Marriage license California cost guide

The license or document of two married people is so important. People of California need to spend around $30 to $110. That ensures the legality of marriage. The total cost can be influenced by some additional factors such as; place and types of marriage.

Most importantly people must abide by the laws of California State. Otherwise, this will be difficult to apply for a certificate. Individuals need to request the marriage bureau to get a license. Without this, the authority will not allow the license.

Not only had California charged the price for giving marriage licenses, but also the other state of the USA also set their cost.

Marriage license California cost

Cost of marriage license in California

The average license cost of public marriage in California is about $70. The actual cost of the permission copy of marriage varies from country to country. Additionally, there are some weeding centers which offer this certificate within a short period.

 Usually, they charge more than the regular price while they are finishing their paperwork too fast. This permission is also important for the ceremony. In California, there is a mandatory rule for organizing the marriage ceremony within 90 days after the certificate is issued.

Types of marriage license

Two major categories of marriage commonly take place in California. People all over the USA are equally emphasis on both types. The costs also vary slightly. Besides, people choose a different form of marriage license due to having some valid reasons.

Cost of Public marriage license

This category is the most favorites for the individuals of USA. The California wedding institutions charge around $70 to $75 for issuing the certificate publically. There have some basic requirements for getting the certificate of marriage under the public segment.

Witness, this is one of the most important factors for getting authorization from the authority. The law says people must have one person present in the ceremony. The maximum number is two. There also don't have any kind of age restriction for witnesses while contributing to the marriage.

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Cost of Private marriage license

Only the bride and groom are enough to get the license from the authority. They don't need any witnesses for issuing the marriage certificate to their clients. The average cost of a private license is about $90. However, there are some other restrictions on it. The couple must live together, and they have the intention to live with each other.

Furthermore, individuals who consider their privacy at the highest level follow this path. This also helps them to surprise their family. Their authorization is valid and it become popular among the public of California as well as the USA.

Cost comparison of marriage license

The total cost of the marriage certificate is not the same in the entire USA. The piece varies due to different locations, cultures and other phenomena. People hardly consider the cost of the marriage certificate.

However, the following bar chart information will aid people to know about this completely.

The costs of the above marriage license are on taking average basis. From the above bar chart, it is evident that the least cost and the highest cost of marriage certificate belongs to Colorado and Arizona respectively. 

Besides these states, there are other parts of the USA that has a license fee for marriage.

Cost comparison of marriage license california chart

Why need a marriage license?

Marriage is the backbone of our relationship. Without marrying each other, it is hard to spend a long period. So marriage carries great importance in people’s life. There are some key reasons for collecting the marriage certificate.

First of all, it is crucial for organizing a marriage ceremony. The wedding planners or organization will not give any sort of opportunity to the people who don't collect the certificate. In addition, the ceremony of marriage must be held within 90 days. Otherwise, the document will lose validity.

Secondly, people are fond of keeping their special moments in their home or office. After applying for the marriage license, one can also request for having the certificate. In this way, one can recall their memory easily.

The requirements for applying for a marriage license

The laws of applying certificates are almost the same all over the USA by and large. Moreover, there are some basic rules for this particular certificate. The authority of California checks the information of married couples so cautiously while issuing the certificate.

In the above points, we briefly discuss the general requirements of a marriage license.

  • The bride and groom must be attended in person in the marriage bureau.
  • They must have a valid id, passport, and resident card of America.
  • Their age must be 18 or above 18.
  • The blood taste result is also needed.
  • Both the person must be unmarried.
  • They should inform the organization about their registration earlier.

Above these subjects, sometimes some of the marriage register centers want a reference from a familiar person. The process is so easy if no one gives false information. Now the people are more concerned about their relationship, and the amount of providing false information have been decreasing day by day.

The cost of witness

This is not possible to bring the witness in the meantime of marriage every time. As a result, the organizations who are working for issuing certificates offer one witness at about $18. As the requirements of witnesses are not strict and it is easy to maintain. Furthermore, under a private marriage license, no witness is necessary.

The best thing will be to bring the witness from the family of bride and groom. That will increase the satisfaction by many times if the relatives are engaged with this process.

Cost Analysis

People will get all the necessary information which is about the marriage license cost in California. Moreover, we also mention other relevant costs of marriage certificates. Furthermore, individuals will also get other state marriage license costs.

By and large, the cost of marriage is not expensive. And this is so much necessary before the marriage ceremony. Otherwise, this will bring additional hassle to the people.

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