How much does OrangeTheory cost: Can the orange zone really help you burn the calories?

Burning calories isn’t an easy task anytime, but OrangeTheory shows you the right path to get rid of the fat. With monthly four to unlimited classes, you can notice the afterburn effect by spending from $70 to $170.

The cost depends on the type of membership you are signing up for. But the good thing is, you don't have to pay anything extra as the sign-up fee or even the cancellation fee.

However, to get going with the gym classes rightfully, a heart monitor is required that doesn’t cost more than $100. We’ll break into everything about it in the article.

From now on, you can monitor your heart rate live while working out in the gym by paying as low as $70 for the basic OTF plan. But don’t shy to upgrade the plan for unlimited sessions throughout the month for $160 with family add-ons.

Orangetheory cost

What is Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is a workout session that uses the afterburn effect to remove the extra calories through exercise. What you need to know is that the session doesn't include classes for bodybuilding.

It is a heavy-weight workout session to get rid of the calories. The target here is to remain in the orange zone of heart rate condition for 12 to 15 minutes per session or class.

You have got a heart monitor attached to your body while doing the exercises. It shows the data regarding the heart condition, and you can define in which zone it is in right now.

You can either sign up for a specific number of classes or unlimited classes per month. Both these membership charges are different. But the more classes your sign up for, the less each class will cost you.

However, it's a different weight-loss method from the medi weight loss program that charges $300 per consultation.

The journey started with Ellen Latham

Ellen Latham, David Long, and Jerome Kern converted the theory of workout with five heart rate monitor zones into OrangeTheory fitness studio in 2010.

The idea basically came from Ellen Latham after becoming jobless. The franchise has its fitness centers in nearly 1,300 locations across the world.

The company headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida in the USA. However, their first fitness center was in Fart Lauderdale, Florida in the USA.

Except for the USA, it’s available in more than 20 countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, China, India, etc.

Orangetheory cost

 OrangeTheory cost per month

Orangetheory costs $130 to $280 per month, but there’s something more you need to know. The cost depends on the type of membership you sign up for. The following section tells you more about the membership cost.

However, the cost also includes the initiation or sign-up cost, cancellation cost, heart monitor cost, cost per session, etc. Check out the following chart before moving further.



Sign up



Free to $15 (If late)

Per session

$18 to $30

Heart rate monitor

$70 to $100

Monthly memberships

$70 to $180

Yearly packages

$200 to $500

You may also like to try out Noom for $59 per month as a weight loss or diet program.

Sign up and cancellation cost:

The good thing is that Orangetheory doesn’t charge anything extra for the sign-up or cancellation. Meanwhile, you may sometimes need to pay up to $15 for a late cancellation fee on the premier membership package.

Session cost:

Before you decide whether to sign up for the gym sessions or not, you have got two free sessions at first. Then, it will cost you from $10 to $40 per session depending on the area.

However, the average cost for each session isn’t more than $30.

Class packages cost:

If you are not interested in signing for a monthly membership, you can get going with a specific number of class packages. The packages include 10 classes, 20 classes, and 30 classes.

10 classes package will charge you $200 per year. However, 20 classes package will charge you $360 per year. And the most expensive one that includes 30 classes charges you up to $500 per year.

average cost of Orangetheory fitness chart

Orangetheory fitness membership cost

You will get three different memberships in Orangetheory gym that costs from $60 to $180. These three memberships are –

  • Orange basic
  • Orange elite
  • Orange premier

Membership types

Monthly cost

Cost per class

Orange basic

$70 to $80

$15 to $20

Orange elite

$100 to $120

$12.5 to $15

Orange premier

$160 to $180

$8 to $9

Orange basic:

This first one is the basic membership, which costs you from $70 to $80 per month. The basic service includes four classes per month and each class is worth $15 to $20.

Typically, people tend to go for one class per week when they are using the basic membership.

Orange elite:

The second one is the elite memberships that offer up to eight classes per month. The monthly fee can be double sometimes than the basic one as the cost ranges from $100 to $120.

In most states, the cost isn't more than $100, and the per-class costs you no more than $12.5. The cost per class noticeably comes down with the package. Therefore, it’s the most time chosen package by the users.

Orange premier:

Orange premier is the most expensive monthly membership package that offers you, unlimited classes. The cost of the premier service can cost you anywhere from $160 to $180.

Unlimited classes mean you can participate in the classes anytime in the month. Typically, a healthy person goes to the classes not more than five days per week.

Therefore, the cost per class in this package comes down to $8 to $9. The more classes you are attending, the less it will cost per class.

Add members, get discounts

If you have taken either Elite or Premier membership, then you can enjoy discounts in two ways.

  • Add any family member to the membership program.
  • Join the membership program as a group of 10 or more people.

In the first option, the added member will get a discount of $10 on the monthly fee.

In the second option, each member of the joined group will get up to a $10 discount.

$200 for a 10-session package

If you are not interested to sign up for any monthly membership program, go for any of these three packages below.

10-session package


20-session package


30-session package


Individual session


However, if you need any extra sessions after the 4 sessions and 8 sessions respectively in the basic and elite membership, you have to pay $18 per session.

Workout equipment to monitor the heart rate

It's not that you have signed up for any membership, and you are ready to go. Three types of equipment will help you get the best out of the workouts.

OT beat core

$75 to $90

OT beat burn

$105 to $120

OT beat link

$125 to $140

OT Beat Core is a kind of chest strap that works as a chest-worn heart rate monitor.

OT Beat Burn is a kind of watch that is worn on the wrist to monitor the heart rate. But the advanced design lets you wear it on the forearm and biceps as well.

OT Beat Link is only helpful when you have an Apple watch as it connects to the apple watch to share the heart rate data on the screen.

However, the cost given for these three products is subject to change depending on what quality you are going for.

Stay in the orange zone for 15 minutes

You know OrangeTheory is well known for the heart rate zones, where five different zones are available.

Heart rate zone


Gray zone

50 – 60 %

Blue zone

61 – 70 %

Green zone

71 – 83 %

Orange zone

84 – 91 %

Red zone

92 – 100 %

After you have signed up for the workout sessions, and start working out, you’ll have to wear a heart rate monitor from the OrangeTheory.

Each participant in the workout session will see their name on the monitor. And the objective is to remain in the orange zone for 12 to 15 minutes.

Completing the objective means the participant will continue getting rid of the extra calories for up to 24 hours.

Gray Zone is a light activity zone, where you have the least workouts to do. It's good to maintain your health, but the motif for workout will remain unachieved.

Blue Zone is the preparation period to release calories in the upcoming minutes. As a part of the warm-up session, participants basically do jogging, pedaling, rowing, faster walking, etc.

Green Zone is for burning fat and carbohydrate from the body more quickly. Here, you have to pace up the exercise, and the goal is to remain in the zone for 25 to 35 minutes.

Orange Zone is the most crucial part of the entire exercise as it lets you burn more and more calories even in an uncomfortable way.

The Green zone was achieved by base pace, whereas the orange zone is achieved by push pace.

Red Zone is when you are completely out of gas. It's never mandatory to reach the zone because the suggested time to stay in this zone is no more than 60 seconds.

Cancel the membership anytime as it is free of cost

You can anytime cancel the OrangeTheory membership program by contacting your fitness center. Here, your fitness center means that one where you had applied for the membership.

The good thing is that the cancelation doesn’t charge you anything as it’s free of cost. However, you should let the authority of the studio know about your cancellation 30 days earlier before the renewal.

The two most popular ways are there to cancel the membership.

Go in person and cancel the membership 

  • Go to the center where you have a membership.
  • Ask them to give a membership cancellation form.
  • Fill up the form with correct information.
  • Give your sign before submitting it.
  • Keep one copy of the form.

Contact through verified email and cancel the membership

  • Get the verified email address of the center.
  • Fill up the form with certain information including your name, email, membership ID number, phone number, last four digits of your credit card, etc.
  • Send it to the verified email address after signing your name.

However, there's another unpopular way to cancel the membership through a phone call. You can contact the fitness studio helpline and tell them about the reason behind the cancelation.

Is it worth the money?

The answer actually depends on the user’s motive. To be more specific, what kind of result the user wants from the regular gym session and what kind of change he wants to see in the body.

If someone is looking for a bodybuilding effect on his body, it's never an ideal type of gym for him. Orangetheory is only a hard workout session that extends the after gym effects.

Moreover, if you are looking to reduce or burn the extra fat through continuous exercise, it’s a handy option to go for.

  • You can go for any membership program after signing up.
  • Trainers are helpful and tell exactly what to do.
  • Distribution of the one working hour is superb.
  • The environment and surroundings are supportive.
  • Easy to cancel the membership.
  • Discount opportunities for elite and premier members.
  • Availability changing room and locker.
What makes it bad?
  • One of the expensive alternatives to regular gyms.
  • Have to inform about the absence in the next session before eight hours from the starting.

Supportive trainers with colorful lighting and cool music

Talking about the environment of the OTF, we’ve two perspectives.

  • From the members' perspective
  • From the workers' perspective.

According to most of the members, the working environment is pretty good. However, different OTF has different setting and environment according to the location.

What’s good in there is –

  • The colorful lighting with cool music
  • Helpful and energetic trainers
  • Locker to keep your belongings
  • Shower and changing room.

However, some members have complained about the high volume of music who basically prefer to stay and workout in a calm environment.

On the other hand, the workers have mixed opinions regarding the OTF environment.

What amazes the workers are –

  • The bonding between members, trainers, workers, and authority creates a family-like environment.
  • It's a good option for college-going students to have flexible working hours.

But there's something disliked by most –

  • Regular meetings that even occur during the off days.
  • The least number of programs arranged.
  • Not every OTF will offer the same environment.

What do you think can come as an alternative?

Go for a regular gym without any second thought if money appears to be the main obstacle for OTF sessions.

From our research, it's proved that you can save half or one-third of the money by choosing a regular gym over OTF elite and premier plans.

However, the environment is something that you may have to consider in that case.

But getting a well-trained trainer in the gym can make your journey and burn the calories much more convenient.

Reviews of the OTF members

The specific four and eight classes' memberships can cost you $70 and $110 respectively. So, what the members think about the cost and facilities provided by OrangeTheory? 

  • One member said that "I have utilized my time, and I think it's worth the money."
  • Other said, “You can get the best result out of it by properly working the entire one hour.”
  • About the trainers, the members said, “Oh! They are super supportive.”
  • However, there’s a negative opinion as well as one of the members said, “It’s often tough to estimate the time before cancelation, whereas they issued an eight-hour cancellation policy."
  • According to one couple, “They have sucked more than $300 in one month! It could have been a bit cheaper.”

Although the reactions regarding the services are mixed, the maximum remains on the positive side.  

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