Tiffany supreme price

Tiffany makes their collaboration with them for making their products more famous to the younger generation. The price of the tiffany supreme price is about $50 to $1300. Therefore, they also make their signature on the t shirts and other original products so that they can capture the whole market.

Supreme is one of the leading clothing brands in the New York and they are maintaining its legacy over the years. Tiffany started their journey in the year 196. Therefore, the authority of them makes their collaboration in November 2020.

Definitely, that will help them in every aspect of the business. Moreover, the chain of supreme will help them to reach their products in every corner of the USA. However, their customer base in the New York is satisfactory.

Tiffany supreme price

Supreme tiffany price list

Tiffany itself is a big company and it doesn't offer all of its items through supreme. Basically, they make their alliance by offering sterling silver products along with t shirts. The prices of them are almost fixed. However, shipping cost and some other eternal factors can influence the retail price list.

In the next table, we demonstrate the retail price of all items.

Name of the products 


T shirt

$50 to $55

Pendant(heart tag)

$450 to $475

Pearl necklace(oval tag)

$300 to $325

Star bracelet

$450 to $475

Stud earrings(heart tag)

$300 to $325

knife key ring(heart shape)

$525 to $550

knife key ring(oval tag)

$300 to $325

All the above products of jewellery are made with quality sterling silver that is produced by tiffany. In all the mentioned items of below table is designed with box logo of supreme. Hence it also helps to make this unique in the market.

Therefore, the t shirt comes with the blue logo of supreme. By and large, individuals love their product very much and both brands have been experiencing a great journey from the beginning of their collaboration.

Tiffany supreme

Price of Tiffany Diamond

This is an exclusive and renewed brand in the USA for offering different kinds of jewellery in the market. Their diamond engagement ring carries a great value and the price of them is around $500 to $50000.

However, the price of a diamond is set by the carat weight. More they always try to give the best design to the buyers at a valuable price.

In the following table, we mention the price of tiffany diamonds based on the weight of the carat.

Wright of the Diamond (Carat)



$500 to $4000


$2000 to $16000


$4500 to $34000


$8000 to $85000


$30000 to $300000

From the above table, we can notice that the price gap between the high end and the low end is huge. That happens because of having different prices of the raw materials. Moreover, people can select the portion of Diamond in terms of making an engagement ring.

Tiffany supreme hand

Why does Tiffany collaborate with Supreme?

In general, they produce sterling silver products in many kinds of jewelry. Moreover, their items become ancient to the young the mature people of the New York and all over the USA. Subsequently, they want to take their business to the next level.

Furthermore, the collaboration of businesses is not new on the globe. That is a common scenario in America and all over the world. In other words, the corporation makes their partnership for mutual benefits.

In terms of Tiffany, they have the intention of increasing their products in the market. For doing these supreme is an ideal option. Moreover, their product line is normally sold to younger age people.

Benefits of Tiffany by the alliance with Supreme

This deal can consider as the right move for this sterling silver jewelry company. As we all know, this type of silver makes with the highest quality and people are fond of using it as their necklace, earrings and so on.

However, they get a ready-made market for selling their items through collaborating with Supreme. In addition to that, they also get free promotion of their brand. Most importantly, the loyal fan base cannot ignore a product that has the supreme logo in the products of them.

On the other hand, it also increases the value of Supreme. Hence, they can reach more people than before by offering a good range of products in the market. Additionally, it also helps to make a huge impact in the market.

Why partnership of Tiffany and Supreme work in the market

There have so many sterling silver products in the market and most of them belong to the jewelry section. However, this company is specialized for bring 200 years old items with a new shape with the help of supreme.

Moreover, customers always have the intention of wearing a unique collection of clothes and jewelry. That gives them huge pleasure and influences their mind very significantly. Consecutively, individuals also love the design and it can easily match with the merchandise.

Furthermore, this is hard to find any kind of drawbacks from the Tiffany supreme products. The public can make their fashion with ancient sterling silver products very easily. From the beginning of their journey, they get huge support from their existing customers. Therefore, it also assists to attract new customers as well.

How can I get a discount at Tiffany's?

In general, they don't sell their product at a discount price. Additionally, the management of them is not participating in any sales events like; Black Friday in the USA. Moreover, they always try to set the standard price of their products. That is why they are not thinking about it at all.

However, they have career options for loyal customers. People who are considered under this segment get a fixed discount on their items. Moreover, the authority of them offers 50% off to the employees. But this is not valid for all.

Cost Analysis

Tiffany and supreme are the two famous brands and their product line has great variety. The costs of their items are range from $50 to $1300. At present, they are selling 7 to 8 products and they get positive feedback from the market as well.

Moreover, people also love their items which also has a great reputation

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