Stryker Nara baby bassinet cost: Everything about this baby crib from Stryker

Hospitals of the USA use this brand of the baby carriage and people are satisfied with its service. The cost of Stryker Nara bassinet is about $60 to $135. The function and design of this product are so much acceptable to the patient.

They received a good number of awards for this product. The design of this bassinet is also got recognition from the doctors as well as the patient. In the past, newborn babies were not seen in the parent's bed because of using a full size crib.

However, this company makes things easier for both parties. Now moms can spend their time with newborn babies easily through this.

Stryker nara baby bassinet cost

Average cost of Stryker Nara

As the buyers of this product belong to hospitals authority. The prices depend on the quantity. Purchasing one Stryker Nara bassinet is about $120 to $135. The cost will be significantly low if the buyers make the order for more than 10 pieces.

Their business strategy is wholesaling, but an individual can get it in Amazon and other online platforms to have. Therefore, every people prefer to buy it for personal use. That is why the price of a single product is ambiguous in the market.

Moreover, there are many unique specifications of Stryker Nara that are capable of attracting more buyers than other manufacturing companies. In addition to that, the design and outlook of this also help to nurse and mom to take care of the babies.

We will discuss all the key features, advantages, and user experience of this product. Additionally, we also compare the price with other similar products in this article.

Comparisons of Stryker Nara with similar products

As the world is moving so rapidly and it is common to have alternative options in the market. Competition among the manufacturer's company helps the buyer to get the best products at a reasonable price.

That is why we some similar products of bassinet so that one can know the price of other items.

In the following table, we illustrate some products' names with their price range.

Brand name

Price of bassinet


$370 to $400

Baby Delight

$190 to $200

Century Travel

$100 to $110


$150 to $160


$185 to $200

The above prices are for buying one bassinet. In the above table, we can notice that the cost of the first two companies is very higher than Stryker Nara and that because of using high technology like setting automatic function.

However, the size and the features of Stryker Nara are very much convenient than these above mentioned products. People can get some additional features which can also help them in other ways.

Specifications of Stryker Nara bassinet

This will help the potential customers to compare this product with other similar items. As we always look forward to finding the best items in every circumstance. And we hope that will help them to choose the right one.

Model Number of this product


4402-000-002(All over the world)

Overall length

108 cm

Base length

84 cm

Base width

53 cm

Floor to cradle height

75 cm to 100 cm

Basket size

26.5" x 12.5" x 7.5"

From the above table, we can easily understand that the size of this company bassinet is not big and that will able to provide a great service end of the day.

Additionally, the Manufacturer Company also offers one year warranty for the part, labor, and travel.

Key features of Stryker Nara bassinet

This product is made for reducing the distance between mom and newborn baby. All of their work regarding style and design turns closeness. In the following points, we are going to discuss the features of this product succinctly.

Nevertheless, this will help people to compare this with other similar items of the market and one can easily understand the cost factors too.

Design: The manufacturer of this product makes the shape narrow so that it increases the closeness with the mother. In earlier days, doctors need time to recognize sudden death syndrome. However, after introducing this product the death rate of newborn babies fall significantly.

Therefore, mothers also have the chance for taking care of their babies. That also assists to identify any kind of syndrome more quickly. All of these things are possible because of their narrow design.

Height: The height of this product is adjustable and one can easily increase or decrease it. Nurses can adjust the height according to the bad size. Of course, that aids the mother to look after their babies without any kind of hassle.

Drawers: The cabinets are also narrow and one can use them from sides. Therefore, it helps people to use the Stryker Nara bassinet from any side. Individuals don't need to move it frequently for adjusting the position.

Wheel Locks:  The locks of the wheels can increase the safety of the newborn child. Moreover, that also makes the short travel smooth for them.

Apart from these benefits people can easily attach or remove the basket of the baby. It also makes things more comprehensive to the users.

User experience of Stryker Nara bassinet

Hospitals owners as well as the patients feel great while looking after the babies through it. Usually, Stryker Nara makes this product for 0 days to 1 month babies. Without any doubt, this is one of the great products.

Though other bassinets items exist in the market, most of them are not able to provide the same service to the users. The design and all the features of this product help the user to take proper care of newborn babies.

By and large, one can consider it is a great product and very few items are available like this.

Cost Analysis

Stryker Nara is very much famous for making bassinets for the hospital of the USA and other countries. The cost of this item is about $60 to $135. One can use this for their home too.

That helps to look after the newborn baby more carefully. In this article, we describe all the necessary features and specifications of Stryker Nara bassinets.

Furthermore, people can compare the prices of this product with other similar items which are also discussed in this article.

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