Large Greenhouse Tent Price to Efficient Cultivation

Cultivating becomes a nightmare when the weather is playing at its will. Territories with such weather conditions require a greenhouse to grow foods, herbs, and plants. A large greenhouse tent typically costs $150 on average and does not exceed $200 for most.

The cost of a greenhouse tent varies in some facets. Regarding the size and the material used on a tent, they can price up to $1,000 or more. And also can be found as low as $200 or often less.

Additional attachment and extending size also affect the price of a greenhouse tent. So, how efficient is a larger greenhouse tent?

Greenhouse Tent Price

Standard Price for Greenhouse Tent

The average price for a tent is dependent on the size, frame, and cover material of the tent. We have picked up the average price tag making a sum up with the most average tents sold in any online shop.

Tent size


10’ × 10’


20’ × 10’


10’ × 7’


71” × 36”


56” × 56”


28” × 20” × 65”


Greenhouse Tents are found in many sizes. They are accessible from tiny plantations to larger-scale cultivation. Respectively they offer a variety in the price.

The smaller tents are considerably cheaper, and they can fit in a smaller space. With extra selves, they offer you to put more plants and flowering trees. Tiny tents are found between $40 to $60.

The average cost of large Greenhouse tents is around $150 to $270.

With similar dimensions and configurations, they can be found in extended price points due to their types of material and tent quality. Better quality large tents are found at $400 price point and more.

An advanced and most efficient, and strong tent may cost you more than a thousand bucks. They are found in online shops for around $1,300-$1,600.

Advantages of Large Greenhouse Tents

Leaping with the larger tents is always crucial and beneficial for commercial cultivation. Larger tents offer more space with comparatively less cost. A large greenhouse tent probes to be advantageous in many ways. Like,

  • Expands varieties in your production
  • Maximize the cultivating season
  • Utilizes efforts with more spacious indoor
  • Minimize external threats to crops

The larger the tent is the more the profit. Cultivating twice the crop you would do with a tiny one in a similar effort is always a smile of happiness.

greenhouse tent image

Large Greenhouse Tents Price

Large greenhouse tents are found in a variety of price tags. Here, we include the price of some customer average rated items. There are the least expensive tents also available at $70 and around. On the other hand, a large tent also can cost you a maximum price of $1,345.



Eagle Peak 10’×10’


Eagle Peak 8’×6’


King Bird 10’×6.6’×6.6’


Ohuhu 20’×10’×6.6’


Quictent 20’×10’×7’


Outsunny 20’×10’×9’


MELLCOM 26’×10’×6.6’


Several manufacturers are offering larger greenhouse tents at different prices. Some site developing companies also offer greenhouse tents in larger aspects for commercial cultivation.

Greenhouse Tents Rental Price

Greenhouse tents are offering more than just cultivation. Occasions and parties are being held in those large greenhouse tents. They offer a close to nature admiring feel.

Larger tents can be found for rent for both cultivation and program hosting. Rental cost also varies depending on the size and the operation of the tent.

Regarding the capacity, a larger tent can cost you around $1,200 or so for an occasional environment. Again in cultivating purpose the cost can rise to $2,000 or more considering the size and the time of rent. 

DIY Greenhouse Tent Cost

Yes, it is possible to build a greenhouse tent for your purpose. DIY will help you to build the tent as you desire. The sturdiness and longevity are ensured with better quality equipment. But, they cost you not as less as the ones found at online shops.

Here we are mentioning some of the parts including their price. Hence, you will get the idea of spending on the DIY project for your Greenhouse tent.


Greenhouse Tent Frames

To build a greenhouse cost in the DIY process, you will need the frame to build the infrastructure first. This is important to purchase good quality frames to ensure a larger lifespan of the tent.

The average price of frames for a large tent is around $150. Frames are the costly part of the tent. A 20’×10’ tent frame would cost you approximately $200 or more.  

We are including some well-rated greenhouse tent frames (with price) that you buy.



Camel Greenhouse Replacement Frame for 20' X 10' X 7'


BenefitUSA Green House Replacement Spare Parts for 12'X7'X7'


BenefitUSA Multiple Size Greenhouse Frame (20'x10'x7')



The second most necessary element is the covers. They wrap up the whole frame and build the tent as per the shape of the frames.

Covers also come in a variety of quality and fabric types. They will cost you around $120 for the larger tents and below $60 for the smaller ones. Though, they greatly vary on the brand and the type of the material.

We are including some covers that are for both the construction and the replacement of a tent.



BenefitUSA Green House Replacement Spare Parts for 20'X10'X7' (Cover)


Strong Camel Greenhouse Replacement Cover 20'X10'X7'


Outsunny 10' x 7' x 7' PE Hot House Cover


Greenhouse VS Grow House

Both of them are the second alternative to the open ground to cultivate or garden. Greenhouse and Grow .pdf House are similar in terms of favor. They do the job of growing plants and vegetables in areas with the extreme weather condition.

Though they are mannered with the same objective yet they have some dissimilarities from each other. The noticeable differences are given below to clear the confusion.


Grow House

Capture heat and light to deliver to the plant

Temperature and light can be efficiently maintained

Protect the plant against some inclement weather conditions

Protects from weather any hazards

Requires open space

Easy to set up inside the house

Materials are durable and expensive

Thin and lighter material with less price point

Cost Scanning

Large Greenhouse Tents are significantly cost-effective. With an average price range of $200, they offer some good pieces of materials. Increasing the price further to $400 or more you will be getting some well-branded Greenhouse tents around.

Now, the question is, are they value for money?

Well, the average price satisfies the cost when getting the right piece of material. Again, if you are to cut the cost, DIY is not going to save money instead ensure a durable tent. Costing more than $200 is likely spending a lot for the project. Thus, spending a little more and taking the action to buy a well-rated Tent is always recommended for basic plantation.  

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