How much does jublia cost?

This is an FDA approved drug for use in the toenails of the foot for eliminating the fungus. The price of jublia is around $125 to $140 for an 8ml bottle. As there have many sellers in the USA, they offer a discount on it. That is why the price is varied.

Moreover, the cost figure will change if people want to buy 2 bottles of it which price will be about $220 to $250. Actually, the price will be significantly less if people order it for 12 months. The company of this medicine said that individuals need to take it for 48 weeks and see the result in 52 weeks.

Otherwise, this will not give the ultimate solution to the users. Besides, people must abide by the suggestion of doctors before applying them. In this way, they will get the best result.

cost of Jublia

The average cost of Jublia

All the major distributor of this is sold with package. In general, the cost per bottle of 4 ml is about $800 to $810. There is the chance to get discounts on this piece. People can use the WebMDRx coupon for it.

After getting the discount from the normal price, people need to spend around $680 to $690. Therefore, one can collect this item from online platforms and retail stores. Moreover, the current demand and supply of the market also influence the average price.

Jublia cost per month

The one cost of this medicine depends on the situation of the patient. In general, per month cost is about $150 to $250. Basically, one drop is needed for curing small size toenails. And one has to apply it once a day.

If the size of the toenails is big, people must use two drops. Otherwise, this will not give the best results to the users. Similarly, for two toenails the cost of one month, as well as the whole year, will rise significantly. So the price completely depends on the condition of the patient.

Cost of Jublia for one year at different stores

In the USA there are many offline and online retail stores are available for selling Jublia. Most of the people of America want to buy this for one year. That is why the prices of different stores are so competitive.

In the following table, we narrate the prices of 4ml of 10%, 4 counts of Jublia

Name of the store

Price range

CVS Pharmacy

$765 to $770


$735 to $740


$780 to $785

Rite Aid Pharmacy

$850 to $855

Albertsons Pharmacy

$730 to $735

Apart from this pharmacy, there have many other stores which offer a high or low rate. All the above mentioned prices are not fixed.

Jublia price at SingleCare

This is very much famous all around the USA for buying this medicine. Moreover, they actually offer discounts on the actual price. Basically, their buying deals are very much lucrative to the users.

That is why all types of medicine stores of America align with them. Consequently, people get the best service at the lowest price. In the next table, we illustrate the price of this for SingleCare for different stores.

Name of the store

The price range of SingleCare

CVS Pharmacy

$670 to $675


$695 to $700


$685 to $690

Rite Aid Pharmacy

$685 to $690

Albertsons Pharmacy

$730 to $735

From the above table, it is evident that the cost ranges of them are lower than the normal ones. Moreover, this will be wise for the buyers to place their order through them. In this way, one can save a good amount of money.

Kerydin vs. jublia cost

Both the medicines are approved by the FDA. The major portion of the toenails affected people uses these two brands of products for getting a cure for fungus. The price of Kerydin is higher than Jublia, though the result is not better than it.

For buying one year supplement from Kerydin, people must spend around $10000. On the other hand, the price of Jublia is much lower. Moreover, the cure rate of it is also higher than Kerydin. However, the patient needs to use them for 48 weeks for getting the final results.

Otherwise, this will not possible to compare the ending results. Furthermore, individuals also have the option of visiting a specialist doctor for this problem. The total cost will be under $1000 and it can give more comfort to the persons.

Jublia cost in Canada

In Canada, Bausch Health produces this product. Generally, they are selling one unit 10% 8 ml Jublia at $135 to $140. The price will be higher for buying multiple bottles of medicine. However, the best deal will be to purchase it for one year. That will reduce the amount substantially.

Therefore, the people of Canada can export this product very easily from the USA by adding the shipping cost with it. Furthermore, they will get a discount on their deals as well. Additionally, the transportation cost is also less.

Cost of jublia with insurance

Basically, this is an approved drug for people who have problems with their toenails. That is why an individual will not get any types of benefits because of having health insurance. The price of it will not change.

However, for reducing the cost of this, people can apply various kinds of coupons which are always available in the online pharmacy deals. Moreover, one can collect from the wholesalers for buying at the lowest price.

The side effect of Jublia

Every medicine in the world has side effects. Users may feel pain in their toenails and other parts of the body. In addition to that, the toenail may grow more. But there is no reason to worry if people contact immediately with the doctors.

Most importantly, one should not apply this to a child whose year is below six. In this circumstance, parents must take proper suggestions from the doctors.

Cost Analysis

This medicine for toenails fungus has become very popular in the USA and other countries. The price of buying this medicine for one year is about $700 to $800. The course of this medicine is about 48 weeks.

Therefore, people can collect this medicine at a low cost if they get any coupons or discounts from the stores. Furthermore, one can buy a single unit of this and the price will be around $125 to $140 for 8 ml.

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