How much does a Peloton bike cost?

When you are looking for information regarding the price of a Peloton bike, you probably are pretty serious about your cardio and physique.

One thing is pretty sure; a Peloton bike is not going to be any cheaper.

The price range of a Peloton bike will be around $1,495 dollars to as high as $2,645 dollars, depending on the package and type of bike you are thinking about purchasing.

Although it is quite a concerning fact whether a Peloton bike is worth purchasing or not, the price is never avoidable.

In reality, the price is an important factor that can dramatically influence your overall decision.

Therefore, we are here to break down every little aspect you need to know regarding the price of a Peloton bike.

If you are interested, let us jump into the real discussion-

Peloton bike cost

Peloton bike lineups

Peloton bikes are available in two different packages. The Peloton basic bike's popularity has enabled the manufacturer to bring out the new Bike+ lineup to introduce the users to more developed and enhanced performance.

For bike and bike+ lineups, Peloton offers four different bikes so that you can choose according to your preference.

The four bike packages for both Peloton lineups are-

  1. Bike Basics
  2. Bike Essentials
  3. Bike Works
  4. Bike Family

The Bike basic series tends to be the cheapest option among all the other series, whereas the Bike Family series will be the most expensive model that is available on the market.

Peloton bike cost

Peloton bike use

As mentioned previously, Peloton bikes are available in bike and bike+ lineups. The former and latter both have four different packages with different pros and cons so that you can choose accordingly. Before discussing each of the bike packages in a broad fashion, here is the price chart for all packages of Peloton bike and Bike+ series-

Peloton bike cost

Bike model


Bike basics

$1,495 dollars

Bike essentials

$1,645 dollars

Bike works

$1,745 dollars

Bike Family

$1,945 dollars

Peloton bike+ cost

Bike model


Bike+ basics

$2,195 dollars

Bike+ essentials

$2,395 dollars

Bike+ works

$2,495 dollars

Bike+ family

$2,645 dollars

Peloton app cost without bike

For any particular reason, you may not want to purchase a Peloton bike. But loving the classes on the Pelotonapp is quite okay.

Therefore, people often ask whether they can purchase the Peloton app without buying the bike or not?

Yes, one can always purchase the subscription for the Peloton app to get access to unlimited classes even without purchasing the Peloton app.

The individual membership cost for one month of app use is $12.99 dollars.

Purchasing the membership on the app will allow you to work out on any equipment and to get access to a large number of classes.

Peloton bike subscription cost

Purchasing a Peloton bike will allow you to enjoy the features for about two months. But after that, you will have to pay on a monthly basis.

Depending on the module you use, the monthly subscription fee for different Peloton bikes will vary as well.

Here is the subscription cost for every Peloton bike-

Peloton bike/bike+

Subscription cost

Bike/bike+ basics

$39/$52 per month

Bike/Bike+ Essentials

$43/$56 per month

Bike/Bike+ Works

$45/$59 per month

Bike/Bike+ Family

$50/$62 per month

Used Peloton bike cost

Yes, you are hearing it all right. It is always possible to purchase a second-hand Peloton bike. Depending on the usage, a second-hand bike will come much cheaper compared to a brand new bike.

The price of a second-hand used Peloton bike can be anywhere between $1,200 dollars to as high as $2,000 dollars. 

If you are planning to purchase a used bike+, it will probably cost a little higher compared to a basic module.

Once you purchase a used Peloton bike, all you need to do is purchase a membership subscription on the Peloton App, and you will be all set to improvise your cardio and exercise skills according to your best potential.

Anyway, always ensure that the previous user disconnects his account once he sells the bike. That is how you can claim the Purchased bike as yours.

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How much does the Cheapest Peloton cost?

The cheapest Peloton is the basic version, which is available for about $1,495 dollars. The monthly subscription cost for the basic Peloton bike package is $39 dollars.

If you are looking for the cheapest alternative, the Peloton bike basic plan seems like a good option to pick up.

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Peloton bike cost chart

Final summary

One of the best ways to build a new habit is by keeping track of the gradual progress that you are making. There is no doubt about the fact that Peloton bike and app are doing it all in a single place. With reminders, best quality classes, and statistics, you will always be pushed forward to take a better cardio exercise when you have a Peloton bike to ride on.

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