UPS International Shipping Cost: Is It Cheaper To Ship Internationally With UPS?

Whether you need the shipment done quickly or in a few business days, UPS provides ample reliability to the customer.

With a long cost range from $100 to $400, it offers a great variety of shipments. Shipping a package that carries documents will be lightweight, and the total shipping cost will not go above $150. However, the shipment, size, and shape are two impactful things in the pricing. 

The weight and dimension of the product are the two main factors that impact the total shipping cost. However, you have got four different shipment methods, from which you can select anyone for the service.

You may love to know that it has both domestic and international shipment services. However, we are here to break into the details of international shipping costs.

UPS international shipping cost

Average cost of UPS international shipping

On average, the cost of UPS international shipping ranges from $150 to $270. However, the cost depends largely on the type of product you are shipping.

Document in an envelope is the cheaper one for shipping compared to several products in a box. Moreover, a single product costs less than shipping two or more products overseas.

Now, which shipping method you select is completely up to you. But a good thing to know is that worldwide express and worldwide expresses plus are two costlier options here.

UPS international shipping cost types

Ship your product internationally with UPS

From a large variety of costs, the UPS international shipping costs from $60 to $400. Don't you think there's a huge gap between these two numbers? Yes, there is and it is because of shipping different products.

When you are shipping something small and lightweight, it will cost you no more than $100 or $120. However, any product that is not documented can always cost you more than $150.

Another crucial thing that influences or changes the overall shipping cost is the number of items. You can ship several items at a time instead of a single one, but the cost will go up at the same time.

We’ll have a detailed discussion regarding the impacting factors of the cost in one of the following sections.

cost to ship internationally with UPS chart

Shipment of document and non-document products

To determine the shipment cost of any products, the best way is to divide the products into two categories, documents, and non-documents.

UPS international shipment service charges less for documents that cost no more than $60. However, the number of documents is a key factor for what the overall cost can easily go up.

On the other hand, non-document products use typically larger boxes that are heavier as well. The cost varies from $100 to $340 on most occasions.

Meanwhile, the weight of the products is a crucial factor that impacts the pricing every time. Most often, products above 50 pounds are considered heavyweight products and they also charge the most amount of money.

Factors that impact the shipping cost

You have made up your mind to ship something out of the USA for any reason, and have chosen UPS for the job. But you need to know the overall price and the factors that directly impact the shipping cost.

Here are some of the factors that have an impact on the shipping cost.

  • The type of the product.
  • Weight and dimension of the product.
  • Shipping distance.
  • Type of shipping service.
  • The number of items.

These five things are directly connected to the cost of UPS international shipment. Before you are shipping something, you should categorize that particular thing to get an outside pricing idea.

To be more specific, ask yourself whether you are shipping any document or non-document products. The first one is a lot cheaper than the second option.

Weight and dimension are closely related to the type of the product and have a direct impact on the cost.

Product weighing more than 50 pounds will usually have a larger packaging that tells the dimension.

From where the product is being shipped and where it will be shipped are two crucial pieces of information. It is the distance that can extend or decrease the overall shipping cost.

UPS offers four different types of shipping services, which have different costs. Worldwide expedited is the cheapest option and the worldwide express plus is the costlier one.

The more items you are shipping, the more you will be charged doesn’t matter what item it is and where it is going.

What international shipping services do UPS offer?

It doesn’t matter what type of products you are shipping outside of the US, you can select any of the four shipping services issued from UPS. The shipping services are –

  • Worldwide Expedited
  • Worldwide Saver
  • Worldwide Express
  • Worldwide Express Plus

UPS international shipping service types


Worldwide expedited

$100 to $320

Worldwide saver

$110 to $340

Worldwide express

$110 to $350

Worldwide express plus

$150 to $400

Worldwide Expedited

Worldwide expedited service charges $100 to $320 for both Documents and non-documents. It's the cheapest option you have for international shipment through UPS.

Worldwide Saver

Worldwide Saver is the second cheapest option you have that charges $110 to $340 for both documents and non-documents.

Worldwide Express

The second most expensive option for shipping outside the US through UPS is the worldwide express service. It charges $110 to $350.

Worldwide Express Plus

The most expensive option is the express plus which costs from $150 to $400.

Billing options available for international shipment

UPS provides three different billing options for international shipments. And as a customer, you can choose and take any of these payment methods for reliable delivery to the destination.

  • Prepaid option
  • Freight collect option
  • Free domicile option.

Prepaid is the default payment option, where both shipper and importer are involved. Here, the shipper pays the shipping costs and the importer pays the customs fees and duties.

Freight collect option

Here, the importer has to pay the shipping cost including the custom fees and duties.

Free domicile option

The shipper pays the shipping cost, custom fees, and duties in this particular billing method.

How to ship a package internationally?

It’s never a tough task to ship any package internationally through UPS if you follow the right ways. Here are some of the important steps that can help you get it going rightfully.

Seal the box with nylon tape.

Use cushioning materials to wrap the items.

Measure the weight and dimension of the box.

Choose the receiving time.

Determine the overall cost.

Make the payment.

Send it to the nearest UPS.

Why UPS for international shipping?

Why you should choose UPS for international shipping when there are methods like DHL or FedEx are available? That’s what most users will ask first and it is fair enough as well.

Now, here are the reasons why anyone would love to choose UPS over other courier services.

  • It has several service options.
  • The overall cost remains on the affordable side.
  • It has an efficient tracing system.
  • It provides a prompt delivery option.
  • The packaging is free of cost here.
  • Three different billing options. 

So, are you ready for the shipment?

The cost has a lot of variety when it comes to the question of what type of product you are shipping. Therefore, you need to decide what type of product and the quantity of the product.

Moreover, the weight and dimension are the two other most crucial things that affect the overall pricing of the shipment. Again, you need to give the address of the destination.

The far it is shipping, the more it will charge for the shipment.  

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