How much does TurboTax cost?

This is one of the best tax calculation companies in the world. The cost of TurboTax is about $0 to $310. Free service is offered by them for filling federal and state taxes. Taxpayers of the USA are satisfied with their services.

Therefore, they are very good at every segment of preparing taxes. Turbotax offers four different options to their clients for filling the tax. These variations help individuals a lot and they can reduce the maximum amount of tax by this.

However, there is no discount on their service. Yes, other similar companies also support tax paying and cost less than TurboTax.

TurboTax cost

Different packages cost of TurboTax

As they begin their journey in the mid-1980s, their ownership belongs to the famous software manufacturer company Intuit. Hence, they have improved their services over the years and also introduced three different segments for the tax filer.

At present, they are offering two different editions one is CD or downloaded software service and the other is an online service. Naturally, the online version of tax filling cost more than the software service.

In the following table, we illustrate the cost of different types for their all packages.

Name of package



Federal fee

State fee

Federal fee

State fee











Self employed





Usually, people use CD and online-based tax deductions for different reasons. However, both of them can provide the best service. Nevertheless, there are some tiny differences between them in terms of a different package.

That is why we discussed the advantages for all three packages of TurboTax from both points of view. So that individuals can understand the matter so easily.

Deluxe: Online version of this costs $20 more in federal and $10 more in the state. This difference happens because under online service they are going for 350+ ways to deduct the tax for providing the best service to the users. This is an additional service for the online subscriber.

Therefore, their priority is also to decrease the amount of tax on fixed assets and property in both segments. The deluxe service of the TurboTax is best for the apartment and homeowners. Moreover, people who have lots of fixed assets can get benefitted from this.

Premium: Their also has a price gap in this package. People will get all the advantages of deluxe with the chance for focusing the movement of investments.

The service also offers to calculate dividends, earnings per share and other crucial investments of clients. All the things are very important for a customer and that save their time also.

All the processes are included with the software of TurboTax which is why people don't have any kind of confusion regarding the overall process. Therefore, one can get many options to do the calculation under the online package.

Self-employed: This is the most lucrative offer from the theme. Of course, people will enjoy all the features of deluxe and premium in this with some exciting additional features.

One can get the suggestion from the owner of the business for deducting the tax rate. Most importantly, people can connect through this platform. For that reason, the cost of this segment is very much higher than other services of TurboTax.

Therefore, one will have the chance for deducting his or her tax amount from the professionals. Subsequently, that will assist the people to make their tax sheet without any error.

In other words, this can be counted as the best service of TurboTax and individuals are very much fond of this service.

Alternative options of Turbotax

Currently, many companies provide the same service as TurboTax. All of them have their specialty and taxpayers also choose them for different reasons.

However, one must know the prices of all the best tax fillings services of the industry. Otherwise, this will not possible to make a proper decision. Their services are almost the same but the prices are different.

That is why in the next bar chart we compare the prices for different companies. Hopefully, that will help the people to understand the cost factor better.

From the above bar chart, we can notice that cost of state fees have less different in their prices. Most importantly the cost of TurboTax is the highest than other companies.

TurboTax cost

That happens because their self-employed services are more generous than others. The fundamental services are the same, but the tax slayer and tax act charge less than H&R Block and TurboTax.

People of America are always trying to accept the comprehensive things and TurboTax make focus this thing for doing their business.

They make their services so convenient than others. For that reason, people don't have any complaints regarding their service as well as the price.

Cost of online live Turbotax

This is considered the best way to calculate the cost of a person. One can determine the value of tax from all types of income sources under this category. People buy this service for getting the optimal service from turbotax.

Moreover, there have some additional benefits to this criterion. Most importantly people will get experts for calculating their cost live. Furthermore, in this process of finding the tax value, one can deduct the amount significantly.

However, the prices of this segment are higher than other packages. In the following table, we narrate the prices of online live turbotax.

Tax type

Online live deluxe

Online live premium

Online live self employed

Federal return




State return




Federal+ state return




In the above packages, the cost seems pricey but their benefit is worth it. From all the segments, people can enjoy the highest benefits from online live self employed. Taxpayers can get suggestions from freelancers, tax experts and all-time service from TurboTax.

As people are deal with their all businesses and revenue sources while calculating the tax amount. In this tier, turbotax will show in which segment you can deduct most.

Therefore they also provide experts based on industry. That will make things more comprehensive to the users. Moreover, individuals will get one to one service under online live service.

Most importantly, online live service holders get satisfactory customer support from turbotax.

Cost of turbotax DIY packages

American people are fond of calculating the tax on their own. That helps to save some amount of money. Turbotax designed its service for doing it yourself users very comprehensively.

People don't need to panic about the process. Hence, individuals can provide their information through a questionnaire and that will complete the overall process.

Basically, turbotax offers this package in two ways. Their professionals are ready to provide a proper guideline to the users and that will cost an additional amount of money.

In the following table, we mention the price of DIY packages along with expertise cost.

Tax type

Online filling

DIY+ Profession fee

Federal return

$0 to $89

$0 to $169

State return

$0 to $39

$0 to $49

Federal+ state return

$0 to $128

$0 to $218

Due to having the free service of turbotax, the cost starts from $0. These price ranges are fixed and remember they don't offer any discount.

Turbotax also offers live service to their DIY clients which cost is about $0 to $169.

Is turbotax free?

The public can calculate the amount of tax through turbotax without spending a single penny. But there are some conditions on it.

First of all, the income history must be simple and it is very easy to calculate. However, there are some different issues like; earning of unemployed people, interest and dividends are also counted as turbotax fees.

However, if summing up the value and finding the amount is complex, one needs to spend money. Overall their free services are better than other tax fillers company of the USA and people are satisfied with their service.

What variables increase the cost of turbotax?

That depends on the sources of income. As we all know, it is not easy to calculate the tax for different types of income.

Therefore, the federal and state governing council set different laws to charge tax based on income sources. Moreover, there are some common incomes of individuals which increase the overall service charge are mentioned below;

  • Revenue from business
  • Rent from home and office
  • Income from stocks, bonds and digital currency

The tax calculation party faces some sort of difficult to find out the exact amount of tax. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find out the earnings before tax for small and large businesses.

Therefore, the income which comes from dividends and tax are not fixed. Moreover, some other complex issue increases the price of the tax filers.

However, turbotax always have the intention to offer the best service to them so that people can pay less tax to the federal and state government.

Why turbo tax is best?

As we already know that the price of turbotax is not less than other similar companies. But most of the people of America chose them rather than other companies.

The simple answer is the ease of use. Their format of from and way of calculating the tax returns are very much simpler than others. Moreover, individuals can easily compute the amount of tax by themselves very simple.

By and large, their services regarding the assessment of tax value are well known all over the USA because of their simplicity. Therefore, they are committed to their clients to provide the best and most accurate service at any cost.

The additional cost of turbotax

The authority of turbotax covers all the major costs regarding paying tax in their different segments. Moreover, they charge $35 to $40 as their processing fee. This fee will be included with the fundamentals fee and the total cost depends on the package.

What to consider while paying the subscription fee?

At present, there is various type of companies are available in the market and their service are not matched with each other. For getting the best service, people must consider some valuable features which are described below briefly.

User interface

The ease of use should be simple and easy to understand all the facts related to the turbotax. Individuals of the USA are looking forward to calculating their tax return sheet as simply as possible.

That also assists to decrease the amount of tax. Additionally, one can focus on everything easily if the function of the software is easy. Most of the taxpayers prefer turbotax only because of this reason. They are very much good at this.


The prices are set based on the types of service. The prices should be reasonable. Tax Act offers their services at a very much lower price than TurboTax. But, one must check the other things too. Otherwise, they will not get enough advantages in their tax filing process.

Customer support

This is a crucial thing for the customer. This is not easy for everyone to make their tax sheet accurately. So the role of experts or professionals is huge in this circumstance.

Therefore, some companies like turbotax offer one to one support for their clients. That increases their satisfaction level as well.

Free filling option

Almost all the tax calculating companies of America offer free services at their software, this is perfect for finding out the tax for a simple income source. Moreover, one cannot rely on free service for finding out the tax value of complex assets and income sources.

Cost Analysis

Turbotax is a renewed taxpaying company in the USA. Their cost is about $0 to $310 on different packages. All of their service sectors can attract customers from the market.

Their software is very easy to use and people love their customer service. Other similar companies are also doing their business in the market and all of them has their identification.

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