kicks under cost review

This is an excellent platform for buying boots, sneakers, and other conveyance footwear at a lower cost. Usually, the discount rate of kicks under cost varies from 20% to 40%. Even the price of kicks will also be lower if customers have a promo code.

In fact, people of America are fond of checking the prices by visiting their website. Approximately 500 to 600 persons are visiting their website per day. There are other similar selling sites and outlets available also. Apparently, individuals prefer kicks under cost rather than other companies because of their fame, honesty, and quality.

Kicks under cost review

Cost of kicks under

In general, they sell three renowned brands of products such as; Nike, Adidas, and Jordan. People can find original clothes like hoodies in addition to several kinds of boots. As we all are concern about the products prices of mentioned brands.   

People used to choose them for making their deals profitable. They always tend to provide the best brands product by giving discounts. In a border context, individuals will get the famous brands commodity with handsome discounts. Sometimes customers get free shipping on their products.

Is kicks under cost legit?

90 out of 100 American people trust them and their website. Yes, there are some doubt remains in their products because USA people are very loyal to the brands. Though their rank in Alexa is low, buyers trust their words and discount.

Despite not having the brand tag on their business, kicks under cost sell a good amount of products through their website. Individuals also provide good reviews afterwards wearing their sneakers and shoes. This is normal to take an adequate amount of time for developing a buying site and they are successful on it.

Kicks under cost Adidas

Adidas is one of the renowned brands in the world. Generally, the prices of Adidas products range from $23 to $10815 according to their official website. Sometimes peoples also get the official discount from their authorized store and outlets. However, kicks under cost offer the same products by offering 20% to 40% discount.

Some of the sneakers are also sold with a $60 to $160 discount on their website. But the major barrier is all the items of shoes and boots are not available. This is hard to deduct the price of the latest design product.

Price comparisons of Adidas original price

As the kicks under cost only mention the discount rate and deduct the price of products. So it is quite difficult to know the actual price of their product. It will very good for the people if they know the price after getting discount as well as the cost of the original price of the same product.

For that reason, in the following table, we compare the original price with the discount price of them. Remember, some of the items are offered with free shipping, and some are not. In that case, the discount policy will change.  

Product name.

Adidas original price

Discount price offered by kicks under cost

Adidas Dame 7 "Fire Inside



Adidas Solarthon Golf Shoes


Free shipping

The Adidas Ultra Boost DNA "Multi"


$150+ Free shipping

The Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 DNA


$133+ Free shipping

The Adidas Originals NMD R1.V2



In the above table, we illustrate some of the famous products of Adidas. Apart from these, kicks under cost offer a lot of variety of product through their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and so on. Though they are not offering all the items of Adidas shoes and sneakers, people love to wear their collection.

At present they are looking forward to adding the latest models of these renowned brands so that more buyers can engage with them. There also have some other competitor brands that exist, like kicks under cost named "Deal under cost". They also try to offer the latest quality design with an attractive discount rate. People can check out them to for comparing the price and quality.

Kicks under cost Nike

Nike is also one the greatest sportswear manufacturing company in the world. At present their variety of products is huge. The average price of Nike shoes is $80 to $90. The kicks under cost try to offer some of the specific items of Nike at 25% to 35%.

They spend lots of money on their research and development for making it a leading boots manufacturing company in the world. Individuals also love the design of their products, and some of them are very famous among athletes and people.

Price comparisons of Nike original price

For comparing the genuine price of Nike with the cost of kicks less than one can notice the following chart. We collect the sneakers and shoe prices from the official website of Nike. In addition to that, we also try to narrate the specific prices of them.

Product name.

Nike original price

Discount price offered by kicks under cost

Nike Cosmic Unity Basketball Shoes



Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2


$188+Free shipping

 The Undercover X Nike Air Max 720 ‘Black'!



Nike City Rep TR "Midnight Navy"


$59+ Free shipping

There also have many products are available on their website. People can get a discount from them too and the price is a little bit lower than the original price.

Apart from Nike and Adidas, a kick under cost also buys the sneakers of Jordan. People also buy Jordan sneakers. The average discount percentage also ranges from 20 to 30 for Jordan sneakers products.

Kicks under cost Canada

As the origin and base of the company is in the USA. But Canadian people are also interested to wear their footwear products. Residents of Canada are more likely to buy famous and renowned brand products.

The cost will be the same but the shipping cost will add additionally with the product price. However, there are some items on the website that also offers free shipping with a discount. This policy is not only applicable to Canada but also to the rest of the world.

Kicks under cost authenticity

The public has a mixed review of their products. Indeed, all the people of the USA don't like to buy their products. In general, individuals are not considering the price if they wanted to buy high pricey sneakers and shoes.

On the contrary, they are also running their business because of having some loyal customers. Some of them also provide good reviews about their items. Most importantly, in some regular products, they offer a good amount of discount. These are the reasons for choosing their buying site rather than original brands.

Cost Analysis

Though the prices of general sneakers are not expensive, individuals love to buy them at a discount price. Sometimes they get a discount on the latest model items. The discount rate of Kicks under cost varies from 20% to 40% for Nike, Jordan, and Adidas products.

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