UPS shipping cost analysis

United parcel service is famous for shipping large-size products and documents in the USA and all over the world. On average, the cost to ship any items with UPS will start from $9 to $30.

The shipping cost of UPS varies according to the size of the items that you are thinking about shipping. If you compare the service charge of UPS with any other services, you will notice that the service charge of UPS is comparatively cheaper than other couriers such as; USPS, Fed-x, DHL and so on.

UPS shipping cost

Cost of UPS shipping by category

The people of the USA and all over the world ship their documents and products in different sizes. If you break the size of the items into different categories, the cost to ship an extra small item will begin nearly $9 to $10.

On the contrary, small to mid-size items will require you to spend at the starting point nearly $12 to $16. If you are thinking about shipping something big to extra-large, the service charge will be starting around $19 to $26. 

Therefore, on the official website of the UPS, they uploaded all the cost data for shipping 0 to over 50 pounds in America and other countries. However, in this article, we will highlight all the relevant information about shipping prices.

We also compare the prices of UPS with other famous shipping companies of the world so that people can make their decision so accurately.

So without a further, I do let's read through the remaining article.

UPS overnight shipping cost for large size parcel

The standard overnight shipping cost is about $100 to $220. People use this service to get their heavyweight parcel within 12 to 24 hours. As we all know that the shipping cost is rely on the locations, size, guarantee and time.

This standard is categorized into three different ways based on the duration. If anyone wants to get their parcel as early as possible, they must take the best service from UPS.

In the following table, we break down all the possible options with their average cost range.

Weight of the package

Next day air saver

Next day air

The next day air early

0 to 1 pound

$25 to $28

$25 to $30

$30 to $40

1 to 5 pounds

$28 to $110

$30 to $120

$40 to $150

5 to 10 pounds

$140 to $150

$145 to $150

$175 to $185

10 pounds+

$150+ $4 to $8 per pound

$160+$6 to $8 per pound

$210 to $220

N.B: The origin of the shipping is from Trinidad and Tobago.

All the above costs are applicable for shipping the parcel all over the USA. People must add $30 to $50 more with these costs to transfer the goods to the other countries of the world. Therefore, UPS also uploaded a complete cost chart for all over the world along with America.

People can estimate the cost from there. Though UPS offers flat rate shipping costs to their customers, the overall price of the parcel is influenced on account of delivery time. The above prices are different because of this reason.

UPS shipping cost for envelope and document

Though this is not a great option for sending envelopes and documents through UPS, this will be better to know about the cost. Individuals can compare the prices with other famous packages delivery companies of the world.

In the following table, we narrate the delivery cost for the USA and the rest of the world.

Weight of the Document and envelope

The shipping cost of the USA

Shipping cost for rest of the world

0 to 2 pounds

$23 to $30

$34 to $45

3 to 5 pounds

$30 to $40

$40 to $70

6 to 8 pounds

$38 to $50

$55 to $85

9 to 10 pounds

$47 to $57

$73 to $106

N.B: The origin of the shipping is from Trinidad and Tobago.

In the above graph, we can notice that the UPS international shipping prices are higher than the domestic ones. That happened because of the different country's locations and other shipping related costs.

UPS 2nd and 3rd-day shipping cost

This is one of the famous segments of transferring the goods and documents of UPS. The average cost of delivering 5 pounds package is range from $40 to $60. The whole cost of the delivery depends on the weight of the item.

Consequently, individuals need to spend more on shifting their items whose weight is more than 5 pounds. The cost for sending the courier goods at this segment will cost about $65 to $90.

In the current market, some other courier services are also transferred packages and documents within 2 or 3 days.

In the following bar chart, we are going to compare the cost of shipping with the two renowned companies of the world.

From the above bar chart, it is evident that the cost of USPS is lower than FedEx and UPS. Therefore, the prices for 2 and 3 days costing between FedEx and UPS are competitive. Moreover, there are also have some other companies which offer competitive prices to the users.

UPS ground shipping cost and time

The cost of ground shipping is lower than the USPS. People need to spend about $ 20 for sending 5 pounds of goods through UPS. The cost will rise to around $30 for 10 pounds packages. UPS are capable of providing the best benefit at this price compared to other organization in the market.

People who try to spend the least amount of money transporting their packages are select ground shipping. The estimated time of UPS ground shipping is about 1 to 5 days. As we know, UPS is good at transferring large size products. One will receive their parcel faster than UPAS.

However, for sending documents or envelopes, UPS would not be the better option. People can also consider the other options of courier service for comparing the service and price.

Does UPS ship on Sunday?

No, they open their service on business days which is Monday to Friday. People must avoid their delivery date on Sunday as well as statuary. That will increase their shipping time.

Cost Analysis

In this article, we discussed all the types of costs that are related to the UPS shipping cost. The beginning cost of shipping goods and documents is about $9 to $30. The overall cost will increase due to the mode of delivery, weight and distance.

We also focus on the costing of other famous courier service companies of the world. Hopefully, this will assist individuals to compare the prices.

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