Price of sterling silver: Sterling silver cost analysis

Individuals who want to wear premium silver jewelry then they must consider sterling silver. Standard sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent genuine silver and the rest of the percentage belongs to bona fide metal as raw materials.

At the moment, the per-ounce cost of sterling silver is $18 to $22.

Generally, the weight of sterling silver jewelry and products like; plates, spoons, flutes, saxophone, and so on are different because of their shape and size. Usually, the merchandisers determine the worth of sterling silver products mainly based on the market price.

Manufacturers always have the intention of charging high prices if the product is offered with a lucrative design.

However, the worth of sterling silver also depends on the type of product. People all over the world choose sterling silver as a material while they are buying rings, chains, earrings, and bracelets. 

These products are used for jewelry and the public is more likely to spend a good amount of money for having precious materials on their gems.

Price of sterling silver

Sterling silver cost

As we mentioned earlier, the value of sterling silver varies according to its weight though there are various sorts of products available in the market. This is hard to mention exactly the price of a specific sterling silver product because of market fluctuation. But we will put the sell figures only based on the market price.

In addition to that, nowadays, humans are not only buying rings and chains which are made with sterling silver but also they are looking for having high priced materials on their crucial items such as; musical instruments and cigarette strays.

In the following table, there are some products of sterling silver along with their prices.

Products of sterling silver



 $100 to $110.

(160 grams to 180 grams)

Fork and Spoon

$80 to $90.

(140 grams to 150 grams)


$13 to $20.

(16 inches to 30 inches)

Treasure or Jewelry Box

$290 to $300.

(480 grams to 500 grams)

 Bowl for Soup or Sauce

$520 to $ 530.

(870 grams to 880 grams)

Silver Fruit Bowl

$1560 to $1590.

(2,600 grams to 2700 grams)

Silver Bangle

$55 to $60.

( 90 grams 100 grams)

These few items will assist individuals to buy their sterling silver products. Apart from these, there are some other essential things which are produced by sterling silver. Generally speaking, the asking price of a sterling silver commodity mainly depends on its weight. Moreover, some others items of sterling silver materials are antique and more gorgeous.

In that sense, the price varies because of high demand among consumers. Furthermore, humans have the habit of collecting ancient materials such as their jewelry and other things and this also gives pleasure to them.

Although persons have to pay a handsome amount of money, they have a chance to buy with less price. Today's market is so competitive that people have many options while they are buying sterling silver products. Usually, the manufacturers make their output based on different designs and categories.

One must consider the proportion of silver and metal because the durability and quality are set mainly on this basis. Though the quality of sterling silver items is excellent without any doubt, people must cautious about their product.

In the following bar chart, we show the highest and lowest price of some vital products of sterling silver product which are most famous in the world.

The price gap between the highest and lowest is huge because of the materials, design, and weight of the products. Production Company of sterling silver makes their product with different size and weight. In terms of sterling silver products, weight is an essential factor in charging price. As we already know, produces must use over 92 percent authentic silver on it, so there is less chance to cut down the cost.

Additionally, outlook and unique design also raise the price. From the above bar chart, we can see a great difference in Chalice sterling silver. The current manufacturer companies of chalice sterling silver are making their products with lots of verities. Furthermore, producers have the opportunity to charge a high price because of uniqueness, unavailability, and other variable factors.

sterling silver cost chart

Difference between fine and sterling silver

sterling silver ring

There is a basic difference between these two types. Usually, fine silver is also known as .999 silver and there is 99.99% original metal on any products of this. While the manufacturers use 92.5% valid silver when they are making a product with sterling silver. For that reason, the price of the fine silver commodity is always greater than sterling silver. Both silvers are durable and provide a long time benefit to the users. However, fine silver is one step ahead.

Which are the cheapest sterling silver products?

To begin with, sterling silver is not considered the most precious metal in the world, though there have lots of advantages to this. Nevertheless, sterling silver is more costly than general metals and imitation jewelry. We are already familiar with some indispensable products of sterling silver, from them we can notice there are gaps among the prices.

In addition, buyers have so many options to have different sterling silver products because of availability.  By analyzing the current market scenario we found that bracelets and chains are the cheapest options. For making these items, manufacturers don't have to use a large amount of silver. Besides, the production process of bracelets and chains is easy. However, modern producers invent unique designs and features, and end of the day it increases the overall cost.

Moreover, humankind needs to spend only $13 to $20 to have a sterling silver chain. The cost of the chain mostly varies according to the size which is measured by inches. Furthermore, retailers or distributors can charge more than $20, if there have scarcity in the market. And the most vital thing is that the sellers always set the price of the sterling silver product based on the spot price.

The current price can change for many valid reasons which are related to domestic and international situations.

Another cheaper product of sterling silver is bracelets. In modern days, this becomes one of the trendy products among young and old people. For attracting all types of individuals, manufacturer segments their product line of sterling silver bracelets in terms of age, gender, and so on.

Unique and weighted bracelets are not offered with fewer prices however, other options are available too. Thick and less weighted bracelets can be bought for less than $20.

Advantages of using sterling silver

As there has been no side effect of using silver in the human body and no crucial cases of any type of accident are not found in history. The durability of the sterling silver is great. People can use a sterling silver item over 10 years and that will be increased based on the users. Into the bargain, most of the products of sterling are capable of providing a huge lifetime.

Cost analysis

Overall, the price of sterling silver price varies according to weight, design, and type. All the commodities of sterling silver products are not offered at a lower price. Some products like; chalices and different kinds of jewelry are available in the market with different price ranges. 

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