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A piece of artwork is the major thing of decoration and it increases the beauty of home and office.

The shipping cost of artwork range is $5 to $50 in the USA. If people want to ship their artwork globally, the minimum cost will be $100 to $120.

Actually, the cost varies according to the size of the artwork, mode of transportation, fees of shipping agency, and so on. Sometimes painters must use additional shipping services for sending their products internationally. In that circumstance, freight cost is involved with the shipping cost. The average freight cost of shipping is around $300.

Shipping artwork cost

Cost of shipping artwork

In general, the charge for shipping artwork will cost more if people get the delivery from their painters. Their frequency of shipping is very low and they include the cost of boxes, tape, and other related items while making the price.

Individuals set their shipping prices about $200 to $300 and it also varies by dint of having different sizes of artwork.

Most of the time they set their artwork price by including the shipping cost.  Giant shipping companies like; Amazon charge $120 from their clients for one-year free shipping.

How much does it cost to ship artwork locally?

People don't need to spend a huge amount of money for shipping their artwork within country borders. Basically, in the USA the transference cost of artwork also changes due to the distance. Moreover, the size of the artwork and some other additional factors also influence the shipping cost.

Generally, non-professionals charge more shipping costs than professionals. For that reason, people of the USA and the rest of the world must select renowned and famous shipping companies to ship their artwork.

In the following table, we narrate the cost of shipping for different parts of the USA.

Size of the art

Local shipping cost

(Los Angles to Los Angles)

Local shipping cost

(Los Angles to Chicago)

Local shipping cost

(Los Angles to New York)

Small size Art

$36 to $39

$78 to $80

$90 to $95

Medium size Art

$60 to $63

$112 to $115

$126 to $130

Large size Art

$65 to $68

$135 to $138

$150 to $155

Extra large size art

$215 to $220

$275 to $280

$280 to $285

Double extra large size art

$245 to $250

$288 to $293

$300 to $305

The local shipping cost of America is not fixed. That depends on the types of the shipping company as well as the form. Moreover, the above mentioned cost will be raised if people want to get their artwork from the rural area.

The cost difference between shipping from professionals and non professionals

The gap between professional and non professional in terms of shipping is countable. The people who do all the business by themselves don't have enough scope to mitigate the shipping cost. There are some valid reasons behind it.

First of all, they don't buy shipping materials frequently and cost more while making the parcel ready for shipping. On the other hand, Amazon or other parcel service companies are deal with millions of customers and they can decrease the shipping cost significantly.

In the next bar chart, we compare the cost of shipping of private and professional by dissimilar sizes of artwork.

Shipping artwork cost analysis chart

In the above chart, the prices of shipping are calculated based on average. These costs will be increased or decreased in many circumstances such; as fuel cost, modes of transportation and so on.

Shipping artwork international cost

The international cost of shipping artwork is about $100 to $1000. Shipping companies have to deal with the rules and regulations all over the world. Some countries charge freight costs more than others.

Additionally, sometimes the location of shipping has long distance and people also need to pay more for their domestic transportation cost. Moreover, the cost of shipping will also be higher for large size artwork. The average cost of international shipping cost around $300.

At present some of the artwork craftsmen are linked with some big shipping companies like; Amazon, FedEx, and other renowned organizations. In that process, they can attract more customers to sell their artwork.

Shipping artwork domestic cost

The local shipping cost is substantially less than the international price. People have many options for receiving their artwork. The average size artwork cost $60 to $70 for shipping and buyers have the chance to get the parcel in their home.

 People are always shown cautious about their artwork. Hence, they have the intention of hiring the best shipping service for their own to get their artwork. Furthermore, the price of an artwork is expensive and no one wanted to ship their favorite thing with some sort of risk.

Cost of shipping artwork FedEx

Shipping through FedEx is good and it tries to provide great service to its customers. The cost of shipping at FedEx is about $10 to $50. As we already know the factors influence shipping costs. Those are also applicable to FedEx.

Most importantly, people will get some additional service from them if the price of the artwork is above $500. They offer a premium box that is made of plastic and the interior is insulated with foam.  Artwork is safer in these boxes of FedEx.

What is the cheapest way to ship the artwork?

The cheapest way to transport artwork is US postal service. In this method, the price of shipping is less than other local courier companies in the USA. The least cost of US postal service is about $5. The prices of shipping are calculated by considering the cost of fuel, weight and dimension of the product and so on.

They have experience in shipping all the possible sizes of artwork to many destinations. So there is no reason for worry while sending a parcel through US postal service.

IS UPS help with the pack of artwork?

Yes, people will have the opportunity to use the UPS store to packet their artwork. They provide many categories of plastic and other ingredients to provide the best service to their customer. Individuals also have the chance for sending their artwork through UPS.

Moreover, they are not only packed and ship artwork but also transfer furniture, electronics, luggage and other heavy things. The management of UPS always has the ambition to provide the optimal service to their buyers.

Cost Analysis

The artwork carries a great value in people's emotions. People don't count their money while choosing artwork for decorating their home and office. Besides, the price of an artwork is not cheap also. Persons must spend around $500 to make an artwork from a famous painter.

Thus, the safety of artwork is so vital while transporting it from the store. Therefore, the price of the artwork is varies due to some reasonable facts which are already discussed in this article. In addition to that, people will find different prices for shipping their artwork domestically and internationally.

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