How much does a lumispa cost?

Facial massage has become popular with time. This keeps our facial skin and tissues from damage and dullness. These days, devices like Nu LumiSpa have made life easier and save time, offering a better service at home. “The convenience immediate result of ageLOC LumiSpa make it ideal for today’s busy consumer,” said the CEO.

So, how much for a LumiSpa?

lumispa costs $199 in shops without shipping costs. Some online shops are offering a lesser price point as a discount with a combo pack. Nu LumiSpa has been one simple solution for a short time skincare and cleansing purpose.

To know more about LumiSpa and the cost-related information, keep reading our content heartedly.

Cost of a LumiSpa

LumiSpa Cost

 The device itself is $199 worth without any products. Online shops like amazon, e-bay, etc., offer the device with a combo package of one or two products at a discount price. This way, the OEM products are ensured by the seller, and you don't need to crave the ingenuity of the products.

Offering two modes of cleansing this handheld device ensures complete smoothening cleaning of your face. It is a dermatologist-tested product that doesn’t harm your skin when used in the right manner.

These days when people are running short of time can barely do the cleansing and treatment both for themselves. This product is a perfect alternative and the savior of both time and cost. 

Since the device is powered with rechargeable battery cells, all you need is to charge the batteries of the device and run it smoothly. A multifunctional device like LumiSpa is people’s first choice of the day.

Cost LumiSpa

Benefits of LumiSpa

In these fast-growing modern days, a device like LumiSpa is is a reason to smile for busy people. The device ensures both treatment and cleansing with the dual-action method. Benefits are seen through a brighter smile and confidence of the user. Some advantages are mentioned below.

  • Softens the skin and purifies with the first use
  • Reduces pore appearance
  • Increases smoothness
  • Gives you a refreshed skin
  • Gives confidence with a clean and brighter fresh facial skin

Moreover, it keeps the skin from irritation with compatible natural ingredients blending and suitable cleansers. It saves time and gives you the freedom to do the treatment of your skin anywhere, anytime. ageLOC LumiSpa simultaneously delivers a skin-perfecting treatment and cleansing.

What’s inside the box?

The device box comes with the necessary items it takes for the first time. The product is boxed with elementary items inside. Opening the box some extra items are found with the machine. The starter kit provides you,

  • The device
  • Treatment head
  • Treatment cleanser
  • Charging base
  • Power cord
  • Quickstart menu and
  • A guideline book

The cleansers are good to be there and an additional treatment head is provided in the same amount. You can always buy additional cleansers and products for your skin treatment.

Necessary Products with LumiSpa

The device itself requires additional products, such as cleanser, facial scrub, skin tone enhancer, and other creams and solutions that complete the facial spa. These items are found in the market individually. Thus, you can purchase them according to your requirements.

ageLOC LumiSpa treatment cleansers enhance the effectiveness of the device with precise cleansing and cushioning. Smooth interaction with the skin makes the job flawless.

Cleansers are available for all types of skins. Dry, oily, acne-prone, or sensitive, the cleansers contain a suitable blend for each. 

Nu ageLOC LumiSpa treatment cleansers are available on Amazon and other online shops starting at $46. Other items like skin enhancers, skin facial scrub, etc are priced somewhere between $20 to $50 on top.  

How to use it?

LumiSpa is very easy to use. The device comes with a battery-powered mechanism. And the size and shape of the device are made so comfortable with the hand that people get used to it after a while.

The procedure of how to use this simplistic machine is directed one by one beneath.

  • First, wet your face with water for some time
  • Then apply the cleansers on the skin thoroughly
  • Turning on the power, glide the device in broad, liner strokes
  • Spend 30 seconds on each region of your face
  • Spread the cleanser through the silicon head
  • Finally, wash your face with clean water

Dry your face with a clean, cotton towel. Remember, don’t scrub or rub your face too harshly. The smooth silicone head will decrease the dirt and pollutants gradually.  

User Reviews

Nu Skin’s ageLOC LumiSpa has a great number of positive reviews from users. Users have been praising the item since their first use. The 1 step+2 minutes= 7 benefits method cleansing device now getting popular across the oceans.

The gentle silicone head cleans the skin and gives a thorough massage to regain radiance and confidence with a fresher look. No complaint was informed with skin burn or any other issues.

Users are very happy to purchase a multifunctional machine like this that does the job of cleansing and treatment both at a time. And the simple and convenient user interface earned the trust of many.


  •   Is it suitable for my dry skin?

Ans. The cleansers are blended by the manufacturer supporting all types of skins. And the silicon cleaning surface does a nice, smooth job without rushing onto your skin.

  • How does it work?

Ans. The device is pretty simplistic and powered by battery cells. Once the cleaning head is mounted, press the power button. The device will start at once. Slowly and gently move it on your skin. Wash your skin with clean water.  

  • Can I use a regular cleanser with this machine?

Ans. Any branded cleanser would do it perfectly. But, it is always wise to choose your cleanser from your dermatologist.

  • How well does it treat skin?

Ans. The gentle silicon rubber head scrubs the skin smoothly. It does not pressurize you’re your skin harshly until you do so.


 A $200 device is all that you need to do the facial treatment and cleansing both by yourself. It saves your time along with your pocket. A multifunctional device like LumiSpa by Nu is a reliant option for people.

Spending $200 once will save all your sessions with your facial messages. Now you can take care of your face by yourself and grow confident within yourself.

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