How Much Does Wood Piling Cost?

For centuries, wood pilings have been used for durable and long-lasting infrastructures on both the water and land. These are considered reliable alternatives to concrete foundations and metals.  

A wood piling usually costs you around $10-$15 per linear foot. With the average cost per linear foot, the estimated cost of a 1,200 feet wood piling will cost you around $12,000 to $18,000.

But this is to remind you that the piling cost is always variable with the pilings and the labor cost regarding your construction type.

The cost of wood pilings is our today’s subject of discussion. Take a breath and go for the study if you are concerned with the cost of your wood piling.

Wood Piling

Wood pilings

Commercially wood pilings use timbers in three shapes. Due to the construction requirements and durability along with sustainability, all the construction companies in the United States implement these styles of pilings.

Round Wood PilingsLargely due to their abundance and excellent strength and compression properties, round pilings are commonly used in the construction of raised homes, building foundations, highways, railroads, piers, and docks.

Square timber pilingsSquare timber pilings are used for every kind of construction from bridges to beach homes. Square pilings are mostly used in pedestrian foundations, road and rail bridges, docks and piers, etc.

Gun Barrel Pilingswood pilings are commonly used as columns in zoos, parks, and commercial and public constructions. This is most commonly used in projects that require strength and aesthetics at the same time.

Cost of wood piling

Cost of wood piling

In comparison with other pilings cost and their durability and sustainability wood pilings are far more worthy to spend money on.

The cost is within the reach of mass owners.

Where metal or concrete pilings are about to cost you $40 to $70 of a starting cost, a woodpile is going to save you from the excessive cost.

All the costs related to wood pilings are given below in the tables individually. Hopefully, these are going to be able to give you all the information you are seeking for.

Wood beams and columns price


Timber price ($)

Average cost ($)






















Wood sills price 



2 ×6”




Piling costs


Treated wood

Untreated wood













Piling costs here are all taken from an authentic construction site menu that is situated in Michigan State.

The amount is including pile and driving costs. For set up, you have to pay some more depending on the construction site and the company that is going to handle your project.

wood-piling-cost chart

Benefits of treated wood piling

Treated wood pilings are being used in a larger span due to the time-worthy advantages they offer. Some advantages are stated below to give you a clearer idea.

  1. Using concrete caps treated wood pilings last over 100 years of a lifespan.
  2. Pilings are easy to modify and handle.
  3. Simply can re-assemble with lees time.
  4. Slab thickness is required in the minimal size and shape.
  5. Easily can be delivered to projects.
  6. Treatments available for foundations, freshwater, and marine pilings.

Wood piling VS concrete piling
Treatments and coating

Wood pilings without any treating or coating are about to decay with time. There are possibilities to get attacked by wood-boring insects and get damaged with elements.

You can treat your pilings with pressure treatments at a specific level you ask for your construction. The treatment will keep your timbers from insects and other harmful elements.

Or a concrete coating around the pile can save the basement of your wood piling for years. There are other coasting actions you can choose for your piling safety.


1. How much will it cost to pressure treat my pilings?

Ans. The treatment cost depends on the size and the amount of pressure you are going to put on the timbers. Usually, the cost is around $7.5 per cubic foot.

2. Does the wood piling last longer than metal pilings?

Ans. Treated and coated pilings last a few more than metal pilings.

3. Where to go to the wood pile above water?

Ans. Contact the nearest construction company. You will have them given the opportunity or they will provide you the information about the wood piling construction contractors.

4. How can I coat my pilings for a longer service period?

Ans. Available coating methods are concrete coating, polymer coating, painting, and using composite On some occasions.

Final words

The piling cost will always vary considering your area and the environment of the spot. On land, the cost is less than that of above water. Again, the plain surface is going to reduce the cost of excessive land preparation.

To say, the cost is also dependent on the type of piling timber and the size you are implementing. We suggest you contact an engineer or a contractor and show him the landlines. The ultimate calculation will be varying all the aspects that are going to have an impact on the cost.

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