How much is a pi coin worth? (pi coin update price)

Pi was introduced on 14th March 2019 as advanced cash in the world. At present, their market price is about $.007077. On the official site pi coin, there is no data about past and growth. They started their journey in the crypto currency market at the beginning of 2022.

In others words, pi enjoys its pre-revenue stage. Their main target is to engage more people so that the mining process experiences substantial growth in the future. In these circumstances, the authority of pi wants to explore the current crypto currency market very carefully.

pi coin worth

Future price of a pi coin

On their official website, they are not giving any data about their future value. However, our team works on it very cautiously. In the future, the worth of a one pi coin will be around $10 to $100. Definitely, this forecasting is based on the demand and supply of the market.

The value of the crypto currency market was about $1.49 billion to $1.5 billion in the year 2020. Therefore, this value will rise to around $4.95 billion to $5 billion by 2030. Currently, pi has a very tiny share if we count the total market price.

The market of pi coin

The authority of this digital coin is able to attract a good number of people to invest. That actually shows the future of this project. At present, over 25 million pioneers are engaged with it. People all over the USA are very fond of investing their valuable money in this industry.

Therefore, it will be great if know the current situation of the market of pi. Otherwise, individuals face some sort of difficulty to accept the predicted price. That is why in the following table we illustrate the data about the pie market.

Market capitalization

$6 million to $6.02 million

24 hour volume

$39000 to $39500

Circulating supply

854 million to 855 million pi

Max supply

2.10 million pi

In the following table, we can see that the current supply of the market is satisfactory as well as the max supply. These are present data of pi. The rate of the pie is increased or decreased in a very minute amount. Therefore, the official site doesn't show any kind of growth data.

Pi coin worth in the future years

As we already know the market capitalization from the above paragraphs. The rate of pi may increase or decrease according to the situation of the market. Moreover, that depends on the situation of the market.

That is why; it is not possible to give a specific price for the upcoming years. In addition to that, there is not necessary to predict the price for months. So, in the next table, we are mentioning the price of pi coins for different years.




$7 to $8.50


$10 to $12.50


$15.50 to $18.15


$22 to $28


$32 to $39


$49 to $56


$72 to $88


$100 to $120


$140 to $150

These prices are not fixed. The main barrier we face while predicting the price is the growth rate. As we already know, there has no information about it on their site. For that reason, we browse many renowned and famous websites to maintain transparency.

In reality, people use digital currency to get more security in their payments. The number of people is engaging day by day and economist thinks that will scatter all over the world very quickly. Therefore, in today's world, there are many types of digital coin that has been introduced so far.

All of them are seems very appealing to the people. So there is a space for doing business without any doubt.

Customers of pi coin from the beginning

As it is introduced in the year 2019, that time pi was in the developing stage. However, over the last few years, they attracted a good number of customers from the market. People can understand it very clearly if we look at the value of market capitalization.

Moreover, for knowing the engagement of people more deeply, we narrate a table that illustrates the number of people over the years.


Number of people

2019 (March)


2019 (April)





1 million


10 million

2021 (Sep)

25 million

From the above table, it is evident that the engagements of individuals are increasing day by day. In the future, the number will be higher significantly. Besides, the present scenario of the world is very positive to crypto currency.

Nevertheless, the corporation and many agencies are also making their payments through digital coin. Therefore, people get some benefits too because of making their transactions through advanced cash.

That is why the future of crypto currency, as well as pi, is very positive and definitely more people will make their transactions by it.

Price of pi network

This is a fee for transferring crypto currency from one account to another. The price of the pi network is around $13271. Basically, that depends on some countable criteria like; max supply of the market, all time high price of a pi coin.

Moreover, the network fee plays a vital role in terms of influencing the price of any crypto coin. By concentrating on the current market situation of pi, we can say that this price will be rise significantly in the future.

Will the Pi Network be the next big thing in crypto currency?

The possibility of it was very much higher than other advanced cash systems. At present, over 30 million are engaging with this and that increasing rapidly day by day. Most interestingly, the authority of pi can collect this amount of people within 3 years.

Therefore, this may set a new standard in the crypto currency industry in the near future. Obviously, we are not giving window dressing information here. This prediction is based on the rapid growth of the network.

Cost Analysis

Pi is one of the fast growing crypto currencies in the industry. From the very beginning of their journey, they grow the network so nicely. The cost of one pie coin is about $.007077. In the future, the cost will rise around $10 to $100.

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