at Jiffy lube ranges from $20 to $80. 

In general, people apply two types of engine oil in their car for instance conventional and synthetic. The price of servicing at this point also varies due to different types. Furthermore, there are other factors which also influence the total cost like; labor cost, vehicle types, and additional charges. In terms of calculating the whole cost one need to consider the price of engine oil and filter.

Individuals will know detailed information about all cost factors of an oil change on this as well as other servicing charges. Definitely, this will assist to make comparisons and choose a proper destination.

jiffy lube oil change cost

Jiffy lube oil change price by types

The authority of them set the price ranges according to two different categories. That happens on account of having many types and categories in cars. Generally, old model vehicles engine need to use conventional oil, whereas full synthetic oil is used for the modern ones.

People need to spend around $20 to $55 to change conventional oil. On the other hand, the cost will be around $35 to $75 for synthetic and other type's engine oil. However, the frequency of changing normal oil is far higher if we compare it to other types. The low labor and maintenance cost of this is not the effective end of the day.

Moreover, people also have limitations when choosing the type of oil and it will be not possible to use the premium one in old model vehicles. The actual cost of changing oil is influenced by other factors too such as; location, engine type and so on.

Jiffy lube oil change

Cost of jiffy lube oil price services

 This venture offers many options to their customers to attract more customers from the market. They always try to set a competitive price range to fight with the existing competitors. Moreover, most of the individuals considered it is one of the most effective options.

Basically, they are providing three types of service to their customers and all of them are very much popular with the people. In the next table, we mention the price of them.

Name of the service

Price range

Signature service

$40 to $45

High mileage engine

$50 to $70

Full synthetic

$75 to $90

Full Synthetic with hyper cleansing

$90 to $100

These are the common regular cost ranges which are applicable for all the branches of Jiffy lube. However, the above prices will be lower for each service if people apply coupons or discount vouchers. Nevertheless, the value of coupons of them can mitigate the original price by $10 to $30. People need to pay a regular few very few times due to the availability of coupons.

Jiffy lube oil change image

Cost of other services at Jiffy lube

This garage started its business with great ambition. At present, they can take part in all the major services of the vehicle which are related to the engine and other parts. In general, the cost of servicing at this point is around $10 to $110. It actually varies due to the type of service.

In the next table, we are going to mention the price range of other services.

Service name

Price range

Replacement of air filter (Engine)

$10 to $20

Tire rotation

$25 to $30

Replacement of air filter (Cabin)

$40 to $50

Cleaning of fuel system

$50 to $70

Engine flush

$60 to $70

A/C repairing

$100 to $110

Apart from these options, the authority of the Jiffy oil also provides some other different services to the people at $60 to $70. Car owners will get many garages to repair any sort of problem near their house. Thus, knowing the price range of Jiffy lube will help them to make the comparison.

Oil change price at other shops

This will be very much helpful for an individual to know about the price range of other garages or shops. It is normal to have more than one shop to change the engine oil. In this circumstance, knowing the market price will bring great advantages to the people.

Basically, the price range of changing engine oil is around $20 to $100. Moreover, in the next table, we mention the average price for different stores.

Name of the stores

Cost range


$40 to $90


$35 to $90

Express oil change

$35 to $70

Pep Boys

$30 to $75


$25 to $70


$20 to $50

These are some common car servicing points which are widely available in the USA. The low end price of the Firestone, Valvoline and Express oil change is very higher than the Jiffy lube. On the other hand, the cost of Walmart is pretty much lower. Moreover, one must think about the quality of service rather than cost.

All the above mentioned shops are also providing other services in different price ranges. We only highlight the price range for an only oil change due to our main topic. People might be visiting their official sites for knowing the cost of other services.

Is it perfect to change the oil by oneself?

This will not be a great decision unless the person is a professional or have technical knowledge about the engine. To begin with, the task seems to be very easy but there have some mandatory steps to follow. In other words, one can change the engine oil of their car engine by them but it will take time.

First of all, the existing oil of the engine should be removed before applying a new one. In this process, people might learn about several processes to do things very quickly. Thus, an institution like Jiffy lube has a way to do this comprehensively. Secondly, one must be concerned about the mileage before changing the oil. Therefore, they can take help from professionals to save some money.

How to find the outlets of Jiffy lube?

The jiffy lube website of this is developed so comprehensively so that people can find their locations very easily. People also have the opportunity for searching their locations by zip code of their states or city. Moreover, they are planning to open their service point in all the major places of the USA.

Nevertheless, one can search their locations by their name on the Goggle map. It is a very simple process to find the nearest stores to change the engine oil as well as other parts of the vehicles.

Cost Analysis

The performance of a car mainly depends on the engine. There are several types of engines that are used. And all of them need oil for giving great mileage for the car. This is impossible to run a car without changing the oil.

In the article, we described the cost of changing engine oil for Jiffy lube elaborately which is around $20 to $80. We also narrate the price for other stores to allow the readers to compare the price as well.

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